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Double Top 100: Race Report (Read 58 times)


    To save the reader a lot of time, after only 8 hours the race was cancelled due to weather. The snow started the evening before but, as the day went on, it made the conditions on the mountain roads so treacherous for the volunteers and crew vehicles that the race organizers decided to cancel the event.  I made it 36.4 miles.


    Yes I was bummed.  A couple of the folks running the Pinhoti Slam 300 are getting together to rerun the route.  After all, the buckle says Pinhoti Slam 300 Miles on it.


    Full race report on CarolinaNNUTRs.com:  http://www.carolinannutrs.com/race-report-double-top-100/


    Follower of Forrest

      Sorry this got cancelled on you...sounded like you were off to a good start.  I can't even imagine what it would be like when your goal is to complete a 3 hundred mile race series...bummer.  I enjoyed the "race report"

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      Faster Than Your Couch!

        Bummer. Great work to make it through to mile 36, still a nice distance, especially under the circumstances.


        I can see why the race was cancelled, but it still is a big disappointment, especially when it started out so well for you. For the RD's, it must have been a nightmare to realize they had to stop the race and account for each runner to get him back to the start safely.


        Is the race series finished now, or will there be more races to come?

        Run for fun.

          Thanks for sharing!  I am friends with the race directors, and I did not make it up to volunteer for the race partly for this reason...that my regular cab pickup truck does not handle snowy mountain roads well.  The RDs made the most difficult decision imaginable, and they have always shown the utmost emphasis on safety without sacrificing the ruggedness of any given event.  It was a heartbreaking conclusion for a lot of people, but I am proud of your running effort at that event and of the miles that a lot of my friends put behind them there as well.