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Niagara Ultra 100k (Read 168 times)

Go Pre!

    This race was all along a multi purpose path. About 90 % asphalt, 5% gravel road, 5% grass. I chose to run on the grass to the side of the path wherever it was level. This was slower, but felt nice to get off the hard surface from time to time. Only 2 major climbs, about 1 mile of hill covering 300 feet.


    It was a 25k out and back, done twice. It was a bit daunting to come in to the finish, after 50k, and have to turn around and do it again!


    Weather was nice at 6am, about 70 when we started  but by 9:30, it was warming up fast. I was up around 85 degrees for most of the race with a high of 88. Needless to say, the first 50k was much faster that the 2nd go round.


    For a run, 47 kms longer than anything I have ever done, it wasn't so bad. Chalk this up to slowing down and walking a lot in the 2nd half BEFORE it was too late. I decided not to stay too attached to my time goal and focused more on the enjoyment of the race.


    79 runners started and 52 finished. I was 15th after half way and finished 20th OA. A lot of people passed me late in the race and I passed a few myself. Next time, I would like to think I could pace this distance  little better. Still, I finished feeling good and never really had any dark moments. I have learned patience.


    All said and done, my first 100k race was a success. I finished and that was my main goal. 11 hours was my time goal but I can't handle heat. Maybe one day.


    100 KM


    20/79 OA

    3/7 AG


    Demon of Bad Decisions

      Congrats!  That is great news.  I'm glad you finished.  That is a great time in 85 degree temps.

      I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


        I wouldn't consider 39 minutes a "miss" on a course you've never done (or distance you've never attempted) and certainly not in that weather.


        That was very, very good.


        congrats, eh.


        Go Pre!

          gracias senor.


          I guess I just feel kind of , like, without a horror story that should go with a 60 mile race, like, it was dark and lonely out there, a thousand times I wanted to stop, but I dug deep and persevered. It was just more like, well, this is a long way but we'll get there. I truly enjoyed this run!


          Anyway, yeh, Self Deprecation is my middle name...which is a bitch when you need to write your full name on a form.

            That's a great race, not just the time but management of effort and all the other factors involved.

            Not something I want to take on myself but there must be great satisfaction in completing a distance like that- well done!

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