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Pacing advice for experienced marathoner doing first 100K? (Read 224 times)

    I just signed up for the Palm100 ultra in Fort lauderdale, March 26.  It's a pavement (not trail) 100K (62 mile) race.  http://palm100.com/


    This will be my first 100K. I've run 18 marathons, two Ironman Triathlons, and one previous ultra (John Holmes trail 50K last October). My most recent marathon was three weeks ago, ING Miami Marathon, which I ran in 4:05:20 (about a 9:20 pace).

    Any of you experienced ultra-runners have any pacing suggestions for a newbie to this 100k, 62-mile, distance? Should I add two minutes per mile for an 11:20 pace? 3 minutes for a 12:20 pace?


    Rod Lauredo

      Wait until Dopple Bock arrives. He's the guy to crunch the numbers for you.


      Without knowing you more, I'd find it hard to suggest a specific pace and especially so considering you are doubling the distance of your longest run (50km to 100km). I'd ask a couple questions:


      - Do you plan on running the entire way?

      - What was the run of your IM like?


      In my experience first time going 50 miles, a monkey jumped on my back in the miles 30-40. At that point the strategy became run until tired of running, then walk until tired of walking. Repeat.


      Good luck and be sure to let us know how it goes.