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Mighty Mouse

    Post! We will welcome flightiness or not-so-flightiness.  Smile



    Mighty Mouse

      Thursday I dashed off to get my hair cut and color. After that I did my cardio again at home for half an hour. Track today. Getting around at my age on the icy sidewalks should qualify as cross training!  Big grin

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



        Hi Judy! I agree with Carol.  You and Marjorie are so disciplined! Several others here are also...I stick around for the inspiration..


        Thanks for the feedback about DD's weight.  I won't say anything.  It just seems like what happened to my sis...she got married and put on massive weight almost immediately...and kept gaining.  DD got engaged in May and has had this big gain.

        Tessa, she doesn't live nearby and was only here for a week. She is going to train for the half. Next holiday, I won't make the family desserts. : )  With the latest heart issue in the family (one of many), we should all adopt better habits. I plan to..


        I had my stress test yesterday and no sign of heart strain.  Smile  As expected, we didn't catch the arrythmia that makes me feel bad, only a couple PAC's, but I feel reassured.  He told me to keep going as I would in a race, but I'm not sure I went quite as hard without seeing a finish line ahead.  Wink   I also got a chance to discuss bros with cardiologist. As I mentioned, one had a heart attack last week and he has an identical twin. Cardiologist is willing to see the twin and do a stress test, work on reducing risk factors, etc. I told the twin and he's actually willing to go.  : )    Enough family...


        Sue, I agree about posting plan here making one feel obligated  That's what I do- on for 7 today. I also have to freeze some remnants of xmas goodies-took some to neighbor.

        Lisa-Marie, hope you enjoyed the movie.  BTW, Lincoln was great, but not quite kid material.

        Cindy, so sorry about the shins.  Safe travels.

        Julie, I'd say you got in a super workout!  I love it when I accomplish something while working out. LOL at Southern belle comment.

        Mommymac, you're in for Hatfield, too?  It's so tempting.

        Where's Laura and Linda?  Hope they had a great xmas, too!

        Hi to anyone I missed.

          TGIF!!  I did get out for a 6 mile run yesterday afternoon.  It was nice to be out.  I felt really beat up last night and this morning.  think it is time for new shoes.


          Unless something big comes in I think I will just work half a day.


          Have a great weekend!

          Anonymous Guest


            Crappy couple of days here. Migraine started late Christmas day. Hoping today is the last of it. Have skimmed the posts but hurts my head too much to try to reply.


            Haven't run since Christmas day. I'm hoping I feel better enough to run a few this afternoon. We're supposed to get rain/snow tomorrow so I've decided not to drive the 2+ hours to Zipper's for my long run. Bummed about that, but my car is horrible in bad weather and the thought of spending four or more hours on the road already had my anxiety up, so between that and getting hardly anything accomplished the last few days, decided it would be best to cancel.


            Good news is the weather for my 50k next Saturday looks great so far. Sunny and upper 30s to low 40s.


            Carolyn, saw last night you're considering Hatfield McCoy? Yay! I'm not sure where exactly you're coming from (I know a good bit north of me...), but if you can get to the DC area (SW usually has cheap flights to BWI), I think we have room in my car. It's a 6-7 hour drive from here, but it should be a fun trip considering the company in the car. The girl I went down with last year is also planning on going again with another girl from this area, so there may be room in her car as well.


            camille, I agree with the others on the touchy weight loss subject. We know you just want to help, but I think if I heard that from my mom, I would get upset and possibly dig in against doing the right thing. Encourage the running and encourage healthy eating (as much as you can from a distance), and maybe even share with her any difficulties you have with eating right, or the heart issues. But she has to be the one that wants to change herself. It's sort of the same as a drinking or drug problem in that way, the person hurting him/herself has to want to change. It doesn't matter how much you love her and want what's best for her (well, it does matter, a lot, but just not for this), until she wants it, it won't happen. And bugging her about it won't make her want it.


            Cindy, hope the roads clear and you guys make it home okay.


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            Run to live; live to run

              Karen hope you feel better.  Good call to not drive that much for a long run.


              Carolyn yippee that you may do HM with us


              Sue Yay for 6 miles



              Camille that is great the twin is willing to go.  With all the heart and daibetes in our family I wish my twin would do more but he won't and has all kinds of excuses.



              10.5 for me today.  A very nice run




                Judy, as long as you didn't take flight inadvertently on an icy sidewalk, it's good.


                Camille, it is so hard to see someone you love killing him/herself with a fork. And it's even worse because one of the ways we show caring and attention is by making food for the person. All you can do is make healthy foods and try to set a good example. One thing is not buying anything that's an "any time of the year" food. We can have potato chips any time. We don't do latkes all year round. We could buy Hershey's kisses any time of the year, we usually don't make fudge in the summer. Indulge only in foods that only come around once in the calendar. Would that help?


                Carolyn, you're in for H-M, too? Woo hoo!


                Susan, definitely time for new shoes. Where is the closest running shop, or do you shop on base for them?


                Karen, I am sorry about the migraine and having to cancel this weekend, I know you (and Zipper!) were looking forward to it. Re June, now DD says she wants to come too, will we have room for her? (I am telling the kids that if they come they need to do the half. Now need to check with Dave to see if they can start the second half when I come through so they can run with me.)


                Cindy, safe travels on the drive home. Hope it all goes well.


                Marjorie, glad you had a good run!


                wise words from everyone on Camille's situation with her DD. Until DD wants to change, she won't.


                Did not get up to run this morning. I was doing some passive-aggressive demonstration by sleeping right in the middle of the bed and forcing DH to one side, as he does to me so often, and it was just too comfy to get up. I shall go for a run at lunch.


                Happy runs and stay safe and warm those who are in the inclement weather!

                Anonymous Guest


                  Tessa, we can fit five comfortably in my car. Sounds like Zip is planning on carpooling with her friend from Richmond, so we would definitely have room for both your DS and DD. And I think they will probably be pretty flexible about the second half start. Part of the reason he decided to do a second half is so that Half Fanatics could run one half for KY, then run the second half for WV. Running a full does not count for their stats, but two halves do.

                  Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                  Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                  Disney freak

                    6 miles today.  Note to self:  Always check elevation before running a new route.  The first 4 miles were easy-peasey.  On the way back, I figured out why!  The last mile was all hill.  It was just over such a long distance, I couldn’t tell!  I ended up walking most of the last mile.  My Fitbit told me I had climbed 52 floors!  (It measures changes in elevation)  Oh well. I still feel like I got a good workout.  I also started using a running pack for the first time so I would have water along the way.  I found a $12 one at Wal-Mart that worked great.


                    My mom is coming from Houston to stay for the weekend.  I still have 10 more days before I have to go back to work!

                    Lisa Marie

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                    Fire Jumper

                      Good afternoon, ladies!


                      I was supposed to go sledding today, but we put it off until tomorrow.  So, I guess I won't be getting another run in until my race on Monday.  That's okay.  It's a 5K - I could walk it if I had to.  Right now, I'm not out to prove anything - just want to be active.


                      Camille - sorry to be late on the question regarding your concern for your DD.  As a person who has struggled with weight all my life, I will share that I was always super self conscious when anything was mentioned about my weight.  My best suggestion would be to designate your home as a healthy eating zone for all holidays since there's so much junk everywhere else.  Consider it a family respite from all of the temptations that exist outside the front door.  You never have to tell anyone why you've done it... except that you need a healthy place for you.  At least, in that way, you won't feel like an enabler to unhealthy behavior.    The truth is, as much as people cared for me, and as much as I KNEW that my food habits were unhealthy for me, I couldn't change it until I was ready... until I hit my personal bottom.  And, my bottom had nothing to do with what anyone else said to me.

                      Those are my two cents worth.

                      Also - good to hear about the stress test results.


                      Cindy - I hope you and your family are safely on the road!


                      Karen - I hope you feel better soon.


                      Sue - six miles and new shoes!  woo hoo!


                      Lisa-Marie - woo hoo on your six too (hills and all!)


                      Okay - hopefully sledding for me tomorrow and more roller skating (we're hooked) on Sunday.  I may not be running much this week, but overall fitness work is not a problem!  Wink


                      Be well,


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                        judy-getting around at any age on ice is cross training. In other words I'll take it too.


                        Camille- tough on dd but I agree that just talking about healthy eating options and having fun with activity. Keep inviting her to participate. Guys with all of their eating can be tough for young women to be around   Portion control goes out the window.


                        Karen- hope that migraine goes away.


                        Tessa- fun to have both running.


                        Lisamarie-52 floors!! Wow.


                        Went to gym this morning again. Yesterday 5.3 in an hour.  Today did 5.4 then restarted and did 1.6 16 minutes. I think I had put an incline on for the hour run because when I restarted felt like I was going down hill   Dd has basketball toNight.




                          Thanks so much for all the input about DD and weight.  It was my gut feeling that she'd resent it. That's why I didn't say anything while she was here, but after she left I wondered if I should have-so thanks for answering that.  I emailed her this morning that I'd had the stress test, the results and that twin will be having workup. Told her the doc recommended healthy diet (true) and I that expect the whole family to be on a low fat diet soon (also true). I asked her to look for recipes-she actually likes to cook. She emailed back that she needed to be on a low fat diet, too, so I'm hopeful.


                          Tessa, glad you enjoyed your night's sleep in the middle of the bed.  : )  Think your DD and son will train for the half? Good idea.

                          Karen, I'm hoping your migraine is better.  They make life so miserable.

                          Lisa-Marie, those hills are a great workout, even walking.

                          Marjorie, nice 10+. Good luck with your twin. I take it he doesn't have your motivation.


                          I went to gym for core work and did 7, with about 4.5 at tempo.  It was great.


                            Lisa, just saw yours. You know,  I'd never thought about the relationship to watching guys eat and the weight gain.  My DSis's husband eats like a lumberjack still and never gains weight and DD's fiance is a pretty big eater, too.  Maybe that's part of it.



                              Guys and their eating habits could be a big part of it, also when you are dating/engaged/newly married you tend to go out to eat a lot! Or you are cooking dinner for your new beloved and want to impress him with how well you cook, whereas when you are single and not dating it's a Lean Cuisine or a bowl of cereal at least a few nights a week.


                              Camille, that sounds hopeful. I agree, I had to hit bottom (although in my case it was tummy, rather than bottom, that was the worst part of me) before I did something about it.


                              Karen, thanks. I emailed David. Looks like they will have transportation from Matewan (the halfway point) back to the start but not to the halfway from the start/finish. And the Fanatics can do either half to count for WV but if they want KY they have to do the first half, since the second half starts/finishes in WV though most of it is in KY. (You know how it's almost all on the south bank of the river.) And tanks for confirming there will be room in the car! DD has been to DC once, with her high school choir, but they didn't spend much time there, and DS has never been. And Sis gave me a ticket on Southwest for Christmas using some of her massive accumulation of points, so I hope I can use that! To add to David's interest, I might point out that DD has a mailing address in South Dakota. That should give him a state that's not that easy to come by if he's trying again to get runners from every state. (Californians are a dime a dozen.) For those who are thinking about this race, the race director has for years been trying to get runners from every state in the same year. Camille, if you can sign up, would you be willing to use your Alaska address? *grin*


                              Lisa-Marie, look at you, those runs are getting longer!


                              Julie, roller skating is a great cross training exercise. How about ice skating too? Sorry, sledding is only good exercise if you are walking up the hill dragging the sled. Riding up and riding down, notsomuch. Like my sister who said "I rode 10 miles on a bicycle, that had to be lots of calories!" and then it turned out that she had ridden up to the top of the mountain in a van with the bike and they had then ridden back down the mountain, or rather coasted down. Sorry Sis.


                              Lisa, good workout! Good luck to Kaite with b-ball tonight.


                              6.86 on the TM at lunch. Ran out of book just as I got to the cool down.


                              Yay FRIDAY!


                                Hi ladies-


                                Alas, we are not on the road. We wound up getting hit in the middle of the night with a stomach bug. Here at my parents's house, DH, DS3, and I all have it, along with my mom. In addition, family members who were here but have gone home also have it - my sister, my uncle, and my niece and nephew. Everyone's felt pretty cruddy. My dad has been wonderful taking care of and feeding my kids.


                                I've been in bed most of the day so haven't read the posts, but I hope everyone is doing well. We hope to be on the road tomorrow - DH seems to be recovering somewhat. Wish us luck-



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