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100 miler training questions. (Read 93 times)


    I have  two questions about training  for my first 100 and I think this might be the best place to ask them.


    How long should my longest long run be before the race?


    if I do a 50 miler as part of training, how for should I space the races? Like a 2 months, a month or less


    I have lots more questions but that it for now.


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      I like doing a 100k 5-6 weeks out.

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        If you can work in a 100K, great; but I finished my 100 with just a 50-miler 8 weeks out.  (I also worked in a few back-to-back long runs).  For my upcoming 100 (Rocky Raccoon this weekend) I ran a 50-miler 5 weeks out, as well as ran several B2Bs.  As for when to run your longest run, it depends on your endurance base and how quickly you recover.  If you're relatively new to long distances, then I'd give it more time (6-8 weeks).

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          Your longest run could be a 50M or 100k or you could do back to backs adding up to that kind of distance. Whatever fits your schedule and is something you will actually do and recover from without too much time.


          I don't have many options for 50M or 100k races in my area but if I had my way I would run a 100k 6-8 weeks out so I could be sure of total recovery. A 50M 5-6 weeks out would work too. Usually I'm stuck with marathons or 50k's as training races and thaokay been okay too. Of course, I've never actually finished a 100M so maybe I'm just an idiot.

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            Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll plan on doing a 50 miler or 100k in mid march.


              Which 100 miler are you eyeing?


                For your first 100, I would even say a 50K heading in could be good enough. Longer, there is higher injury risk.


                But if you have never run > 50K, then probably best to get something longer in.

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                  I'm doing the Florida keys 100.  I ran the lookout mountain 50 mile in December and two 50Ks. My  trouble right now is finding a 50 mile in my time frame that's close to me (Maryland).  But worst comes to worse I'll do a back to back  50k and and a 20 miler.


                    Ah.  I paced 60ish miles of Keys two years ago.  That race is significantly different than the 100s most folks probably had in their brains when reading your question.  It is road, board flat, and hot/humid.


                    Enjoy Seven Mile Bridge.  It is a massively trippy experience after you've been running all day.  The year I paced, some of the aid stations for the solo race were unattended ice chests and water jugs.  Most of which got pilfered through the day.  Just before we went across the bridge pre-dusk, my job became "beg relay crews for water".  That was some day.


                    Worry less about finding mountain/trail 50 milers or 50 ks although obviously the 'time on your feet' aspect would help.  You need to be ready for the kind of flat road pounding 100 miles is going to require.  I'd be running some marathons and road 50ks (and/or a road 50 miler) when you can and doubling up on weekends.  Also, there's the Palm 100 in March... road 100k put on by the same dude.  That would be helpful, but as bhearn notes, perhaps increases the chance of injury.  Dunno.  That's the progression I'd use, though.


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                      Doesn't need to be a race for you to run 50 miles.

                      Just sayin'


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                        You don't have to have a race - I think 40 miles is plenty of distance - Run at a pace you think you could ideal hold for 100 miles ... including walk breaks and eating like you would do for 100 miles ... on a similar course as the 100 miler.  I personally like to think in terms of time.  A run of 6-8 hours is plenty long.  I would do a couple easy runs of 4 hours and 1 or 2 in the 6+ hour range.


                        I'm doing the Florida keys 100.  I ran the lookout mountain 50 mile in December and two 50Ks. My  trouble right now is finding a 50 mile in my time frame that's close to me (Maryland).  But worst comes to worse I'll do a back to back  50k and and a 20 miler.

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                          Bel Monte 50M in March is an idea and maybe close(ish) to you.  Albeit a little far out but just a thought.


                          I'm planning to do Massanutten the same weekend you're doing Keys 100.  My last long run will be Leatherwood Mtn 50 miler (here in NC) on 4/20.  Also check Bull Run Run.  It's in the NoVa area and might fit in your timeframe.  May be closed already though if  registration has passed.  Quite popular race I hear


                          EDIT:  Bull Run Run (50M) registration opens Feb. 1 (Clifton, VA).



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                            Thanks for the race suggestions. I think I'm going to do the Bull Run Run 50 Miler on April 13th.  I was definitely considering taking Buzzie and Dopplebock's advise and just  not doing a race. BUT its hard to resist a race that's relatively close to my house and in my time frame.


                              I think you're making the right choice.  Now just hope that if there is a lottery, that you get lucky and get in!

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                                Since Keys is so flat, you could do a timed race a few weeks out, 12 or 24-hour loop course, for time on your feet.

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