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    Hmmm. Nice going WG! I've been pondering that one for my first 100 next year. That report is going to cause me some more pondering.

    Sit on a potato pan, Otis.

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      SRL, no Mt Sunflower, but I am taking a week off, and will be slowly road-tripping it home, hitting Hot Spring Nat Park and camping and hiking in the Ozarks while hitting Arkansas and Missouri's highpoints, then Shawnee Nat Forest.

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        The weather wasn't as bad as they predicted it would be (no large hail and funnel clouds, woo-hoo!). But there were some early lightning storms close to me that felt way, way too close. Around 8 pm, winds picked up to the point that I was very scared. Do tornadoes happen at night? If a funnel cloud appeared I would not have been able to see it. I sure as heck couldn't run, and had a good chunk of time go to walking into a crazy wind. I am waiting for my friends to finish right now. This race was their idea. I would have never picked gravel roads in Kansas, but this ended as possibly the most beautiful 100 I have ever done. The rolling, tallgrass prairie is covered in wildflowers, and the trees are at their peak. It is stunning. Good race.

         You forgot to mention, 1st OA female!  Congrats!!!

           You forgot to mention, 1st OA female!  Congrats!!!


          GO WG!

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             You forgot to mention, 1st OA female!  Congrats!!!

             Congrats Wrigley!



            Just run.

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               You forgot to mention, 1st OA female!  Congrats!!!


              Good racing.


              glad you didn't get taken away to Oz 

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                Congrats Wriggly, I came on here to see how you did.


                I remember seeing you, those one hundred milers were few and far between.  Unfortunately my buddy didn't finish.  I only ran the 50.   

                Demon of Bad Decisions

                  Don't ever say you "only" did a particular race, Aussie. Every distance has its own challenges (a few months ago I came on here flipping out over a 5k). How did it go for you? I wish you could have seen the area during the day. It was beautiful. I looked for you, but really didn't know who I was looking for. I couldn't remember your real name, and tried asking the race directors about you using cryptic clues, but looked like an idiot between not knowing what I was talking about, plus post-100 brain.

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                  Demon of Bad Decisions

                    Thanks for the nice words, btw. The truth is, I had a ton of luck on my side that day. The weather wasn't as bad as they said it was going to be, my stomach was stellar, my glute problems that have kept my mileage low never appeared. I was plain lucky. I walked a lot of the last 10 miles and am pretty disappointed in myself because of how weak I was, but maybe I take that disappointment a funnel it into a good race two months from now.

                    I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart






                        Perhaps that was my bad spelling, or my Australian accent.


                        hmm, well you looked right at me, but I suppose that doesn't narrow it down.  I think for the most part people were running solo, and I managed to hook up with a guy with a southern accent for 49 miles, maybe he stood out because he said something to you as you went by, with his southern twang.  I said something too, I'm sure they were amazing words of wisdom. 


                        You were one of the few that looked good out there, it didn't inspire me to do the hundred considering the people peeling off after mile 70 or so.  So in a non-lesbian-ish way, ten points for still looking cute 80 miles in.


                        I did ok, 10:30 hours, I'd have liked to have finished earlier.  I got really lucky to meet up with someone easy to talk to, although I would have liked to have gone slower, I had the choice of keeping up with him or going it alone, so it wasn't a hard decision.  I thought it was a good race, it only rained for a few minutes of the 50.  I'm still sore, particularly my feet, how are you holding up?

                          oh and


                          Dude where's the trail?, Blue Springs MO, Nov 25 - 50K 

                          Demon of Bad Decisions

                            Why didn't you say, "Hey idiot, it's Aussie"? I didn't see anyone. It was pitch black out there. I will take the compliment, however. Thanks. If I looked good after 80, that means I have to try harder next time. And you can spell Wrigley however you want. I will slap SRL at that dumb Monkey thing for giving you a hard time. BTW, I will eventually update that race calendar, but I need a real computer to do it, not my joke of a blackberry (this thing has become as useful as a rotary phone). I haven't forgotten about y'all.

                            I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


                              I did not intend a hard time.  I just think the idea of a wriggling Wrigley Girl to be Hee-worthy.


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                                spaniel -- 10/20 -- Des Plaines Trail Ultra 50-Miler -- Lincolnshire, IL


                                DNF.  Long story short, had GPS issues and lack of mile mile markers and ability to pace the pace I was supposed to be running (feeling great was not a good thing I guess).  Goal 6:00, wanted to go out 5:50 pace (7:00), ended up getting to turnaround (~27 miles) at 5:42 pace for that "oh crap" moment.  GPS was finally working and held myself to 7:20s.  Injured my back last weekend....re-injured it ~32 miles and that was the end of being able to run.  Walked to ~38 miles where my crew found me and took the DNF.


                                There were some big horses in this race (Braje, Lopez?).  I was 4th the first half, third after Braje dropped at the turnaround.  As it turned out EVERYONE blew up spectacularly, Lopez(?) won it in 6:17 after coming through halfway on ~5:35 pace.  2nd was some guy who had been a good 10-15min back at the turnaround.


                                Learned a lot.  Looking forward to chasing my white whale with a bigger boat next year. A big thank-you to my crew (WhoDatRunner, flatfooter).

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