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Heartland 100 Race Report (Read 250 times)


    Hi, everyone. I finished the Heartland 100 this weekend. Short race report: it was fun, it was hard, can't wait to do it again, finished in 28:25:21. For the long version, go here. Thanks! Hope everyone is doing well.
      Great race and report! If you listen to the White Stripes: A seven-nation army couldn't hold you back. Keep up the great attitude, and enjoy the events coming up!

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      All business

        Nice job man, that's hardcore. I'm a little jealous of that belt buckle. Someday, someday.

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          An outstanding run. Very very well done. You should be very, and justifiably, proud of yourself!

          The Goofinator

            Congratulations! And how great that you had so many friends to virtually cheer you on. And your daughter looks pretty dang proud of her daddy. Big grin

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            who knows...

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                Nice job, great race report!!

                  Thanks, everyone, for the congrats! I'm actually looking forward to the next one. Big grin