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    Another week ahead, here we go~


    RR: recovery run today, anywhere from 5-7 miles. Ran 13.3 yesterday and felt great! It was really cold, but sunny with no wind, so enjoyable. The spout on my handheld froze, even though I started w/ warm water, ha. Ran a very hilly loop, it's one of my favorites as the view from the top is gorgeous. You can see downtown, the river, and the mtns- all snow covered yesterday. So pretty.


    TR: holy nap strike yesterday. not sure what was up with that. put him down at normal time (11:15am) got him out of his crib after him babbling/talking/playing for 90 minutes. fed him a snack, ran a couple of errands with him and DH, played a bit, then put him down again around 3:15 as he was massively grumpy. Fell asleep at 4:15, and i let him sleep for an hour, major grump face when i woke him, but he was ok once he was fully awake. Silly lil man. I have to call the pedi to see if i need to schedule an 18 month well-child check, not sure if they do one here?


    NRR: need more weekend!!! working shorter days this week (5:15-11AM), but also working 8-2 on Saturday. Going to have to shift my runs around AGAIN this week, grrr. I hate when work gets in the way of running!!! Coworker comes back to work on Feb 25th, so I think I only have 2 more weeks...I'm ready to be just part-time again Wink

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



      And congrats to our racing supermoms this weekend!!! We had some awesome performances, from the 5K thru the 50K!!! Way to go ladies!

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



      beskirted & manicured

        RR - 4 miles with 2 miles @ MP, gym TM.


        race report: Realized right when I got to the start that I forgot my bib! So had to drive home like a maniac and didn't have time to run a nice long warmup like I'd planned. The first 2K I was on pace for a PR (splits: 4:51, 4:56 - goal pace was anything faster than 4:57/km) and then the last 3 km splits were 5:22, 5:18, 5:08. Oh well, at least I got 2nd place AG, but I would have rather had the PR.


        TR - really wish I could just make him GO, because he really does like to sit on the potty. After sitting on it for close to an hour the other day, I put him in a diaper and he promptly filled it in 5 minutes flat.  Which means he's deliberately holding it in while pottying. GAH.


        FR - thai red curry noodle soup.


        NRR - that massage, finally.




        rg - we definitely had a 18 month checkup. hahaha on major grump face, I'm picturing R looking like Grumpy Cat.

        5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



          Rg--great job on your long run.  Sorry about the nap strike.  Glad you're working shorter hours so you have time to see DH and more time to spend with R.


          zorbs--great job on your race!  B will go on the potty when he's ready.  Enjoy your massage.


          rr--6-8 today whatever I can fit in before my hair appt.


          TR--still being a trouble maker.  Was really good out running errands with me this weekend but just had to eat everywhere.  He pulled yogurt packets off the shelf and cried I until I gave them to him even though she had just eaten at home.


          NRR--no school for midwinter break so I have a hair appt, car appt, and chiro appt...that'll keep me busy all day and I hate it.  Oh and I washed a whole bunch of clothes with a new pair of jeans last night and wrecked all the clothes...ugh they all have clue dye on them


            RR - 13k in the rain.


            BR - Poor DH still has not seen her walk! Once a day or so, she'll walk 5 or 6 steps, but she is still crawling or walking while holding on to things the rest of the time. She was showing off her walking at my friend's bridal shower on Saturday afternoon but has still not done it for DH.


            FR - Trying a new Indian recipe tonight - roasted chicken, cauliflower and potatoes with lots of spices.


            NRR - I'm having a fat day. My running and eating were shoddy last week. I need to get my act together again this week. 


            QOTD - How often do you replace your running shoes? I always just went by feel, but now that I've started tracking my mileage, I think my shoes have about 350 miles on them. They still feel fine but do you think I'm due for a new pair before my half marathon on March 3rd? 




            rg - Your run from yesterday sounds so nice. I love running after a snowfall when the sun comes out again. It's warmed up so much it's raining here now, though, so unfortunately our lovely snow has turned into a sloppy mess.


            zorbs - Omg, I would have had a heart attack if I'd forgotten my bib. It's never nice to start off your race in a panic. Good job on the AG award - I just saw your pic of the loot, very nice! You'll get that PR next time!

            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


              RR: 3m easy recovery after weekend of lots of miles. First time I have done speedwork and LR consecutively. Not something I want to make a habit (unless it's race pace and lr). It was unusual though so I will be back to schedule. Starting week 9 of fm training - cut back week. There's another 5k on Sunday. Can't decide if I want to skip it. My plan calls for a time trail of hm.


              NRR: DH and I are going to consulate to get more papers notorised today for hotel bermy which closes on Friday. It takes hours and is so ridiculous but is totally necessary. The security is worse than TSA. They even made DS walk through the security screens.


              BR: no sttn last night but we had a good snuggle from 2.30am onwards. Can now climb onto dining room table chairs and therefore the table. Can now climb onto all bed and do rollovers with no awareness of where the edge is. The stunts are getting more daredevil.


              FR: leftover kale, sweet potatoes, quinoa and chicken breast. Made DH left over ravioli (the butternut squash one) and he came back fishing for seconds. He loved it. Always a good sign of success. Am down anther 2lbs. Super cut back is going well. Coach and I had a very detailed conversation about lbs and racing (I am not there yet that it makes any difference) but she talked me through the weights of girls racing and how it affects speed. It's hard to maintain healthy balance too it seems. All very interesting. I am just tightening up to tighten up not to race faster.




              spike - heads up - I finished the project and am mailing it to you for finishing touches!

              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                zorbs- hahaha on grumpy cat!!! way to go on the AG award, and nice loot too! i love that they gave flowers, that's awesome! one of the races around here is sponsored by a pasta company, and the overall male/female winners get their weight in pasta. enjoy that massage, maybe the storm was a good thing!


                jen- ah, jealous of your break this week! ooh, you'll have to post pics of your new 'do! are you making any big changes? i need a trim desperately. hope the rest of your week is relaxing. id J still going to daycare all week?


                ernie- i usually go by feel too on running shoes- ie if my shins/knees start feeling twingy then i know it's time for new shoes. it also depends on the kind of shoes you're running in. minimalist shoes don't hold up as long as "regular" shoes, so they will need to be replaced more often. i'd buy new shoes two-three weeks out so you can get at least 1-2 good long runs in them before your race. glad you had a good weekend! it's supposed to rain here today too. weird weather, it was below zero yesterday, and wil be in the 40's today.


                Bermy- have you read Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald? It's a really good read on optimizing your weight for best racing performance. It's a balanced approach, which I like. Not just "lose weight, run faster." I can mail my copy to you if you'd like to borrow it. Msg me your address on FB if you'd like to read it. Great job with yoru running over the weekend, you're going ot kill it in Nashville!!! so glad things are wroking out so well with the house closing, etc.

                 5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08





                  RR - something on the TM... temperature wise it's pretty nice but it's also really windy.  I don't like running w/ the stroller in high winds.  It's been almost a month since I last pushed C in the stroller for a run.  I kind of miss it.


                  BR - being a bit weird about her eating.  I still can't get her to eat fruit unless it's pureed in her cereal.  She won't eat yogurt b/c she doesn't like being spoon fed.  And now she's being picky about her veggies.  Essentially that leaves her eating bread and meat and cereal.


                  NRR - signing up C for daycare in Sept.. there's only 1 spot left for part time at her age, so we have to put a deposit down early.



                  rg / zorbs - had a weird dream on the weekend that the 3 of us were in a gym, and zorbs and I were trying to figure out how to get to rg's place b/c she wanted to us to run together... rg said it wasn't very far to her place, so she ran home... zorbs and I figured out it was like 25km away!


                  jen - hope you get all your running around done... it's true that you're always busier on days off work than when working!


                  bermy - are you trying to lose weight?


                  ernie - kinda sucks DH hasn't seen her walk, but i'm sure it'll come... i always think i'll be the one who misses out on C doing things even though i'm with her all the time!


                    Morning -


                    RR:  SRD.  Had a really shitty run  yesterday which put me in a grumpy mood.  I think part of it is because I run 29 miles a week and 19 of those were crammed in to 3 days.  I think I need to reconfigure my rest days!


                    TR:  Was really pretty good this weekend.  He took an AWESOME nap of 2.5+ hours yesterday, so mama joined him and napped for 2 hours!  We have art class tonight which is always fun.  He was up before I left, but also STTN which is good.  He loves to run from his bedroom to the livingroom to give me hugs before I leave.  Love the giggles in the AM.


                    NRR:  Ended up going out to eat with some close friends of ours Saturday night.  They just got back from their honeymoon and got J a t-shirt.  (He is J's Godfather.)  Yesterday we just hung out and did some Target and Grocery shopping.  Still trying to figure out what to get DH for Valentines Day.  Lots of ideas, but nothing set yet.


                    FR:  Out to eat tonight.  We have been eating out a lot...that should really stop!



                    rg - Great job with your mileage over the weekend.  Your hashtag was cute.  Boo to the nap strike!


                    zorbs - 2nd place in your AG is awesome!


                    jen - Bummer about the clothes.  I hope you find a little time to relax today.  I am envious of your day off.  Our next day is March 8th which is too far away!


                    ernie - I am usually bratty about my shoes and replace around 300-350 miles.  My last pair had 450+ on them.  Usually, when things start to feel twingey, I replace them.


                    cx2 - Crazy to put a deposit down now for Sept.!  Keep at the eating, she will figure it out.  Have you tried giving her a spoon just to play with so she thinks she is feeding herself?  I hope you get a good run in.  It is crazy windy here with black ice on the roads.

                    Upcoming Races: 

                    Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                      RR - it's raining so it might just be a cross training day.  I'd be tempted to run in the rain but I'm meeting with the personal trainer and don't want to be in the gym all wet.  I had a GREAT 12 mile run Saturday.  I went on a different trail that ends up at a reservoir overlook so I stopped and took a few pictures (I had my phone) before heading back.


                      BR - loves climbing the stairs to get our attention.  A couple times we weren't watching him and next thing you know he's sitting at the top looking down at us, smiling.  It's one straight shot of wood stairs with tile floor at the bottom so I don't like him climbing them.  I told DH we need to put a gate up but he hasn't yet.


                      KR - we got all the cookies made for their class parties Thursday but never did get around to the valentines.  I think I'm going to run to the dreaded Walmart today to pick some up so we can work on them this week.  I'd like to do something more creative for L's class but I'll have to see how motivated I am tonight.


                      FR - going to browse the internet for some inspiration, otherwise we'll likely have either turkey meatballs or stuffed peppers from the freezer.


                      NRR - need to go buy dog food today, we've been out since Friday poor dog!  She's had to survive the weekend on leftover hamburgers and whatever food L throws at her which, unfortunately, is usually quite a bit.


                      rg - kids always have the hardest time waking up from late naps.  Cute on the grumpy face.  Yay for just a couple weeks left of full time.  Sorry about having to switch runs around though!  I saw you recommended racing weight to Bermy - do you have any books you like that are just general running information?  I'd like to learn about why certain things are included or not included in training plans, and also learn about nutrition while training, that sort of thing.


                      zorbs - congrats on the AG award!!  I would have freaked if I forgot my bib!  Enjoy your massage!  I scheduled one for the day after I get back from my Disney half, I can't wait.


                      jen - oh no on the clothes!  Maybe a little oxyclean will get them back?  I accidentally washed a suede jacket with some stuff but soaking them in oxyclean pretty much got the green color out.  J sounds like L, he has to have food all the time!


                      ernie - hope you have a good run despite the rain!  Do you take the stroller with you?  Ever since my Indian food Friday I'm in the mood for more spicy food.  I'd probably get new shoes for the half if mine had that many miles on them.  You will probably need a new pair soon anyway and it might be nice to have new ones for the race.


                      bermy - enjoy your cutback week!  Your DH went on quite the shopping spree in Nashville!  I'm not sure mine would be able to make decisions without me.  Smile  I'd love to know what your coach said about weight and racing.  I've been curious what a good racing weight would be for me but even if I knew I'm not sure I'd ever be disciplined enough to achieve it.


                      cx2 - I told myself a couple weeks ago I'd do more stroller runs with L but then took him to childcare last week so I could run alone.  Sometimes I want to but sometimes I'm too grumpy to try it and afraid he'll cry the whole time and make me more grumpy.


                      mer - ugh, I was having too many crappy runs last month and I think it was because I wasn't rested enough.  Sometimes even just a new route helps.  I can't remember the last time I took a 2 hour nap, sounds wonderful!  No more bouts of sickness?  I think DH and I decided to give each other a pass for Valentine's Day.  He'll probably still come home with flowers though so I should probably look for something small for him so I'm prepared.


                        RR:  SRD.  Even though I shifted my LR to Friday and only did 7 yesterday I am still going to rest.  Yesterday, I ran 4 on the Tm and 3 with sthe stroller.  I felt so bad for DS because it was so cold and windy but he was a good boy!


                        BR:  Woke up a few times last night crying.  Took him to the mall play place yesterday and it will full of coughing kids.  I really hope he doesn't get sick...I have no backups for daycare this week.


                        NRR:  Didn't get a whole lot of studying done this weekend.  I will try to study today over lunch, even though we have a meeting.


                        RG - Great job on the chilly LR.  I hate having to switch around LRs.


                        zorbs - Great job on 2nd in your AG!


                        jen - Doing anything different with your hair?  I need a haircut badly!


                        ernie QOTD -  I replace about every 400-500 miles.  I would probably get a new pair for the marathon just because it is nice to have a new pair.  You can keep wearing the old ones after if you feel like they are still ok.  Mine are feeling like I need to replace them now and they only have 300 miles...


                        bermy - Is is the same course?  How is the new meal plan going?  I was looking at your fb pic the other day and thinking, there is no way this girl needs to lose weight!


                        cx2 - Avoid the wind with the stroller if you can.   I felt so bad for DS yesterday, even though he didn't complain


                        mer - Sorry about the bad run.  I like to take a rest day the day before my LR, or 2 days before.  Can you try that'?


                        Gotta go wake up DS and get him ready.  Have a great day everyone!

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          Morning ladies!


                          RR:  3 easy today.  Did something to my hip yesterday though, I feel like I am walking all cockeyed.


                          TR:  Bought him some legos since he was feeling puny all weekend, boy is in heaven.


                          NRR:  DH is driving me batty with trying to rearrange are schedule.  Dude, I understand your work is important but stop throwing this stuff at me at the last second.


                          Ok, I need coffee - lots of it.  BBL


                            selfish post right now but i will be back in a bit for personals.


                            rr: srd. got in 5 miles on the tm yesterday.


                            rr2/qotd: what do i need to know about trail running? my cousin wants me to train for an 18k+ trail race and neither of us have ever run trails before.


                            tr: had a dance party to the lorax soundtrack last night with c included! i LOVE ed helms!!


                            br: while girls were with daddy, c and i got a shamrock shake. he loved it.


                            nrr: hanging out with my sister all day on saturday and i am beyond excited already!


                            fr: baked fish that dh had caught on saturday last night. So so so good!


                              rg: i saw you decided on a marathon to train for you. yay! r could have come and hung out with my girls as they nap striked this weekend (on saturday i think). ugh.


                              zorbs: fantastic race! any other 5ks coming up that you can pr? i've been looking for one in the area and found one but it's $40 to sign up and i think it's even more now that it is closer and i am just not willing to pay that.


                              jen: ugh to the jeans/clothes! that sucks! good luck getting all your stuff done today!


                              ernie: i just asked jen how many miles on shoes too before replacing them. mine are at close to 300 (i think) and i'm thinking i'll get a new pair soon.


                              bermy: yup, c figured out how to climb up on kitchen chairs a few weeks ago and it sucks! he has never climbed up on the table but i'm sure that will happen soon enough. do you have a goal weight in mind? i can't imagine with all the running and clean eating you do that you'd need to lose weight.


                              cx2: for the first time ever last night c refused to eat something (fish). we've always had a good eater, so i was surpised when he wouldn't eat it. i would just keep offering it to her and she'll eventually get back into it. what are you doing for a sitter between march and september?


                              mer: yay for the napping! m asks every day if we can go out to eat. it's kind of nice now that we live in a town with next to no options for eating out and would have to drive 30 miles to eat somewhere decent; we go out to eat a lot less. you reminded me that i need to get the girls signed up for swimming lessons and gymnastics.


                              arm: the girls did their actual valentines last weekend. but we have to make the food part yet this week.  i actually froze some mini muffins for dd2's class since there are only 3 of them. gotta make dd1's stuff yet. yay for a great run! i told dh that at some point while our girls still like princesses i want to run the disney half.


                              shelby: hope you get your studying in! i can't believe you manage to run all those miles, and be in school full time, and study. you are for surely a supermom!


                              beckykay: as i was reading your post as my coffee was just ready for me. i only recently started drinking coffee every day and now i'm quite certain i couldn't live without it. hope ds is feeling much better today!


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner



                                RR - SRD, meeting old RP at the gym for a weights workout.  My left calf is super tight, and a bit stiff from the icy LR on Saturday, I need to stick/foam roll it.


                                RR2 - registered yesterday to one of my favorite races, a trail 10 miler.  They have a marathon and 30k that go to the top of a mountain... I really want to do the marathon one day, the mountain is about a 3000ft gain, plus all the ups and downs on the trail afterwards.  One day...


                                TR - her and DH fell back asleep yesterday morning in her bed for almost 1.5 hrs!  We thought she was getting up too early and was still tired.  I'm getting our toddler alarm clock back from my SIL who borrowed it, maybe it'll get her to sleep a bit longer, she's only getting up at 6:30, so not crazy early but she's still tired and is grouchy on those mornings.


                                BR - she grew!  she's actually stretching some of her 3 mos (the smaller ones) sleepers.  She's going to be 5 months this week, where has the time gone!  Her friend who is 3 weeks older started eating some solid food!  We will be doing BLW, and I don't think she's anywhere close to ready yet.


                                FR- we have lots of lamb and chicken curry so I'll probably just cook up some fresh rice.

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