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TTFN Thursday (Over 40) (Read 22 times)

    A kinder and gentler Pooh acronym for Tessa.


    Karen-not in 50 days as I suggested?


    Slush ponds everywhere so I'm off to the gym.  This is the kind of slop that makes me dislike lower Michigan. Give me snow or rain not slush.




    Mighty Mouse

      MyMomRuns, slush is especially awful. I agree.

      Wednesday I did 20 minutes running and 30 minutes of the more difficult cardio DVD before the meeting about the river.
      Meeting was instructive and destruction of the dams are part of a health program for the entire river. I think it will be a very good thing for the flora and fauna.  Smile
      Returning salad mix to grocery before my track run today. The lettuce is pink and the bag has not reached its pull date. Angry I'll get some fresher stuff.
      Happy runs, All! :::HUGS:::


      Bad Ass

        Morning!  Sorry I didn't post much yesterday (aka, at all) but I had a big trial that needed preparation, and that needed to be moved, bah.  All that work for nothing.


        Anyway, I did 9 last night.  10-13 up for tonight.  Working from home but up to get my allergy shot.


        Lisa, stay unslushed!


        Judy, sounds like the meeting was productive.  Ugh at the pink lettuce.


        Have a nice day!



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

        LC Runs

          Good Morning!


          Took today off, easing back slowly.  Good news is the knee feels way better, almost normal.


          Lisa - hate the slushy stuff, I want spring!


          Judy - ugh on the lettuce, I am so irritated when I buy produce that's nasty.


          Damaris - nice 9!  Enjoy the run today Smile


            Good morning-


            I got out for 5.1 easy miles this morning. I needed it after yesterday's hard run. As I headed out, I found DS2's lunch box lying in the gutter. *sigh* That kid would leave his appendages behind if they weren't attached.


            Tessa - yes, I was married for the first time at 23. It was not a very happy relationship but was blessedly brief - we were married for three years. It makes me deeply appreciate the relationship I have with DH. I don't blame your DS for not wanting to get in the car with his dad - that had to be scary.


            Lisa - slush is the worst. But spring is almost here!


            Judy - I've given up on bagged salad stuff for exactly that reason.


            Damaris - hope today is less crazy, work-wise.


            Laura - glad the knee is feeling better.


            Off to see if I can get my crazy client to respond to me. We're supposed to hand her annual report off to the printer next week, and she hasn't approved the layout, the copy, or the quantity. It's gonna be a few crazy days for me! Have a good one-



            2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2


              Ooooh, I forgot to brag about my shoe score yesterday! I've known that I'm getting close to needing to replace my Nikes, but I've been worried because they updated the model and lessened the amount of outer sole under the heel - which is not good for me, an heavy heel-striker. So I went online and did some searching, and I found an ebay storefront that had the previous version - for $65!! AND, they had a pair of the Brooks Ravenna 2s, the model I really liked, also for $65! So I got 2 pairs of shoes for $130 instead of 1 pair for $110. Yay me!



              2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2

                Good Morning!  Planning to run after work.  Just didn't feel like getting out in the dark this morning.  Will be a pretty day here.


                Judy--I don't buy bagged salad anymore either.  The commissary started carrying the whole head of gourmet lettuces in a plastic container.  They last for weeks like that in the crisper.  I planted arugula seedlings and they are already starting to bolt.  Guess I'd better hurry up and pick them.


                Lisa--have a happy slushy day anyway


                Tessa--IF DH ever goes to the doc he should ask about sleep--it sounds like he is sleeping alot or his schedule is off.  Could that be something that needs to be discussed?  Good luck.  You would think he would not want to have another episode and would just go and get it over with, at least try to stay healthy for the kids' sake.


                Run to live; live to run

                  I did a lot of miles today as I felt great and the weather was nice so some great hills and some miles at goal marathon pace.  Total run 16 miles.  301.6 for the month.


                  Karen can so get those 50 in 50 states.


                  Lisa yuck on the slush!


                  Judy yuck on pink lettuce!


                  Damaris such a nice run


                  Laura so glad the knee feels more normal


                  Cindy, wow he just forgot his lunch in the gutter?  How odd. Great score on the shoes


                  Tessa Yep I'm in Orlando.  Good for DS being insistent on not getting in the car.  Taking a stand is a good thing


                  Sue glad you had a good time in Texas



                    Marjorie - I'm sure what happened is that he went out to wait for the bus, put his lunch box down to play with his brothers and the neighbor kids, then forgot it when he got on the bus.


                    Crazysue - your trip to Texas sounded fun!



                    2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2

                    Anonymous Guest

                      Today's thread title reminds me of something I got from a friend via email on Tuesday. I laughed so hard I started choking. I don't know why I found it so funny, but here it is. The subject was "Wise Words", and it was this picture:




                      I ran 7.5 miles easy last night. It was in the 50s and I wanted to run, so I did. Legs sore this morning, probably ran too much. I am having trouble figuring out the best way to get back on track with my training plan.


                      Tessa, thanks for all the suggestions. For some reason, I really really want to run Deadwood Mickelson for SD. And I think I would like Valley of Fire for Nevada, it's probably going to be either that one or Hoover Dam (the old civil engineer in me fighting to get out, I guess).


                      Lisa, did you notice how I just quietly ignored that suggestion? Hope your run went well. Daylight savings time I think is next weekend (March 10), so spring is most definitely coming!


                      Judy, yuck on the lettuce. I hate it when that happens.


                      Damaris, hope work is less frustrating for you today!


                      Laura, yay on the knee feeling better.


                      Cindy, awesome shoe find! And laughing and shaking my head at the lunch box in the gutter. I'm guessing he set it down to run around and play and forgot it.


                      crazysue, I'll join you in a run after work.


                      Marjorie, nice miles today and for the month. I haven't quite hit 200 for a month this year, don't know if I'll ever get to the 300 level.


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                        Karen - that picture made me laugh.


                        And have you guys seen the transcript of the interview with Mo Farah after his New Orleans RnR half win? It's funny and horrifying all at once. You read the transcript here:





                        2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2



                          Slush is disgusting, I agree. Makes your toes so cold when you get it in your shoes!


                          Judy, after what Buggy said about bagged salad where one contaminated head of lettuce could pass on its nasties to a big batch of greens, I decided not to buy bagged salad any more. It's not that much work to cut up a head of romaine!


                          Interesting on the river. Which one is it? If it's the Cuyahoga, isn't that the one that was so awfully polluted it caught on fire back in 1970?


                          Damaris, how annoying when you do all the work and the trial gets postponed.


                          Laura, glad your knee is just about back to normal.


                          Cindy, good luck with both crazy client and dozy DS. Won't he miss his lunch box oh, I don't know, about 11:30 or so?


                          Score on the shoes! Yay! RRS is telling me that Nimbuses are endangered, however I think I'm going to go to the LA expo in two weeks -- it's only 4 blocks away since they moved it back to the convention center -- and see what's available. I'm not that picky about shoes.


                          Susan, good suggestion. He does sleep a lot. I'm not sure he wants to change that, though. In all honesty I think his body is shutting down because he treats it so badly, and at this point the damage may not be reversible.


                          Your arugula is bolting already? Yikes. My daffodils are already out and it's not even March yet!


                          Marjorie, congratulations on both the 16 and on the mileage for the month! I am not that high and won't break 300. The disadvantage of short months.


                          Karen, snickering at that cartoon. Pooh Bear would not say that! "Oh bother!" was his expletive of choice.


                          Deadwood-Mikkelson sounds nice and I like Rapid City...though I already have SD I'm up for another race there! And I have Fargo (ND) penciled in for May 2014. We could stay with DD and then drive up the day before, do the race, drive back to DD's and stay with her that night, I think. It's 3 hours from her town to Fargo.


                          I don't think Hoover Dam is a full, though I could be wrong. We certainly could go look at it. I'm planning to take Lisa to see the bridge in April!


                          Cindy, anchors all too often = twits. And they know little about running.


                          4 miles with running neighbour this morning. We saw an owl perched on the streetlight sizing us up, apparently we were too big to consider catching. I'm sure some mouse had its last run this morning, though.


                          Happy runs!

                          Anonymous Guest

                            Ooooh, Fargo sounds good. Where would one fly to get to where DD is? I'm also tentatively planning Providence, RI in May 2014 (driving distance before we move). This year they are on consecutive weekends, so if that is the case next year, I'd totally be in.


                            Hoover Dam does have a full (it might be relatively new though). This year it is December 14. Hmm. That would be 3 weeks after JFK. Can I do a marathon three weeks after a 50 miler? I'll have to give that some thought.

                            Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                            Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston


                            Run to live; live to run

                              Karen that made me laugh. I love that cartoon!  It is awesome.


                              Cindy oh my I'm sure that is what happened.  I think it is a boy thing.


                              Tessa I figured today that I had time so I could run as long as I wanted and it just got me over 300. Now if I'd not taken two days off this week I'd have been much higher


                                5.5 miles on tm this morning.  mixed things up.  5 minutes at 5.0 and 0% incline.  5 minutes at 4.0 starting at 6% then up 1% each minute to 10% incline.  5 minutes at 6.0 at -2% incline. I'm thinking that I'll increase 2 minutes at a time on the incline up and incline down.


                                Funny, I always thought the F in TTFN stood for "for".


                                I do buy bagged salad at times. or in plastic containers.  My mom used to wash the leaves then lay them out on a towel and wrap it up jellyroll style.  Can't remember how fresh it stayed.. we seemed to go through it quickly.