This group will be used to log your weekly mileage and also log how the run felt and how in general your body is feeling from the workouts.


If you do not know what a tempo is, I'll explain it in full here:

A tempo is a method that every single successful distance runner (competitive or recreational) uses to increase their aerobic capacity and build up their VO<sub>2 </sub>max. The VO<sub>2</sub> max increases a person's ability to replenish oxygen within their blood and thus will decrease the amount of energy/oxygen used up whilst exercising which in turn increases your performance in running! TL:DR (Run = Faster Times)

A tempo is an increase in pace per mile throughout an entire workout. Here is an example -- 5 mile tempo: Mile 1= 9:00 Mile 2 = 8:45 Mile 3 = 8:30

Mile 4 = 8:00 Mile 5 = 7:30. It's an increase per mile but towards the end of the workout, the pace starts to drop much faster than it did at the beginning.



It's very important to know when to run an easy day and when to take the day off due to being fatigued. Generally speaking, if you're doing these workouts you WILL feel tired. It's completely normal, there WILL be days where you feel like crap and you won't want to run. But I can say, at the end of the day when you cross that finish line and see a massive PR or any PR you will be thankful for the work that you put in. However, that does not mean you have to run when you feel as if you have some sort of injury. Most injuries in running happen in the hamstrings, quads, calves, IT bands, and most common, the feet. So if you feel tension in that area and can tell that it isn't quite normal. I suggest taking a day or two off and seeing a trainer about the issue.


Important Note: This is supposed to be a fun time with each other, if you don't feel like doing these hard workouts don't feel pressured into doing this! Everyone supports each other and everyone wants each other to succeed. It's no biggie if you want to be more recreational and enjoy the races by interacting with others rather than the competitive aspect of it. 


I hope everyone enjoys this!