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Mike Morton story (Read 73 times)

Demon of Bad Decisions

    "Defend World Championship Title"?  Nothing on the team page indicates he is back in. Of course I don't know him or how his injury is progressing.

    I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


      Mike is a fairly active guy on facebook and interacts with regular peeps.  I scanned his page and found this... it is a comment he posted on March 21st in reference to someone else's question about a race called the Fort Clinch 100.


      "No fracture. The tendon I injured is still healing. I have the best Docs! I'm day to day. My focus is to make sure I'm healthy for WS 100 and Spartahlon. I will decide to run closer to the race date. I'm pretty sure I won't spend all the money to go to the world championships in May. I'd over do it in that atmosphere and blow the rest of the year! I'm feeling good and I have had several 15 mile plus runs but there are days the tendon "talks" to me."


      March 21st is a long time ago.  The 'raise funds for Mike' thing seems to be making the rounds today.  "Pretty sure".  Well, I guess that doesn't say much at all... but it is something he himself said.


      Uh oh... now what?

        I am dumber than a stick about this and many other things -- is there a provision similar

        to the USATF/IAAF World Championships where the reigning champion's entry is waived?


        The link I posted was put on the ultralist this morning by Richard Schick.  I only posted

        to here as an information point and know nothing more.


        Knowing a tiny bit more... believing everything on the Internet is true, correct, and current:




        Morton is listed.

          It's too bad our federations can't foot the entire bill for our athletes to go to the World Championships. (I can understand why not, but still...)


          WG -Thanks for the response about the stipend in the other thread. The uncertainty of seeing if you're needed would drive me nuts. Next year, run more! Wink