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Sign up for the October race!!! (Read 903 times)

    Who's going to be racing in the October "Virtual" race? We have three divisions this time - 5K, 5 Mile, and 10K. Shout out if you're racing, and I'll pull the list together here! 5K Division Crabby (Sherry) Daddyo (Dave) hammerbeck (Ed) JakeKnight (Jake) Joeosborn (Joe) psydog (Mike) scrumhalfgirl (Jess) Skatie1 (Shannon) Starflight (Gregg) teclipse3 (Jim) The Running Man (Bernie) yarbroughr 5 Mile Division backroadrunner (Eryn) Daddyo (Dave) Fluffchub (Keith) Hawk Runner (Sam) JakeKnight (Jake) Mile Collector Neil Gunn (Neil) psydog (Mike) tbarton (Teresa) The Running Man (Bernie) 10K Division bas (Bas) Daddyo (Dave) Wingz (Janell) 10 Mile Division rockenmamof5 (Pam) ttmalek (Tony) Wingz (Janell) Zoom-zoom (Kirsten)

    Roads were made for journeys...

      Count me in for a 5K. Jim
        I am in for the 5k

        To paraphrase an old poster: Today is the first day of the rest of your training. It doesn’t matter where you started or how far you’ve come. Today is the day. Your training didn’t start 6 weeks ago. Your training started the last time you hit the road. John “the Penguin” Bingham Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you're standing outside the fire

          5 mile here! (Pending results of Dr's visit this week...) Eryn
          So do not get tired and stop trying. - Hebrews 12:3

          Go Pre!

            both? all 3?
              both? all 3?
              You sure? Incredible razzing will come your way if you sign up for all three and then don't show... Evil grin To submit more than one race time, just use the results form multiple times, ok?

              Roads were made for journeys...

                I'm in for the 5K! Next weekend, right? I have my first real 5K on the Sunday!
                Mile Collector

                Abs of Flabs

                  Heee... sign me up for the 5M. Daddyo's gonna be so tired from the 3 races (which I assume he'll be running separately) that I might have a chance to place Big grin
                    I'll run a 5K

                      I'm in for the 10K. bas

                      52° 21' North, 4° 52' East

                        I wanna play! Smile I don't have a race next weekend because my kids are running in a kids-only event. Put me down for the 5 Mile Race. Is there anything else I need to do? Teresa
                          Teresa - just submit your time next weekend on the results form at ... I'll compile them and put them out later that week. Glad you could come play!

                          Roads were made for journeys...

                            Sign me up for all three please. Is there a time cut-off for entering results on the 9th, or is anytime that day okay?

                              Get 'em in before midnight - Eastern time - on the 9th please. The earlier the better, though, if you don't mind. If you know you'll have a problem getting results in before then, email me at

                              Roads were made for journeys...

                                Guys, do you think we need a special award for people who complete all three distances?

                                Roads were made for journeys...