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    I have run several trail races before including a trail marathon and loved it. I was training for my first ultra (50K) and started feeling terrible. Turns out I was pregnant with our 3rd child!  So I had to drop out of the ultra I was training for. At 7 weeks post-partum I feel like I am starting all over again but it is good to be running again. I only ran until about 22 weeks and had to stop due to sciatic and back pain from the pregnancy. I have no idea when I will get back up to ultra shape again but I am going to be lurking around here living and learning vicariously through you guys. Big grin


      THink of it as a complete start over


      Do not be burdened with the knowledge of how fast / far you used to go.  Delight in the accomplishment of gaining fitness.  Delight in your race times like you have no previous Personal Bests.


      Of course use your knowledge of what works and does not work, but be patient and revel in your fitness as you gain it, even if it is less than before.


      Congrats on returning ~ Starting over.

      I am fuller bodied than Dopplebock

      Uh oh... now what?

        I've been dealing with an aggravated fascia tissue injury that put me down for a couple of months this summer.  I've "forgotten how to run" in a way, and I'm basically starting over from scratch.  It's refreshing in an offbeat sort of way, because I was quite intense into the ultrarunning last year and was getting burnout anyway.


        I've had to learn to train according to where I am now, instead of training according to the shape that I was in last fall.  This keeps me grounded.


        Faster Than Your Couch!

          John's link is very motivating, and so true!


          I did not run during the pregnancies with my last 2 kids, making this probably the longest break ever in my running life. I started again after weaning the last baby, and by then, I could not even run a whole mile without walking. Shocked

          However, I kept at it, and slowly, my fitness improved, and I enjoyed the process just as much as the result. I ran on trails and never even thought of bringing a watch, or to measure the distance, to check my pace. I just ran for the fun of it. I had my routes and loops, and when I felt good, I increased the distance, and worked my way slowly up to longer distances again.


          Now if your purpose is to get back to running ultras, you might have a plan in your head, which is fine, but more often, just go with the flow, and feel free to speed up your plan a bit if you feel like it (your body will remember), or slow down (repeat or cut back a week) if things don't go as well.


          Also be aware that your body might have changed (in many ways) after the pregnancy, so some things which used to work might not work any more, while other things, which have always bothered you, all of a sudden might go well. I found that this especially applies to nutrition and breathing, but that's just me.


          I enjoyed starting up in October, and running through the winter. It gave me a sense of accomplishment, and a nice distraction from the dready, grey, cold days. I hope you stick with it and have fun rev'ing up again!

          Run for fun.


            Thanks for the encouragement everyone.I am definitely taking it slow and enjoying the ride. 5 miles is my "long run" right now but it is nice to not be carving out 4+ hours for a run....of course I am very much looking forward to when I can do that again!


            John, that link was awesome! I am thankful to have experienced or identified with many of those at some point in my life, even if it's not right now.


            FTYC - I remember after my 2nd baby running felt like an out of body experience for awhile! This time its not quite as different as before but it is amazing how much your body and running can change after a baby. Mentally I think I get tougher even if my hips just get wobblier.Wink