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    I have been away from running for a full week. On the couch with the flu and pinkeye to top it off. The week's prior mileage was poor because my kids were pretty sick too. I had peaked my weekly mileage in the 60s and had gotten up to a long run of 25 miles just after Thanksgiving. But now my running took a dive and I have time for one...MAYBE two big long runs of 26 or so before tapering my first 50K on January 20th. My training up until getting sick (and the kids getting sick) was going great. No injuries or problems and even the very long runs felt solid. So...doable or no? Try for two more long runs (The 23rd and 30th of December), or just one?

    Uh oh... now what?

      Two-week taper... long on the 23rd of December and 6th of January.

      Three-week taper...20ish on the 23rd, 25ish on the 30th, 15-18 on the 6th...

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        It's pretty common to get sick at the peak of training when you're most worn down. As long as you are fairly healthy again get out there and pick up where you left off. John offered good advice as usual.

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          Thanks for the replies (and your other reply on my pity thread John...yes I do undervalue rest even before I started this ultra endeavor!) I think your 3 week taper plan might work with our holiday plans so I will go for that as plan A and adjust as necessary. Thanks guys!