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    Hey everyone! I'm Lisa from NC (technically from AL but now living in NC) - WAR EAGLE! I've only been running for about 4-5 years. I ran my first marathon in 2005 and my first ultra (50-miler) in December 2007 - Sunmart! My first ultra was my favorite run so far. The people that volunteer and participate in ultras are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I'm now training for my first 100-miler - Umstead 100 - which is only 95 days away. In the mean time, I've got the Goofy Challenge in January, Myrtle Beach Marathon in February and the Umstead Marathon in March to look forward too. Happy New Year!!!

      Hi Everyone! I'm Kelly and I live in northern VT. I just landed here from CR. I started running in 1999 and ran my first marathon in 2000 (VT City) which wasn't the brightest thing to do but it was great learning experience. I ran my next marathon in 2003 (Adirondack) and have been slowly increasing ever since. My first ultra was the VT50K in 2005. 2007 was my best year yet with 2 marathons (Nipmuck Trail & Green Mtn), 2 50K's (Jay XC Challenge & Pisgah) and 2 50M's (VT and Stone Cat). I'm working on my schedule still for next year. My Green Mtn time qualifies me for Boston once I turn 40 in March so that may be the start of my season. I'm contemplating my first 100-a friend of mine wants me to do VT100 with her. I'm jealous of anyone who lives outside of New England because it seems there area lot of races to choose from that aren't far away for you. It's such a chore to get out of VT! My significant other sent in his application for Wasatch today so I may have a big trip to look forward to! Kelly

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        Hello, I'm Leslie from Humboldt County in Northern California, the real Northern California: 6 hours north of San Fran/1 1/2 hours south of the CA/OR state line. At the encouragement of my friend and now running partner, I began running in 2006 and soon transitioned to trails. I've only participated in 2 organized trail runs so far, but she and I spend almost every Saturday on them. Our best "run for fun" was in August in the Trinity Alps in Trinity County, CA. Stunningly beautiful place, and we're very eager to go back - - although this time of year I'm sure there's well over 14 feet of snow up there. I will be attempting my first ultra at the Forest Park 50k in Portland, OR, in May through Pacific Coast Trai Runs. I'm excited, but also very nervous - and it's only January! I began running 'cause I was getting very bored with my living room aerobics DVDs. Who would've guessed that at age 40 I'd find that I like running and I'm actually pretty darn good at it?!? Not me, and definitely nobody else who knows me. The trail running world is comprised of so many welcoming, helpful, and encouraging people. I can't imagine my life without this now. Thanks to all the RA people who have been gracious and welcoming during the onslaught of CR people.

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          ryan from madison, aspiring ultra runner. First 50K in KC 2/9 hoping for a late spring/ early summer 50M or 100K. lots of great trails in the area here. just a matter of time to explore them little by little. Madison is a great town for active people. Great bike and running trails and paths. Been running and improving since spring of 05 when i joined by brother for Chicago marathon. My wife did her first TNT marathon in October at Nike in SFO. 3 boys under 5 and work a lot. run when I can...
          Ryan O'D Gurnee, IL by way of Madison, WI via Wichita, KS via Denver, CO

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            I made that same realization :-) And his wife designed the shirt last year, I think. Small world :-)
            Deb actually painted the artwork for the finisher's print, which was on the back of the volunteer's shirts. Hardrock is tough and is why I go back every year. Wasatch, MMT, Vermont, Bighorn, OD100 and the Barkley fun run I finished my first time. Some I went back and did it again....but Hardrock always finds something to get me. I finished in 2001 (Deb and I were engaged on top of Virginius during the race) and have started every year since and still have not gotten #2. Deb dropped in 01, finished in 03 and hasn't finished since. Last year I was sure that living at 8100' would make it possible, but i still got sick on Handies at 14K, never recovered and dropped. Deb tripped on a clump of grass hidden under the snow coming into Engineer's, twisting her knee and had to drop at Ouray. Our entries for the lottery go in the mail tomorrow. Deb will enter another piece of artwork for the finisher's print. To me Hardrock is the epitome of what extreme endurance running is. Steve

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              Hi everyone! Smile I never knew this group was here! You guys are good at laying low......Can I join, even though I don't really consider myself an "ultra" runner, since i don't do it for the love of the distance? I can run (if that's what you all my snail-like pace) 50k, but I right now I want to do the 50 states thing - marathon or longer. I have run 4 marathons and 2 50ks so far. Maybe I'll get inspiration from all of you to eventually go further. Landy
              Next up: A 50k in ? Done: California-Oregon-Arizona-Nevada (x2)-Wisconsin-Wyoming-Utah-Michigan-Colorado

                I'm another coolrunning expat. I've a handful of 50ks beneath my belt, one 50 miler, and my first shot at a 100M was in October, but I was forced to drop at mile 56 due to an injured ITB. Um, and I like beer. But that's a given. Right?


                  Hey everybody, I'm Erie Tom from Erie, PA - which is midway between Cleveland and Buffalo on the shores of Lake Erie. It is fairly flat in my area so I drive about an hour south to train at Oil Creek State Park in Titusville PA, the start of the OIL BOOM in the 1860's. Lots of steep 500' hills there and technical terrain, so it was perfect training for my first 100 this past June, the Mohican 100. I started running in June of 2004 to lose 30 lbs of weight. I started going 5K's (21:42 PR in 2006), did 10K's and half marathons aand then a friend asked me to pace him at the 2006 Mohican 100 (last 39 miles). So I started trail running for the first time and LOVED IT. He had to drop at mile 52 that year due to the low 90's temps so I never got to run a single step of Mohican that year, so I decided to just sign up for it and actually race in it for 2007. THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. I've heard people say there is nothing like your first 100 and I believe them. Unbelievable. And yes, I used to visit the forums on coolrunning too, now I'm here.

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                    I might as well just go ahead and introduce myself too. It's great getting everybody else knowing on this group. My name is Jakob, grew up in Switzerland but now living in the US since 1995. I'm a senior web programmer for Disney right now and also run my own website, penpalworld.com. Back in April 05 I was 195# (I'm 5'10") and didn't do any kind of sports on a regular basis for over 20 years. I thought it would be cool to run 10 miles which I did. I never looked back from there on. Within 2 months I ran my first half marathon and 1.5 months later my first marathon. Four months later I did the JFK 50 miler and in Sept 06 the Rio del Lago 100 miler. Today I'm 170#. I now have participated in 39 running events including 15 marathons, seven 31 miler, three 50 miler, one 61 miler and one 100 miler. This march I'll do the Coyote 2 Moon 100 miler, in June the San Diego 100 miler and in November the Mother Road 100 miler. My ultimate race goal is doing Badwater 135 which I've paced a running buddy of mine who completed that race 5 times in a row. I just love to go and see how much I can push my limits. Whenever I hear comments of how bad all this running is to me I ignore it because I'm just too stubborn. It's just too much fun crossing a finisher line after going through great struggle and all. That's all about me.

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