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Gatliff Race Report (Read 144 times)

    Not so much a running race but more of an endurance run

    Forget racing this was just briliant, I hope you enjoy it

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      Holy Crappola, Jerry!  What a run and adventure!!  How's the ankle feeling?

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        S'OK the ankle is good in fact it is the top of the foot that is sore and swollen, boss let me work from home today and letting me wear some old trainers tomorrow.


        Generally it is OK walking but it was being a real nuisance yesterday especially when we were going through woodland and it flexed against a tree root. I'll just wear a compression bandage during the day and drink cider in the evening.

        A runners blog-updated daily

        Fortune and glory kid

          Thats CRAZY.


          I hope the weather will be much nicer when I run my first ultra. Great report Jerry, I am not sure I would have been in a very good mood dealing with all the rain & mud.


            Sounds like a blast--thanks for posting!

            Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.