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    Yeah, Burning River is July 28-29. That is a concern, but would be the best option as far as getting support.


      I do believe that heat is a differentiator - Different than altitute in some ways - the same in others.


      Different - I think it is easier for anyone anywhere to get ready for a hot weather race and do heat training -


      Same - It gives runners from a region a significant advantage over people from other regions

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        Island Boy here has kind of a skewed view, but...


        I'd rather be too hot during daytime hours than altitude wacky for 24-30 hours.


        But message boards are littered with either/or choices that don't need to be made.  This is one, so I will be quiet while I count to 50 instead of 100.


          Thanks for the pics of Cascade....I have submitted the request for Cascade Crest 100 as my first choice.


          On the side topic, BR100 was my first 100 a couple months ago.....it was hot & muggy for sure but a great race for a 1st time 100. Will I do it again? I live 7 miles from the start, so probably....but not in 2012.

            Ive been eyeing Burning River for a couple years..just havent put in the time to seriously consider it. If I get off my ass between now and my spring marathon that will be my 'treat' to myself. I grew up going to Squires castle - the start- and know the area well.


            It can be very hot and humid in Ohio in July. But by then--I would expect I'd be acclimated to that weather. Better than being in early June when you could get that same weather without having a chance to train in it.



              Tahoe - I think worth a consideration - looks beautiful.

               Very scenic - a few good climbs but very doable.  Would recommend.

                I'm no 100 mile veteran but in my opinion BR100 was a great race for a first timer, incredibly well organized, with over 400 volunteers and countless fans on the course through all hours of the day & night. Aside from my own nutritional issues, I had slight issue with drop bag return, but nothing major. As for the heat....I think it hit 96 degrees and muggy as heck, but you just deal with it and when night fell, it was really nice.  


                As for my request for Cascade Crest, it looks like they are leaning towards Leadville.....I think the opportunity for media might sway the decision. Either way, it's exciting to me....100 miles is hard no matter what. 

                  Well, looks like it's going to be Leadville. I'm happy either way and just spent the last few minutes reading the runner's packet, this will be excellent.


                  What about thoughts on altitude? I've not had problems in the past above 10,000' and have spent time (years ago) at 18,000' but I doubt I will have more than a few days prior to the race to acclimate. Coming from training in the midwest, any suggestions?