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Leadville questions (Read 359 times)

    Ok. Not tweaking yet, but have some questions for those who have done it / paced it:

    1. What is at the aid stations in terms of energy drinks / gels / electrolyte?

    2. How well marked is the course? How is it marked? Can you see the markings ok at night?

    3. What type of footwear would you recommend? Are the stream crossings a big factor?

    4. How do you carry liquids? Camelback? (Not my preference..) Hand helds? Just pick up bottles from the aid stations?

    Any advice very welcome.

      My question is more on the line of crew -


      *  How easy is it for the crew to find the aide stations?  Route easy - Directions spot on - I would guess they get directions in the crew briefing?


      *  Do you need a 4 wd in getting to aide stations?

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        Aid stations have Poweraid, PowerBar brand gel and Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes. (they might also have hammer nutrition Heed and Perpetum stuff)


        The course is well marked, glow sticks at night. (I can pretty much explain the whole course to you so you know what to look for, there are not a whole lot of turns)


        I would wear trail shoes, lots of people dont. usually only one stream crossing at mile 41 and 59, inbetween Hope Pass and Twin Lakes aid station.


        I have always worn a camelback thing. when its hot, or if you throw up between aid stations you need the extra fluids to get you to the next aid station. Been thinking more about handhelds though. Gah decisions.


        There will be a ton of people driving from one aid station to the next so they normally dont have a problem. 4wd is not necessary. The crew briefing is pretty good. I would be able to give directions if you want.

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          Thanks A1!

            I will pack mule up



            + 2 handhelds

            + fannypack

            + gels in shorts

            + s-caps in shorts


            Handhelds are for Endurox - I will shoot for 500-600 calories per hour


            Currently I will go with Trainers - Unless I find some trail shoes I like - I have run some pretty rugged trail in trainers

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              - As others stated, course is (in my opinion) very well-marked.  Flagging, glow sticks, 750 people to follow, etc. 

              - No 4wd needed (I've crewed or been crewed 3 years in a row in a minivan w/ no issues).

              - I think their aid stations kind of suck... selections are pretty minimal in regards to real food.  Something to keep in mind if you want stuff besides the minimal you'd typically find. 

              - Aid stations are very easy to find.  Winfield SUCKS.  Have your crew avoid it or leave pretty early to get there, if you can.  Way way too crowded out there... plus it makes it harder to drop there. Smile   Traffic backs WAY up on the road to Winfield.  And you share the road with runners, so it's dusty as hell (if it's dry).     Bring a bandana from TL Out so you can tie it over your nose/mouth if the dust is really bad.  Some years are terrible.

              - The crossings A1 mentioned are probably going to be pretty deep this year.  You can change your shoes at Twin Lakes inbound though.  You probably won't get wet the rest of the trip.

              - Footwear?  It's pretty non-technical.  Compared to most mountain 100s it's utterly non-technical.  If I ran this one again I'd probably wear my Hokas.  There is a LOT of road (dirt/gravel/paved) on this course, so the cushioning would be nice.  I'll even go out on a limb and say road shoes would be totally fine on this course.   

                Apparently there is still a lot of snow.... This means one of two things: either there could still be snow on the course, or the river crossings will be pretty deep.

                  Why either or when we can have both! 



                  Apparently there is still a lot of snow.... This means one of two things: either there could still be snow on the course, or the river crossings will be pretty deep.

                  7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



                    There won't be any snow on the course (at all) by August.  The Clear Creek crossing could be "sporting" though!  Big grin