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3 Days at the Fair - NJ - May 12, 13, 14, 15 2011 (Read 294 times)

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    For those that are looking for a very well supported timed race in May check out the 3 Days at the Fair.  The website is www.njtrailseries.com/fair


    You can set up a tent right along the race course.  Being a loop it is very family / spectator friendly.  There are other things to look at along the Fairgrounds course for yourself or your friends. 


    The course is set up for you to do your best.  There was an American record set last year (Female Masters in the 48 hour, 205 miles).


    Let me know if you have any questions.



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      Sure hope I can get the time off to make that, sounds fun.

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        Not sure if it has been mentioned here before but a 72 hour race has been added.  It will start on Thursday morning and finish on Sunday.


        FYI, the 48 hour start Friday morning, ending on Sunday morning

        The 24 hour starts on Saturday morning, ending on Sunday morning.


        Easy logistics for everyone.  You can camp right next to the course, bathrooms and showers right there.  Hot and cold food at the aid station.


        Plus it happens at the Fairgrounds so there are things to look at during the run to take your mind off your feet.