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Old Pueblo 50 - Finished mostly in one piece (Read 708 times)

    Wow, great run....congrats! Steve
    Thanks! Now I just have to figure out what's next.

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      I don't know how this compares to other 50 milers. What's the course like for the 50 miler you're doing in April? How long did it take your knee to heal? It's killing me that my legs will be ready to run but my knee won't let me even bend it yet!
      Hey, I realised after your post that my scratch was nothing like your wound!! I was up and running straight away and the scabby stuff came away yesterday...I hope you are better for the half marathon you wanted to do. The run in April is a 100km trail with 3000m climb and descent...I am way out of my depth but will toe the line with the other 130 solos and 12 relays of 4 people and give what I've got. I have to admit it is the best 35 euros I ever spent as it got me out running through the winter - I never did that before Smile The profile can be seen here: http://www.action12.fr/_documents/uta/descriptif-circuit-2008.pdf It is split into 4 so you have to scroll down. The course is a point to point run.

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        Congratulations! And you even got war wounds to show off. Wink Makes me feel not so nervous (maybe) about my first 50k next month. I'm going to try your program of Zantac a few days before as I have stomach issues, as well.

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        2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21

          Very nice job, congrats!! - Chris