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You'll ruin your knees!

    some good stuff here... direct line is good... just past the point where you think you are out of control... the wobble board/maze is cool! 

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      some good stuff here...

       Yes, thanks all.

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        I'm trying to learn how to run downhill on gnarly trails better.


        The last time I did this (March 26), I tore a tendon in the top of my foot. Black eye  It's gonna be a long, long time before I can try, try again. Undecided

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        Imminent Catastrophe

          Once right after a technical trail race I was walking across a parking lot and fell! Now that's embarrassing!

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            The more I run trails the less I fall.  Used to fall often (not picking up tired legs mostly).  Sorta the "practice" thing you mentioned.


            I still fall but usually due to some unseen obstacle.

              I find the key is to relax (easier said than done) when running fast downhill. If your legs, core and upper body are tense then a rock / root / whatever can throw you off easily. If you are relaxed and loose then the bumps and humps will be absorbed easier. (For skiers - it is a bit like taking a direct line through a mogul field). It comes with practice.

                You guys are the best. 


                Only one fall and one ankle turn, neither of which was at all bad.


                Thank you!

                "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus

                  I find it strange no one has posted a link to the song Falling

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                    I find it strange no one has posted a link to the song Falling



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