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Dances With Dirt - Devil's Lake July 14th (Read 358 times)


    I am doing the 50k


    Flatfooter and Mrs. Flatfooter and doing 50k


    Abe_Mend is in for the 1/2M


    It will probably be hot ... The course will go through briars and thickets ... Sometimes the course will aimlessly wonder through the woods ... I broke my arm there last year - I need revenge.


    I am camping (At least paid for it) Friday and Saturday nights at the start / finish.  Beer will be drank post race.  The tent has 3 rooms ~ I have at least 2 maybe 3 airmattresses.


    Who is else is in?

    7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M




      Bump ~ My friend Richard who has been battling extreme lupus ends his last Chemo treatment this week and wants to do the 10k.  I have offered one of the rooms of my 3 room tent to him.  Anyone want to call the other room?


      I am camping Friday and Saturday night - If you want to join me - I think you are suppose to pay $5 per person to someone ~ I only signed up and paid for 1 person.


      Start Times

      50M Ultra 5:30

      50K Ultra 5:30

      Marathon 6:30

      Extreme Relay 7:00

      Half Marathon 7:30

      10K 8:00


      Post-race Food

      2:30 PM – 7:30 PM

      Food (Brats and Cheese Curds) and beer at the finish area.

      OK to bring alcohol to the post-race bash.

      Early finishers (half/full/50K) will have time to clean up and come back. There is a pond at the finish to wash up in!

      We will have some basic post-race food for the early finishers.

      7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



        I'm registered for the 50K, but DW hasn't decided if she is coming or not, so I won't call the room until I know for sure either way.  After the fun at Green Bay she is not so anxious to run her first ultra in potentially 90 degree temps.  


          I tried to understand the course (50 Mile) on the website but apparently my small brain cannot compute.  Is this a loop of about 15 miles or similar?  Thanks.


             2 full loops = 50 miles.  1 full loop + another ski hill part of the loop = 50k.


            This was last year - I do not thing the course is 100% set until the day before ... Basically up and around Devils head skill hill - some connector trails to get to Devils head state park including a juant on the ice age.  Run around the lake at devills had state park - 2 really good ascent / decents - Then run back to the base of the ski hill.  The course marking have to be looked at very closely as there is a 10k / 1/2 marathon and marathon + 50k & 50 mile all sharing the same course at times - You have to pay attention to the color of your ribbons


            I tried to understand the course (50 Mile) on the website but apparently my small brain cannot compute.  Is this a loop of about 15 miles or similar?  Thanks.

            7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



              Here is my race report from DWD.  You'll have to excuse my horrible writing, incoherent ramblings, and general nonsensical nonsense.  Other than that, enjoy Big grin


              The Race started out with temps around around 70 degrees and a dew point of 65.  Surveying the competition it was hard to tell who would take off fast, but secretly I had hopes of coming in top 5.  The leaders took off fast right away, I think about a pack of 10 guys or so and right away I knew this race would be a lot faster than the last few years.


              I saw DB about 10 yards in front of me and worked to catch up with him. We talked a little about the course while running the first half mile or so.  We ran up a service road of the ski hill and then into the woods for some bushwacking, maybe another  half mile or so. Somewhere in there DB said he was going to back off the pace but I wasn't quite ready to do that. I was okay with running a little faster than I should because sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and go for it.  This of course may have bit me later.


              The bushwacking through the trees wasn't really that bad, a lot of logs to jump over but really not a ton of thorns or other bushes in the way.  It did back up pretty quick as runners tried to navigate obstacles though and I was powerwalking faster than people in front of me were running. We then continued to run around the ski hill area for a while until we headed down the ski slope. Lots of runners were braking down the ski hill but I let inertia carry me as fast as I could while still remaining in control. I had my arms out probably looking like a moron as I charged down the hill. As we left the area I was trying to think when we actually ran up the ski hill slope, but it seems like we just did the service roads. 

              After that we got down the hill we headed back to the start area and onto the ice age trail. The trail was pretty similar to by IAT 50 in technical difficulty only longer hills. The first 2-3 miles were a constant climb and after I realized I was sweating profusely and getting out of breath I decided to powerwalk for a while. I only got passed by one guy (who I eventually passed later because he faded really hard.) First bathroom stop was around mile 10, and apparently that wasn't enough because I had to stop a mile or so later. 

              I continued on IAT for a while then through some flat land and headed into devils lake state park for another long uphill climb. This was was longer and steeper than the first hill and I went back to power walking. Got to the top, ran down through the campgrounds then back up and along the ridge. This is where the view was spectacular. Devils lake has a ridge that forms a horseshoe around the lake and the ridge is 300+ feet over the lake with a straight vertical drop. You do not want to fall of while you are sightseeing. There are also lots of sudden 2-3 foot drops on the trail with sharp rocks as steps and just when you start picking up speed you run into another one. One of the aid stations is 3 feet from the edge of the cliff with a beautiful view and it was tempting to stay there and look for a while. 

              Then we headed down, down, down IAT into bug pit (I didn't realize I would be running up this later). Ran through the "bug pit", which was kind of a swampy area with tall grass/weeds, up to the hips at times. This may have been a little annoying but nothing that was a significant challenge or what I thought was really a DWD challenge. Ran through an aid station then about a mile further and hit the turnaround. On the way back I saw DB about a half mile from the turn around.  When I hit the aid station I dumped my hydration pack and shirt. It was about mile 22 and I figured I could hit it hard all the way back. Things were going great until after running maybe a mile and leaving the bug pit it was all uphill for what seemed like two miles. 

              Finally we got back on the main devils lake trail and headed downhill (thank you) through grassy areas until we hit IAT again. IAT was pretty much downhill as well, but by then my calves had started to cramp up almost every step. I literally was kicking my leg out like I was doing some kind of dance at random intervals. I could not flex my right foot at all, much less actually land smoothly.  Once we hit the really technical area my left outside muscle that controls foot motion started seizing up. It kept locking up and forcing my foot to bend to the outside. Trying to climb over rocks while my foot acted like a puppet to some insane master was not fun. Despite that, I was still passing half marathon runners while power wobbling.  (By that point I had to take pleasure in something.)

              The last stretch of approximately 2 miles would have been great trail to bring it home but unfortunately anytime I picked up pace the calves screamed at me. They locked up so hard twice that I could not bend my leg. The second time I literally fell over and rolled around on the ground until I could get it to unlock. (I was thinking good thing this wasn't a big city marathon or they would have yanked me from the race).  I got back up and started hobbling again. About 1/2 mile from the finished I got passed twice, the first guy there was no way I could catch (he was practically sprinting) but the second guy I caught on in the last 1/4 mile going up a slight incline (he said he couldn't run it). 

              Overall I'm pretty happy with the race despite the cramping. I think part of the cramping stemmed from pushing to hard early on and maybe not enough water. Otherwise fueling was good (6 gels), hydration good (2 liters of heed plus H2O and gatoraide at water stops), and 5 salt tabs.


                Thanks for the report.


                I get those funny side of the leg cramps too after about 30 miles.  Sometimes my whole calf and side of my leg will seize up and I will have to walk to stretch it out.  Not sure what causes it.  If you have any ideas let me know.



                  The latest trail runner magazine says there is no evidence to support it is related to hydration.  Instead, it says it can be genetic and runners that have cramped in the past are likely to experience it if they go out to hard.  Coincidentally, I like to go out hard, especially if I feel like I'm in good shape.  Seems to happen in the last 10-20% in races marathon and longer for me.  I'll let you know if I ever find a solution, but it seems like unless I do not put 100% effort in I will wind up cramping even if it is in the last 100 yards.