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January Virtual Race is Travelling! (Read 799 times)

    I don't know about you, but I could use a change of scenery right now! Let's meet "virtually" in the Mayan ruins of Belize! In order to pre-reigister for the January race, please link either a picture of the ruins or give us some interesting (and hopefully correct) information about either the ruins or the area... I'll start... 5K ABCGreys bas Crabby Daddyo hammerbeck ktrepani Mishka runkaterun5 Sabre11 va123 Wingz 5 Mile Daddyo 10K 10 Mile Fluffchub rockenmamof5 tbarton Zoom-zoom 1/2 Mar Mile Collector rockenmamof5 Marathon Mile Collector

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      I've always been fascinated by Mayan history and the Mesoamerican section of my first cultural Anthro class in college was my favorite part. I had hoped to take a full course in MesoAmerican culture and history taught by the same prof, but it was cancelled due to lack of interest. At one time I had hoped we could afford to honeymoon in Belize (particularly since we have that Dec. anniversary), but it was just too $$ (we instead waited a few months and went to Nova Scotia). Probably couldn't SCUBA dive, anyhow, as I have major inner ear and sinus issues. Poo. Here's a shot of an ideal spot for sunbathing, IMO: BTW, when is the race? A race in Belize in January sounds MUCH nicer than the same race in MI.... Tongue k

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        Belize is south of Texas...I'm joining the race this month.
          Race dates is next weekend - Jan 5-6, submitting through the 7th. What lengths do you guys want? For now I'll put you both under 5K. Let me know if I need to change it.

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            These are Mayan ruins the ancient city Tikal in Belize. I think the stairs would be a good workout! *Fun fact, Belize is only as big as the state of Mass. A 5K in Belize sounds great, as long as those stairs aren't part of the course! Robin edited to fix picture link...


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              Janell, put me down for a 10 miler. I need to run at least that far next Sat. to get my mileage in for the bunny race, anyhow. k

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                Not sure if I'm doing a 10 miler or HM. Either way my butt is going to be sore from all these stairs lol Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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                  Not sure if I'm doing a 10 miler or HM. Either way my butt is going to be sore from all these stairs lol
                  Tell ya what - I'll put an extra aid station at the top and bottom... and maybe a few folding chairs for those who need to take an extra minute, ok? Big grin

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                    You can put me down for a 5K and I will be running from this beautiful ruin in Coba (Yucatan) around the lake full of crocodiles (I will find a picture soon) and then have a strong finish in the ball courts (those are the playing courts that the teams would play a sort of hoop ball game and the winner would be sacrificed). that would keep the competition down eh?
                    Run like you are on fire! 5K goal 24:00 or less (PR 24:34) 10K goal 50:00 or less (PR 52:45) HM goal 1:55:00 or less (PR 2:03:02) Marathon Goal...Less than my PR (PR 4:33:23)


                      Count me in. Woo! Fun fact: Belize has a national beer called Belikin and it tastes kinda bad. 2006 ... good riddance.
                        I'm good for the 5K. Thanks. Clowning around

                          Here is a link about Maya astronomy. And sign me up for the 5 km, please! bas

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                            I would love to do a 5k! I found a picture but couldn't seem to get it to post. It reminded me of an obstacle course for a great end to my 5k. Smile
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                              Janell, Can I still participate if I don't have a picture? You know me, I'm not the traveling kind. My place is on my couch in front of the TV, when I'm not running, of course Big grin If so, can I sign up for the half marathon and a full marathon too? I figure I need to out do Jake and whoever that are running multiple races, except for Lynn of course. Big grin I might not be able to get the results in for at least a week though, because I might not have access to a computer.
                                Yikes - well here goes nothing. I'll give a 5Ker a go...I think I'm gonna finish last but that's okay! I can't beat my PR if I don't HAVE a PR Smile Kimmer
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