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WSER training advice (Read 98 times)

    Stupid-long race report is finally done. You won't want to read it all. It's mostly for my own benefit.



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      Actually I did want to read it all and it was fascinating. There's much for us to learn from your experience, especially that a successful race is not just in the planning but in the plan execution and adapting to actual race conditions. I need work and more experience in all those areas. It should be a lot easier if I can learn from yours as well as mine.

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        A sometimes lurker here.  I'm captain at the ALT aid station and love reading WSER RR to know what people go through before getting to mile 85.2.   A very well planned and executed race by you, indeed.  Thanks for the nice comments about the aid stations BTW.

          Great report Bhearn!   Congrats again on the silver buckle!

            Thanks for all the hard work, GatsyBird. It is appreciated.

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              Yes, great report Bob.  And I really can't believe that you got all those gels down.  Akk.


              Congratulations again!



              Just run.