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North Coast 24 September 22-23 (Read 598 times)

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    Congratulations Sue!



    Just run.

      Timing / counting appeared to work flawlessly - beeps at every mat crossing, with name, lap count, and distance displayed on a monitor just beyond the mat. The monitor also showed entries for the preceding 5 (?) people who crossed the mat.

      Additionally, there was a video camera set up to record the action at the line.


      A monitor in the pavilion showed overall ranking and related info for the entire field in real time.


      I was impressed that they were able to keep all that stuff up and running with the wind, water and hail howling in off the lake - directed right at the timing and aid tents.

       Thats good to hear. Now I hope they are smart enough to keep that all in place for Spring. I think they are continuing the pattern of alternating RDs.

        The spring and fall races are basically 2 separate races, with separate race directors and sponsoring running clubs. I can't speak highly enough of John Hnat-this weekend's race execution was outstanding. I'm still amazed that everything worked flawlessly through the pelting rain storms and winds. You can tell he really cared about the runners and having each perform to the best of their abilities. Hopefully the RD of the spring race took copious notes.

          How does one pronounce "Hnat"?


            I can speak highly of him, I just can't pronounce it. Tongue