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    Please satisfy my curiosity, what do you ultra runners do about shoes How many do you buy a year, considering you must get through 500 miles at the flick of a hat. Do you get sponsored LOL


      I have a few methods for acquiring shoes (most to least expensive): 1. I'll buy a pair now and again from my local running store at full retail. For example, I recently got some inov-8 trail shoes ordered in for me. I usually run in fairly neutral shoes that only cost $80-$90 at retail. (My wife, unfortunately, uses shoes that cost $130 and her selection is limited due to plantar fascitis.) 2. I'll buy last year's model at expos. They are usually available for 15-20% off of retail, and you can often haggle the price down further since they don't want to have to take them back after the expo is over. These shoes are usually in the $60-$80 range. 3. I'll buy shoes online if I find a good deal on them and they are one of my "preferred" shoes - this can range from $30-$50 depending upon the deal. This also applies to brick & mortar stores, of course, but most deals I find out about are online (although I got a good buy on some North Face trail shoes in the store last year.) 4. My team is sponsored by Nike, so 4 or 5 times per year we do a team order through Nike that allows us to get certain models at 25% off of wholesale plus a few bucks shipping. Shoes usually cost about $40 total this way, but I'm not a huge Nike fan and I've had other options lately so I haven't ordered any shoes this way for about a year. 5. I'll win my shoes. This is the "cheapest" in that the shoes themselves don't cost anything, but it's tough to get myself into a situation where I am capable of winning a race or a series when there are free shoes on the line. Last Summer, I won an 18 week 5k series (top 6 races count) and got "free shoes for a year" from Mizuno. Translated, that meant 4 vouchers for free shoes, of which I've used 2 so far. I've gotten free shoes a few other times, but not from races. I rarely buy at retail online; I might save $5 or $10 over purchasing them locally, but I'd rather keep the money at home than send it across the country. There has to be a pretty significant savings for me to order online, if my local store carries the item.

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        Get a job in the industry...in the bike biz i have learned that 80% of people on bikes could not afford them, if not for pro/industry deals. Working at a local shop would qualify you. If for nothing else, an employee discount.
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          Run to win Thanks for that. For the moment i get a 10% discount being a member of a running club. Not sure whether every shop would do that but i have 3 places, depending which location i'm in. Its only really one place that is in the locality. So i don't know how widespread this is I suppose 10% doesn't sound a lot but iy helps odonnellryan - I'm just curious but appreciate the idea

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            I only go through about 4 pair a year....and i run around 2500 miles a year. Remember, we run mostly on trails and the shoes last longer because of that! Some good places that have great prices and free shipping...Holabird Sports and Running Warehouse. Like Blaine, I will usually order the earlier models of shoes, not the latest model...and doing this you can usually save up to 20 bucks a pair! Steve

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              During my runs with my Salomon shoes, I get a blister on any rin over 8 miles or so. Same spot, right foot, below the big toe. I have had pain through the big toe, not sure how to describe that, on the same foot. And the top of my right foot has some pain when the laces are anything but almost too loose. So the last 21 miles yesterday, was not fun...and to think I will add 19 more in a few weeks I have never had issues with shoes like this before. If and when I get blisters, it is on both feet. I fully expect my feet to be sore, swollen and beat up after a LONG run, but less than 10 miles is not acceptable to me. I would like to ask for some long dist shoe recommendations. Ideas? Comments? Thanks,
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                Fixing Your Feet, by John Vonhof, is a good resource. If you don't want to buy it, I borrowed a copy from local library; yours might have it too. I admit that reading it hasn't helped me prevent mistakes, but it often keeps me from making them twice.

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                  I may have to start selling drugs to support my shoe habit. Smile