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2013 TEAM USA World Championship Performance List (Read 870 times)


    France was easy.  Flight into Paris - Train to Brive ... we set up our own transport.  The race organzation was top notch.  They had multiple affordable rooming options.  They picked us up at the train station and drove us to hotel ~ near grocery store.  They picked us up from hotel for any activities including the race.  They returned us to the hotel after race and took us back to train station in the morning.


    USATF gave us $750 each along with a bunch of clothes and a really cool suitcase.  The Brive race committee gave us @ $135 Euros for hotel.





    Not fully. There is a stipend. When I was reading up on what it tales to put on the 100k World Championships, it was a big mess. The host race has to come up with money. Some of that goes to the runners lodging, some USATF money can go to that as well. Or airfare. They give you a code that is good for 5% off flights on United. Yay. Plus you get a uniform. That is paid for. Overall I have no idea what is going on. It is a mess. From the runners I get the idea that it is still expensive.


    It would all be worth it. Big grin

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      Where do you see this?


      Serge Arbona and Scott Traer have declined their spots, and Mike Morton has declined due to injury. We are rolling with a five man team of Olsen, Fejes, Lewis, Coury, and Dennis.

      7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



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        Where do you see this?



        I can't find anything that says it quickly but I remember seeing it as well.  In addition I know J. Dennis got invited to be on the Team and Serge is coming to 3 Days the week after World's.

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          Where do you see this?



          Something I got from the team.  We also have a team page with chit-chat, and none of those guys are members.

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          Uh oh... now what?

            Joe Fejes just posted this on the 'list.  I suggested he post it here.  He asked me to.


            "I am super excited about this year's upcoming race in the Netherland's on
            May 11. We have a team with a lot of potential but that is also very young.
            I'm not sure if Mike Morton will make it so we might only carry 5. Jon
            Olsen is a beast--he has been training like no other and recently ran a
            2:27 marathon as speed work. He ran 13 more miles post race just to get a
            little more miles in for preparation. Harvey Lewis has a much bigger motor
            than I and has the potential for miles much bigger than his 148 last
            year. John Dennis ran 14:07 at Umstead a couple years ago which is more
            than 30 minutes faster than my best and isn't too far behind Jon O's. Nick
            Coury is hitting stride and also has a much bigger motor than I ever had.
            The only question mark is age and experience--John, Nick and Harvey are all
            youngsters. Is that a plus or a minus? Always a wild card-for better or
            worse. Reminds me of watching Japan's team last year--they all looked about
            25 and all appeared to have sub 2:30 marathon speed. Japan won Gold 6 years
            straight so im sure they will be ready after not making the podium last
            year. I'm the old slow guy so will have to figure out how to keep up with
            my teamates. I am a little concerned about the length of the course. I
            believe it is almost a mile and a half which may be a tad slower than
            Poland? Or will it? If nothing else it will be fascinating to see how it
            plays out."


              Thanks John - So as I read it, they have 5 and are spot for Mike Morton if he feels he can go.  Since no one else is > 135 miles that is fair.


              The team has a ton of potential - Last year was a suprise to see #2 and #2 scorers with Joe and Harvey, but now Joe has been in beast mode for long enough, we expect him to be a scorer.


              John Olsen has the potential to repeat or better Mike Morton's performance.


              What I have seen of Harvey is that he races intelligently and is tactically sound - So I would expect another 145-low 150s if he is healthy.


              We need to have Nick and Joh Dennis to have a break through ~ I know Nick had a naggley injury at Dessert Solstice, so he has potential to be 145-low 150s.


              To take a Team medal you need one person in low 160's and 2 in the low 150s.  You could also get like last year a 170 and 2 higher 140s.


              To take a team gold - I think we would need either 2 high 160s or a 170 and  a 160 along with a mid 150.


              The tough thing is like last year - The 24 hour is a cruel race and you can have a great runner have a hard day.


              I am a bit sad that Surge is not participating.  I understand he had issues with the Team Leader last year.

              7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



                Deb posted this today on FB.

                Here is the list of US team members that will be competing at the World 24-hour Championship in Steenbergen, The Netherlands on May 11-12:

                Connie Gardner
                Suzanna Bon
                Sabrina Little (Moran)
                Traci Falbo
                Debra Horn
                Carilyn Johnson

                Jon Olsen
                Joe Fejes
                Harvey Lewis
                Nick Coury
                John Dennis

                Team manager - Howard Nippert; Asst. team manager - Mike Spinnler; Team doctor - Dr. Andy Lovy