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    I have a question for everybody. How well do you think certain activities crossover to running training. For Example I am spending this weekend on a hut trip. It will require a 6.5 mile x-country ski each way at altitude carrying a 20 lb pack. My guess is it's helpful for aerobic training but doesn't train specific running muscles or for the concussion of running. Thoughts?
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      I really don't know what x-training gets you ready for the pounding of running. I am in TX so I have never tried x-ski, but would love to. I think the winter sports of x-ski and snowshoeing would be great for running. Obviously the aerobic benefits, but the leg and core strength could benefit as well. Interested to see what others think. Lynn B

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        Thanks, I am thinking the muscles used are fairly similar the only thing it lacks is the concussion part. I am mostly wondering if I can kind of 'count' it as my long run this weekend since I won't be able to do it. I have done a few snowshoe races and its a killer workout.
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          I have some friends and teammates that only ski during the winter. The first few weeks back on the roads are tough for them, but they are able to move pretty quickly into normal mileage based on the shape that they are in. It's good for you. I say do it and don't worry about it.

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            I try to crosstrain at least once/week, to give my body a break from the banging of running. I'll either cycle, swim, or use the elliptical, but to train to run, you basically need to run (from the muscular standpoint). Cardio-wise, anything that keeps you in "the zone" for a period of time is great! I took off from running for 8 weeks due to an injury (but cross trained in the interim), and now, just 2 weeks back into running, my cardio is exactly where I left off. Leg power? Hmmmm...that'll come back Wink