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Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs - 50K / 100K wait list, 100 filling rapidly (Read 70 times)


    ** 5th annual Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs - northwestern PA - Oil Creek State Park's rugged Gerard Hiking Trail - birthplace of the oil industry in 1859 and boyhood home to NCAA college football legend Coach John Heisman


    ** Online (only) registration opens March 23rd at noon Eastern / 11 AM Central on RunRace.net

    • 50K - $65 - will sell out in 5 minutes (to save registration time, create a user ID w/ address etc. on RunRace.net prior to registration day 3/23)
    • 100K - $90 - will sell out in 60 to 90 minutes
    • 100 - $140 - will sell out in 4 or 5 weeks

    ** Race date:  Oct 5, 2013


    ** Website:  OilCreek100.org / oc100.org


    ** Race headquarters:  beautiful and modern Titusville Middle School in Titusville PA - showers, free camping in gym or outside in grass


    ** Wild & tough 1860's oil boom era policies

    No refunds

    No changing of distances

    No transfers to another runner

    No deferring to another year

    No dogs or pets race weekend

    No alcohol on school or park property


    Tom Jennings, Race Director

      No alcohol on school or park property

      And they call themselves an ultra Big grin

      Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100

      Trail Monster

        It really is a beautiful and tough race! I did the 100k and loved it! I haven't figured out which distance I want to do this year but its a race a everyone should do at least once!

        2013 races:

        3/17 Shamrock Marathon

        4/20 North Coast 24 Hour

        7/27 Burning RIver 100M

        8/24 Baker 50M

        10/5 Oil Creek (distance to be determined)


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          Dirty Girl

            If all goes according to plan...my husband will run this as his first 100 (he paced there last year). And hopefully I will pace him!


             4/13 Bull Run Run 50 miler- DONE!


              2.5 weeks until registration opens, sounds like I will see some of you there race weekend (or earlier during some of our organized group training runs during the summer.


              For those that love their beer / alcohol, there is a microbrewery / restaurant that is a popular meeting place before or after the race - The Blue Canoe - and there are other restaurants / bars in town as well.  None on school property or in the park though or else we could lose the privilege of holding the race there.

              Tom J

              Occasional Runner

                For those that are considering this race, Here is a RR from the 2012 event.




                Faster Than Your Couch!

                  Thank you, Kelly, for the link! I was looking for it to make up my mind about running it!

                  Run for fun.


                    1 week until online registration at RunRace.net!


                    You can tent outside by the parking lot for free, or throw a cot or sleeping bag in the gym to lessen the expense.


                    Showers are $5 to help cover the cost of the school custodial staff race weekend.


                      Here is the link to the registration website (and it is also at the top of our race website oc100.org / OilCreek100.org):




                      Good luck to everyone on Saturday getting registered in the race you want.


                      Tom Jennings, RD


                        Photos from last year's race to pump you up for registration tomorrow!




                          The 50K and 100K sold out in minutes, the 100 miler is well over half full and has about 80 spots left that are going fairly quickly.

                          Tom J, RD



                          Faster Than Your Couch!

                            I got signed up for the 100M. Banshee, did you make it, and what distance did you choose?

                            Run for fun.

                              I Registered for the 100 mile.


                                Congrats everyone, see you in October!  117 of the 175 slots are already claimed.  Click on the magnifying glass to see where everyone hails from - many states represented, as well as the UK and Canada.




                                Tom J, race director