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World 24hr Championships (Read 238 times)

    Team USA didn't perform quite up to expectations. Top placed was Phil McCarthy with 233.835km / 146 miles for 17th place. The winner was Ryoichi Sekiya of Japan with a stunning 272.443km / 170.3 miles. (Thus averaging sub 8:30 per mile.......) Exception was Jamie Donaldson (of course) who ran a great race. 220.092km / 137.56 miles for 5th place. Karnazes appears to have dropped out. (To be honest, I wasn't totally convinced about why he was selected - surely you guys have better?!). Team GB - didn't even bother our arses to enter a team. I will fix that when I run a qualifying race! Tongue Link to full results here: http://www.iau.org.tw/news_detail.php?Id=342
      47 253 Gardner Connie USA 144 132.978 13:50:00.87 132.978 Lives near me... she won masters at Akron this year. Her best at the us championships was 233 km in 24 hours.. well 145.25 miles would have put her in 3rd... she dropped just before 14 hours... Cry http://runtrails.blogspot.com/2007/11/akos-konya-connie-gardner-win.html

        I was at Ultracentric last year when Gardner missed beating the women's 24 hour record by less than a few yards. It was stressful cheering and watching and hoping - the race announcer was whipping every into a frenzy cheering for her. She obviously had a great race but just barely missed the record.
          I find it quite heart wrenching... to think they train so hard to have something happen and have to drop out... ie... Deena Kastor... Connie... Maybe it is because I am a runner and I know how upsetting it can be to have to cancel a race you have been training for, for 3-4 months because 3 weeks out you step in a pot hole and spread eagle to the pavement... to get up with little skin on your chin but your ankle worse for the wear... and yeah... a grown man cries... not from the pain of injury but because I lost the chance to compete... and that was only when I was going to run my first 1/2 marathon... and I didn't even have any chance at not finishing last in my age group! I can't imagine what it must be like to train so hard and have a shot at winning something huge... top of your sport... and then have it come apart on race day!