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Bad Ass Mother Runner

    RG - Sounds like a great run yesterday, I really like cold runs on days like that! Boooo on the nap strike!


    zorbs - congrats on the AG award, I got 3rd in my AG in the Edmonton marathon weekend 10k but didn't get any swag, so that's awesome that they had prizes! I doubt B has any idea or is consciously not peeing... Do you have any underwear, you could try putting him in underwear instead of a diaper so he feels what happens when he pees.


    Jen - all your appts sound great - except the car one! I hope you can get the clothes clean - I'd also try oxyclean, and if that doesn't work then a really mild bleach solution and soak them.


    ernie - I usually go by feel, 350 - 400 is when mine die... I will usually get another pair before they die and will wear the old ones for shorter mid week runs. I'd get another pair to work in before your half.


    bermy - Nice work going down 2 lbs, you don't look like you have much or any to lose, so 2 lbs is huge. I think it is smart to just tighten things up, I think it's easy to obsess and go to far in either direction.


    cx2 - stroller plus wind sucks! I'd just keep putting all that stuff infront of her. She'll eat it eventually. You could also try cooking vegis into something, meat balls, or something like that.


    mer - Sad on the shitty run. Awesome that you got a 2 hr nap!!


    arm - I love that when I run w/ my phone I have a camera, technology is great! LOl on the dog... my dh would have been at the store in an instant, he's such a suck.


    shel - I hope you can get your studying done today!


    becky - Eeek on the hip, I hope it feels better.


    mzm - just go run on trails as much as you can, especially if you can run where the race is.

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    Honorary Old

      RR: 5.25 miles with stroller and dog yesterday, ran a great pace and it was kinda nice to run sans RP. Scheduled rest day today.

      BR: R's godmother taught him to count to 3 yesterday. Not sure that he fully understands what he's doing, but he counted 1-2-3 along with Sesame street this morning. Aaand I just caught him eating his boogers.

      FR: Made MarathonJen's italian beef last night and it was a big hit.

      NRR: Busy day today, have to leave in a few minutes to go to the dentist/chiropractor/allergist then have a hair appt at 4:15 and a photography workshop at 7. I'm thinking of cutting my hair even shorter, a full on pixie ala Ginnifer Goodwin. Haven't decided.

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        Thanks for the replies on my shoe question. I took a look at them after my run today and the soles are looking a bit worn, so I will definitely get a new pair this week. The last thing I want is for them to start feeling dead during my race!


        Jen - Sounds like J is turning into a typical boy and eating non-stop! Are you off all week for mid-winter break? Boo to the dyed clothes. Depending on how badly the dye ran, it might come out just from running them through the wash again.


        Bermy - Yikes to climbing on the dining room table! S taught herself how to get down from the bed properly after a couple of tumbles out. How do you cook your kale?


        Cx2 - Yeah, stroller runs suck when it's really windy. The picky phase is pretty common, I think. Maybe try feeding regular meals with veggies cooked in if she doesn't like them on their own. Did you decide on regular daycare versus the nanny then?


        Mer - Wonderful nap yesterday! Sounds like you had a good weekend other than the crappy run. I'm sure you'll feel good again after a rest day.


        Arm - Love the new pic! Impressive stair climbing, though rather scary by the description of your stairs! I'm sure your dog has been loving all the table food Smile I run with the stroller sometimes but try to get out before DH goes to work if I can because I'd much rather run without it!


        Shelby - It must be so hard to fit studying into your schedule! Do you have a test coming up? It seems like every kid I see has a cold right now, including S. Hopefully your ds can escape the germs!


        Becky - My DH causes scheduling nightmares all the time, too, so I feel your pain! Ouch on the hip - did you hurt it running or did it randomly start hurting?


        Mrszm - Was it a McDonald's shamrock shake? I used to love those when I was a kid and then they discontinued them. I wonder if they are back in Canada too. I've never done a trail run either, so I'm no help there.


        CAR - That mountain run sounds amazing but crazy hard. Yay for baby growth!


        Spike - Yay for counting to three! Not so much for eating boogers. Lol. Nice run yesterday - it can be nice to run alone so you can just let your mind wander.

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        beskirted & manicured

          jen - ugh on the jeans! I don't really expect jeans to bleed when washed.  I assume your hair and your chiro appointment are at least classified as sort of fun?!


          ernie - yeah fortunately the race was only about 2K from my house, so it wasn't a problem to go home to get the bib.  I track mileage on my shoes, and I could get 800K out of my old clunky shoes, but now that I wear more minimalist shoes, I can squeak about 600-650K out of them.  Buy new shoes now and get a couple long runs in them before the race.


          bermy - I know my all you can eat sushi lunches have not been kind to my weight.  I look ok, but feel like a walrus.


          cx2 - imagine how I feel, B doesn't eat any fruits, veggies, OR meat except the occasional shrimp, tofu, or chicken finger.  Sometimes he will eat a piece of black chinese mushroom.  He lives on carbs.


          mer - the way my schedule is, I run Sat-Tues and then Thursday.  I wish I didn't have to run 4 days in a row, but my schedule doesn't allow me to do anything else.


          arm - when we are out of cat food, I buy ground beef or chicken from the regular grocery, the cat has no complaints about that Smile  I am so glad that at least I remembered the bib BEFORE standing at the start, that would have sucked more!


          shelby - I hate scrambling for daycare.


          becky - sounds like you need to lace your coffee with tequila or something.


          mrszm - I paid $40 for this race. All the 5Ks coming up are associated with a bigger race (that I'm doing) or too close to a big race.  Next stand-alone 5K isn't until June.


          CA - well the prize was the flowers and $10 to the RR, my garmin didn't die on Saturday but I can always save the GC for when I do need a new garmin.


          spike - lol on the booger eating, B likes to wipe his snot on DH's sleeve.

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            spike - I hope your day goes fast and you get all your appointments in.  Are you going to say something to the chiro today?


            zorbs - Work really dictates when I run.  Monday and Thursday are heavy meeting days so I take those as rest so I am not getting home super late.  I am thinking of switching my Thurs rest day to Friday.  The calendar will tell me if that is possible or not!

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              armmama - Still not feeling 100%...I think that just happens when you work with Middle Schoolers! Smile  I saw a lot of cute and easy valentine ideas on Pinterest!


              shelby - I hope you find some good stuyding time!


              mrszm - Enjoy your RD.  Are you getting out with RP at all this week?  Swim starts for us at the end of this month/beginning of next...wherever Saturday falls.  We got J new trunks and top and it is super cute.


              CAR - Loved the pic of O in her exersaucer!  J always only has one sock on!  Yay for your race.  So fun!

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              Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                car: my girls have been waking up too early for their own good. yay for your 10 mile trail race!


                spike: holy errands today! great job with the solo run yesterday!


                ernie: yes, mcdonald's shamrock shake! love them! they used to only have them for the entire month of march, but now it seems like they start them in february and run into april.


                zorbs: most 5ks around here (even if they are linked with a 10k) are around $20-25. i guess you get a sweatshirt with your $40 for this race, but i'm not guaranteed one any more because of the date. did you get $40 worth of swag with your AG place?


                mer: yes, hoping to get out with rp! i'm glad we hadn't agreed to go this morning considering it was glare ice! does j wear the shirt into the water? whenever i see boys wearing them for lessons they always looked colder than everyone else; i figured it was because it was super clingy coldness on their cores. really wish i didn't have to drive 30+ minutes for good swimming lessons. i'm tempted to just teach the girls myself in my parents' pool this summer.


                  Rg – your running sounds like it is going really well. Just imagine when the weather warms up and you’re back in shorts and tanks and you have your hard-earned fitness – you are going to be rocking it. I will put my new TN address on fb and when I am next there I would love you to post the book to me. I will let  you know.


                  Zorbs – super jealous of your race win booty. Very nice. Flowers are such a classy gift. I feel the same way – I look ok but feel heavy.


                  Ernie – Kale is just sautéed for this meal plan. Not too exciting. I am interested in the advice on the running shoes which you might get from our board!


                  Cx2 – yes, I am aiming to drop a few pounds now my body is not needed that much for nursing. I was waiting as nursing was my priority. Now DS only nurses three times a day (morning, nap and night) so I feel I can tweak my diet a lot more without compromising his health.


                  Mer – sorry your run sucked. You are so right about timings of rest days.


                  Arm – your 12m run sounded lovely. DH and I talked a lot about what we wanted, went to look last time we were in Nashville so this time he was more or less just doing the buying. He is awesome at taking pics and emailing the details and checking with me although I would be cool if he didn't. He makes very good decisions and I trust him completely. He bought a ford fusion hybrid which he is super in love with, esp the miles to the gallon apparently. All I asked was "what colour is it?"


                  Shelby – you are really cramming everything into your life right now Shelby – I would be so stressed. I am impressed by your juggling. I feel I would benefit from dropping a few more lbs. Hope you can find some time to study.


                  Becky – not cool on hip – what do you think it is? Cute on legos.


                  Mrszm – no advice on trail running other than it’s a lot harder for me and a lot more scenic. Choose a safe trail please! No idea on goal weight at this point. Need to read a bit more and see how my body runs and functions as I drop. Am definitely not going to go crazy though.


                  CA – yay for registering! Whoo hooo sounds like a lovely marathon but very tough! I am sure you can totally do it but you’d need to simulate the conditions in training right? I am definitely too healthily-minded to get too skinny. It is easier to move my body on LRs if I am a few lbs lighter though.


                  Spike – can’t wait to see new hair cut. Mrszm has the ginnifer pixie I think?

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                    mrszm - Yeah, the ice was bad by us this morning.  Didn't really realize it until I was slowing down to get on the freeway!  DH likes the rashguard shirts for when we are at the lake because of the UV protectant that is in it.  Part of me thinks a layer would be good, but thinking back, J was always freezing while we were in the pool.  Thinking of his big tummy and those trunks makes me smile!

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                      mrsz / ernie - we're going with a nanny PT and my mom the rest of the time... DH will be home in July/August since he doesn't teach in the summer.  I really like the nanny, she's my age, has tons of experience with babies/toddlers/kids, and lives in the area.  And she's not super expensive.  She'll even help out with some housework... yay!!!!!


                      zorbs - yea, i can see C being a carb lover too.   Does B like chinese dishes with noodles or green veggies?


                      beskirted & manicured

                        cx2 - B loves chinese noodles but carefully picks out every last piece of veggie I try to sneak in there.  And like I said, he will NOT touch meat, just shrimp & tofu occasionally, and chicken fingers.

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                        Honorary Old

                          Mer- I didn't say anything to chiro today, he left the door open a couple inches and she kept tromping up and down the hall.


                          sorry, probably no time for personals today


                          re QOTD- I generally replace mine in the 400-500 range, but I've become more of a midfoot striker and am alternating pairs and they seem to last longer. Hoping I won't need my screw shoes anymore and I can throw them in the trash- bought those ones in March or April I think and they are fully dead.

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                            ugh....today is just one of those days.  I am SO unfocused on what I should be doing and my mind keeps wandering. I can't even begin to count the number of times I have refreshed this page and my personal e-mail.  Tick tock.  I can't wait to get out of here.  I have days that I am distracted, but very few that I really don't want to be here.  I wish I had Jen's day off today!

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                            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                              mer - hugs x I wish you were sat with me on my sofa doing your crochet as I am here during nap time waiting for DS to wake up knitting jilliebean a hat for her lo.

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                                Work Rant:  Friday afternoon I went back the office to get my lulu skirt and hung around for awhile.  This morning I discovery that new girl did NOTHING while I was there.....she didn't even check the email responses I had sent to her regarding some questions she had.  I was pissed.  Basically she misfiled something and then accused me of losing it.  I lost it.  Told bossman he needs to have a come to jesus meeting with her about if she wants to be employed or not.  I'm not paying her to read the rules of little league baseball while she is there.....


                                ok, personals attempt.


                                RG:  DH's work is getting in the way of my running too, having to shift to evening runs on Tuesday and Thursdays.


                                Zorbs:  Ack on the race bib.  That is always one of my nightmares.


                                Jen:  OH NO on the new jeans!  I hate when that happens.


                                Ernie:  I start trying to break in a new pair when my old ones hit 300.


                                Bermy:  Yum, I love ravioli.  Butternut squash with a sage/browned butter and walnuts - heaven!  Is the consulate the only place you can go to get them notarized?  That sounds like a pain.


                                Cx2:  Mine would never eat meat, still only eats it in the form of hot dog or chicken nugget.  I think it is a texture thing for him.


                                Mer:  Yikes!  In 3 days?  I can imagine I would have a crappy run too.  Going out to eat was one of the things we are working on lately.  We usually eat every meal out on the weekends because we are always on the go.


                                Arm:  Good job on the 12 miler, I am not a fan of running in the rain unless it is summer time.  Not creative at all so C got a box of cards to take to school Smile


                                Shelbyjo:  I hope you get your studying done.  Those playplace are awesome/the devil at the same time.  C would always get sick after playing at one.


                                MrsZM:  Trail races - run trails Smile  practice on the ones you will be racing if you can.  bring your own water, and watch your footing for those pesky tree roots.


                                CA:  Hooray for signing up for a race!  We have one of those crazy marathons around here.  No way I'm running to the top of a mountain Smile


                                Ok, the idiot is telling our clients the wrong information....gotta go fix it.