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JFK50 (Read 215 times)

IronMan ;)

    With just about 10 days to go who else is running this race?

    Tri-Kev Here are my favorite links:
    My new running club

    Swim 2.4 miles.
    Ride 112 miles.
    Run 26.2 miles.
    Then brag for the rest of your life.
    -Commander John Collins, Ironman Triathlon creator

      Good job in running the JFK! How was it?

      Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

        You ran a warm up before a 50 mile race??!!! Lunatic! Clowning around
          Is there a report somewhere???

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            1 824 Leo Lightner 80 ROCKY RIVER OH 12:55:48 He is a member of my running club... and I often say he is my hero!
              Folks are telling me that Leo's performance set the 80+ record. Pretty cool...