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Endurolytes vs Sicaps (Read 439 times)


    I think it is highly independent.  I have subjectively felt the boost after taking S! Caps.  Noakes is smart guy but individuals are unique.


    Great statement.


    The "drink only when thirsty model" simply won't work for some people.  There is a large population of people that confuse thirst and hunger.  If you are one of them, the thirst / hunger line becomes even more confusing late in a race when fatigue sets in.  


    I can sweat with the best of them, so I will take s-caps, but my intake is usually related to the temperature and not time or distance.  It works for me.

      There's more than you would ever want to read about salt in Noakes' new book Waterlogged. We've discussed this before, but there is great analysis here:


      Waterlogged – A Dogma-Shattering Book?

      Waterlogged Part II: Trials, Questions, and Suggestions Regarding Hydration and Ultramarathons


      The blog author -- serious utrarunner Joe Uhan -- ultimately decided that he needs salt, though not for any physiologically definable reason. I chatted with him after Autumn Leaves 50K last month; he took three salt caps (S-caps? I don't remember). I took none, and PRed.


      I think Waterlogged Part II has great information and shows a common experience: salt can make a difference.  For the author, was he having stomach issues because lack of sodium was causing lack of stomach absorption of liquids, causing it to go shooting through?  Liquid and sugar are the most important things to consume, but if they are not absorbed, then it turns into a train wreck pretty quick.  Stomach/GI problems are one of the top reasons for DNF.


      One point where I strongly disagree with Noakes is that a 10% weight loss is okay.  Maybe it is okay for shorter events like a marathon -- there's probably a short period of time that you can function at that level before someone sticks an IV in you -- but if you look at the research from Badwater from 07, the maximum weight variation of the finishers was 5%.  The best race that I ever had, my weight was stable, with +/- 2% of starting weight, over a 24 hour period, with temps over 80F during the afternoon, and involved a steady stream of Succeed S! Caps and Clip2. 


      Whether or not to consume salt directly is highly individual and multifactorial.  I think Karl King has done the community a tremendous service by making available Success S! Caps and his other products.  Regardless of product, everyone should at least carry salt in some form, just in case. If lack of salt is a problem, it only takes 1-2 doses with a little liquid to figure that out.


        Definately a delicate balance between salt - hydration - sweat rate.  The 2 x 24 hour races I did well at I ate S-caps like candy - well not like candy as it was 45-55 degrees the whole time, but in the range of 30-35 in 24 hours.  I do notice on long runs I often get a negative impact immediately after taking an S-cap - Not sure if this is because hydration is not being divereted in dealing with the sodium influx?  I also sweat salt like a Mo-Fo!.  You could scrape the salt off my shirt and face and return at least 50% of the S-cap salt for recycling.


        Intuitively - I sweat at a very high rate, so I need some salt in longer race.  I can lose15 pounds in 2 hours by sweating on an easy run if it is 70F and humid.  I think I can get away with 12-18 S-caps in 24 hours depending on the temp and humidity.  I may try one every 2 hours at DS24 in 2 weeks.



        Did you play with this at DS?  Curious how it worked out.