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Grand Union Canal Race - Race Report (Read 221 times)

    This was a long race and because of this have broken it into two reports


    Pre-Race Report


    Race Report


    Please enjoy, it has been a tough one writing as so much happened

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      Jerry- great race report!  Sorry to hear you didn't cross the finish line, but 91 miles is pretty amazing!   That was definitely a race to be proud of!


        Interesting report - Thanks for sharing -


        Do you think it was just what you had that day or what would you have done differently?


        I find I learn more from people that have struggled in a race than those whoseem to have no issues to overcome - So thank you.

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          The GUCR is reknowned to be a very tough race for so many reasons, the organisers say that even the best runners fail, we saw runners drop out at 63 miles who have done it on previous occassions. The run itself is flat but there are lock systems that take you up quite high and they really drain your energy as you trudge up them but the hardest thing is the boredom and the need to concentrate to stop falling in at night!


          If I was to do this again I would definitely do it as a Supported Runner with friends and family providing support/food/drink along the way as the checkpoint food was just not enough, cookies and squash at the minor ones and (luke) warm offerings at others just did not allow the required calories and this was my eventual downfall.


          I was definitely fit enough for the job but the lack of calories hit me hard and the mental "torture" of knowing I was going to miss the Breakfast checkpoint

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