UMBC Running Club


Getting Started (Read 2 times)

Randal Jr.

    Hopefully if you are seeing this, you have already made an account on this site.  If not, create a new account.


    Then, add this group "UMBC Running Club" by go to Community -> User Groups, find this and add it.  Inside this group, go to Options and make sure you check both boxes so that you are sharing your info on your runs.  Also, on your personal profile, make sure you set everything to public.  This will allow everyone to check each other's progress and it is how we will keep each other accountable.


    As of now, the training plans will appear in either the Forums here in this group, or a public dummy account will be created.


    Please log all of your runs by going to Training Log -> New Run Entry.  Make sure to put the distance, time, and type of run (long, easy, tempo, etc).  Any other information will benefit you in looking back and/or planning ahead, and will make helping/coaching you easier.


    You can download your running logs that you save here onto your computer so you have an offline copy.  You can also upload your past running data if its in the right format Training Log -> Upload GPS Data -> Upload Data from File.  Same goes for plans.


    If you have any questions, post them here in the Forum! Feel free to also post maps/routes, injury prevention/recovery information, upcoming races, etc. here in the group as well.