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    Just a word about Tie Dye 32 Mile Trail Race in Yellow Springs, OH on April 28. 




    • The first 2 miles is fast and flat mostly over an old road gravel road bed.
    • The second 2 miles is a rocky and rooty single track as you bound along the top of the gorge.  If you glance to your right, you can see the river and opposite cliff walls.  If it's wet you'll cross over two waterfalls.
    • After a visit to the aid station, a quick descent leads into 2.5 miles of cliffs and awesome rock features.  Very technical running over and around awesome geological features.
    • At the end of each loop you get a 200' climb (steep rocky old steps), a 150'
      decent and a 170' climb in 1.2 miles of distance

    I just registered.  I did this one last year, but they had to change the course due to flooding.  Great finisher etched beer glass and tie dye t-shirt, and only $25.


    Anyone else?

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      I'll be there, but I'm not running. Big grin

      JB is one of my favorites parks in the Dayton area.  See ya there!

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