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2013 Goals (Read 294 times)


    This is the time of year where we set our goals for 2013.  I am making mine public so that I am held accountable for them.  Here are my goals:




    What's yours?


      1. Don't get injured.

      2. Complete Massanutten 100

        < 20:00 100M

        < 2:55 marathon


        MTA spend less time injured. Means fewer races. Once my hamstring heals.

        Trail Monster

          Finish Burning River

          Finish my third Baker to complete my medal

          PR every distance

          Run a crapload of miles without getting injured

          2013 races:

          3/17 Shamrock Marathon

          4/20 North Coast 24 Hour

          7/27 Burning RIver 100M

          8/24 Baker 50M

          10/5 Oil Creek (distance to be determined)


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            MTA spend less time injured.


            +1.  My foot has gone south again.  After spending the last 2 weeks on crutches again, I'm off them for now but am going in for an MRI soon to figure out what's going on.  If it's able to be fixed once and for all, my running goals for now are:


            WS 3-Day Training Camp (Memorial Day Weekend)

            Mt. Hood 50 (July)

            Headlands 50 (Sept)

            Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


            Trail Runner Nation


            2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21

            BH Slogger

              To complete a difficult trail 100 miler - Black Hills 100. I will be 50 this year and frankly, my friends and relatives don't know how to react to the news of my entry into the race. I don't think they can comprehend it or they think I'm lying about a 100 mile footrace that is run all at once....or they think I'm crazy and don't want to say it to my face. I get a lot of blank stares. Confused

                I am a relatively new runner, so my goals are probably pretty lofty for my level of training so far.


                1)  Run 2,013 miles in 2013.  (This will more than double what I did last year.  2012 was about 1,000 and 2011 was closer to 500 mi).


                2)  Run all 365 days in 2013. (At least 2 mile easy runs on what used to be the 'off' days).


                3)  Run the Hampton, VA 24-hour race and my "A" goal is 80+ miles.  (I only got 40.5 miles last year in my first 24-hour race.  Stopped at less than 12 hours in, but am much better trained and educated now!)


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                  1) 3500 Miles in 2013.

                  2) Sub 24 hour Headlands 100 finisher.

                  3) Sub 2:45 Marathon. Tentatively aiming for Chicago.

                  Marathon: 2:48:49 (Boston 2014) - Half: 1:22:11 (Berkeley 2013)

                  2x sub-24 100 mile finisher

                  Next: Big Sur Marathon - Blog: http://jbfinn.blogspot.com/

                    1) No injuries!

                    2) Finish first 50-miler.

                    3) Run 1000 miles in 2013.