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    Yeah, I think everything is OK at this point. Although I cant get a call back from my PCP on the Holter monitor results.


    Called yesterday to see if they got the results in, the receptionist said they did and that my doc or his nurse would call me. Going to call them back momentarily.


    Did the test for DVT/PE on Friday--negative. chest scan


    Havent done a stress test--he was assuming that would be ok since I had been running..but I may push that--I was more aware of the achiness and some palpitations when I was active while wearing the monitor. I just want to make 100% sure that nothing is going on before I start training again. Im going to schedule a stress test soon, I think.


    So who knows, it may really just be be lack of sleep/stress/caffeine.


    Have been feeling better after a relatively relaxing weekend. Although crazy hell breaking out at work since last Tuesday..but I just accepted another position at our sister company - which is in the same facility. My current company is really struggling--lost a ton of business..our current President strongly advised me to make the move. If possible this is both adding/relieving stress at the same time. On one hand, the new company's president specifically wanted me for this job and is adding to the job description to pay me as much as possible--but on the downside its all salary, so my earnings in the future may not match what Ive earned in good years in the past..but my salary is more than current salary--but its not a sales role, so no commissions. And at least Im not scrambling to have to find a new job--in all likelihood I would have lost my current job by the end of the year with further cutbacks on the way.


    Thanks for providing an empty space for me to ramble...

      Got a message from my doc. The holter monitor showed occasional PAC and PVC. He wants to do additional testing. Not sure what. Trent of you see this tonight, anything I should ask specifically?

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        Occasional PAC and PVC is normal, not sure it means anything.

        Glad the other testing you received was reassuring! Not sure what else I'd ask for at this point.

          Stress test, echo, etc, etc. All came out fine. Doc said that he wasnt concerned, but could put me on beta blockers to oontrol the palpitations. But since he want worried about these, I declined..and he agreed. Havent had any noticeable palpitations the past week or 2. Im just supposed to cut back on the caffeine, and let him know if symptoms get worse or more frequent. I will start running again tonight--very gradually due to the heat.


            Are you sure you were not twitterpated?

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              heh...im fairly certain thats not the case.