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Waterlogged - New book will challenge thinking on hydration/nutrition during prolonged activity! (Read 512 times)

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    I think water intake is highly individual. I completely disagree about sodium intake. The argument that we have enough salt in our bodies is like saying we have enough fat in our bodies to last the entire race. Hypothetically, yes. I think his studies are not applicable to long distances or to intensities. I bet I could hike all day without salt tabs. I recently fell apart at SD100 by drinking water (too much probably) and no salt partly b/c I'd heard Noakes on Ben Greenfield podcast say we didn't need it. I think highly of Noakes but didn't realize the basis of his ascertion was limited to marathons and hiking. I would like to see a study that investigates whether one can ingest more water if one consumes salt - so someone like DB is consuming a lot of water but maintaining homeostatis because the salt enables isotonicity. Anecdotal evidence is worst "evidence" but I can tell a huge difference with and without S! Caps.


    a lot of his evidence comes from the Comrades "marathon."  Not 100 miles, but more than 26.2 


      I will need to reread the book.... But I believe his research Is limited to water consumption. His assertions about sodium I thought werebased on physiology. Drinking too much water was my decision, I am not saying it was based on his recommendation Ignoring salt intake was based on his assertion.


      The issue is, once you started drinking too much water (my words, I honestly have no idea whether you did or not), the stuff in Waterlogged would indicate you've entered "other than that, how was the play, Mrs Lincoln?" land... meaning, that's a very very important piece of the puzzle.


      But, 1) I wasn't there, 2) I have not run 100 miles and don't wish to go on and on as if I know what the hell I'm talking about and 3) I'm sorry you had a bad day at SD100, which is a big fav of a couple friends.