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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 5 miles with 5 pickups at ATB race pace, on the TM wearing my new shoes.


    TR - ate a ton of tofu at dinner last night. It was the first time he'd eaten anything protein in MONTHS. I had shredded some broccoli very fine into the noodles, so I'm sure he ate at least 1 molecule of veggies.  It was a very good eating day for him.


    FR - chicken pie, salad.


    sort of RR - I went to physio last week, but I think I have to go again, I somehow strained the big muscle under my thumb (google says it is called the abductor pollicis brevis) and I can't even play piano without pain.  Also my SI joints are killing me.  And my calves are really tight too.


    NRR - today is 10 business days from when inknburn was shipped.  Apparently you can't run a trace on the package until after 10 days, but the inknburn lady is busy tomorrow and can't run a trace until Thursday.  So if I don't get it today, emergency lulu trip tomorrow.

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    running eh

      Zorbs - hope your stuff comes today - YIKES!  Can you get in to physio yet this week?  Yay on good eats for B.  Hope your run is good.


      RR - ST @ gym


      NRR - groceries - back to healthier eating, so the bill should be HUGE!


      FR - ribs, potatoes, broccoli (not as healthy, but I bought them a while ago and they need to get eaten, should be delish!)


      KR - DD1 is back to school today after a week and a half Spring Break - kind of sad.


      Bad Ass Mother Runner

        Zorbs - I bet the inkNburn stuff is with Canada post now. They are so slow!! I forgot about piano, cause I was initially thinking why does she care if her thumb is injured, you dont need your thumb to run! My elbow still bothers me but I can't be bothered to spend money to fix it.


        Rr - ran 5k yesterday, fast-ish! Ran it in 25:40! I ran the first km easy, then starred to pick up the pace and ran the last 3 km's at or below a 5:00/km pace. This is nowhere near my PR times but it is back close to my old PR's that I used to be steady around.


        TR - didn't get to play at the beach yesterday as it started pouring rain and thunder storming when we got there. We are hoping for better weather today but have the science center as a backup plan. It gets some mixed reviews but there aren't a lot of indoor activities to do in Florida.


        BR - so laid back! She isn't napping or sleeping like she should but is still so happy and easy going, and charms everyone we meet.


        FR - had leftover corned beef and cabbage last night. Mmm it was good. Not sure what my mom has planned toNight. I think we need to get meat. I'd love more seafood.


        NrR - last day! We fly home tomorrow. I'm looking forward to being home. It's been fun and the weather especially has been great but I miss my space and having a car, and my dh.


        That took forever as M was up at 5:30 and is cranky!!

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        Bad Ass Mother Runner

          R-eh - mmmmm ribs!! Nice to see you back posting, we've missed you!


          bermy - yesterday and today the high has been 28C (82 F) but its been overcast and yesterday was rainy.

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            RR: it snowed over night, so a slushy snowy 6-7 today for me. Glad I did my hill repeats yesterday.


            TR: is getting so tall! He can't wear 18 month pants bc they're too short, but a lot of the 24 month/2T size pants are too big in the waist. He's drinking my coffee right now. Ha.


            NRR: snowy day, might go out and play in it this afternoon


            zorbs: yay for race week! Hope the new shoes work out well for you. So glad B is eating better. R is starting to get picky...


            r-eh: have a great ST workout! Do you ST with anyone? Yeah, it really bugs me that its so expensive to eat healthy!


            CA: nice job on your run!!! Enjoy your last day in FL, so glad O has been so chill.

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              Zorbs - I hope the new shoes work out for you.  Yay for B getting some protein and veggies.  I hope you can get some relief for your thumb and that you inknburn stuff shows up.


              eh! - Wow...I want a week and a half spring break!  Did she have a good time off of school?  Enjoy your STing at the gym and I hope you don't spend too much at the grocery store.  It stinks that all the healthy stuff has to cost so much.


              CA - I hope you guys get to play at the beach today!  You have been doing all kinds of fun activities.  Great job on the fast 5K!  Enjoy your last day in FL and soak up the sun and warm weather...it is not nice the further north you goSad  Sorry M is cranky today...maybe a nap is in order!


              rg - Have a good snowy run and enjoy playing in it with R.  J has the same problem with pants....they are always too short but too big everywhere else.


              RR - NADA...AGAINSad  My legs are itching to run but there is no way to make it work.


              TR - Had a better night with less coughing.  Was up for the day a little after 5.  He whined a few times last night because we have motion sensor lights on our back deck which is right outside J's window...well they kept coming on due to the windy and snow...ugh.  Was a hot mess for me for the first 10 minutes he was home after daycare.  He just cried for 10 min straight...so I shoved his binky in and he calmed down and started eating.  No idea why he gets like that.


              NRR - Dr. appt today after work which means no run...if it were not snowing and 18 I would take J out in the stroller afterward but that will not happen.


              FR - So I froze a beefroast, carrots, and garlic in a bag 3 weeks ago...how long do you think it will be good for?  I don't want to cook it when DH is not here and he isn't here for the next 3 weeksSad  Well...he is here on the weekend but we already have dinner plans this weekend.  Next weekend we are gone to Florida.


                Jen: hope the dr apt goes well today! I think most freezer stuff is good for 6 months? Sorry about the rest day, hope your run tomorrow is awesome!

                 5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                  RR - 6 x 400m intervals. We got some snow last night, but not all that much, so the roads should be clear. Core workout later.


                  TR - She was being a whiny pants while I was trying to make dinner last night, until I gave her the mascarpone cheese covered spoon to lick. Then it was pure bliss.


                  FR - Sweet and sour chicken and veggies on rice.


                  NRR - Target opens here today! (well, half an hour from me). I will be headed that way for grocery shopping later so I may have to check it out if time permits. I am not going to get too excited in case it sucks compared to Target in the US.




                  zorbs - That thumb injury sounds awfully painful. Hope you can make it to physio and get everything straightened out. Ugh, I can't believe your Inknburn package has still not arrived! Good thing you have a lulu nearby.


                  eh - Your dinner sounds yummy! I haven't had ribs since the summer. Hope DD1 has a good first day back to school after break. Spring break sure wasn't too springlike this year. March was so warm last year!


                  CA - Do you have a 5k race coming up? You might be pleasantly surprised to find how fast you are in a race if you ran that fast in training, especially in the Florida heat. I hope you get some good weather for your last day in FL!


                  rg - S is a coffee fiend, too! She kept trying to get into my coffee mug, so I gave her a sip, thinking she would think it was nasty and leave me alone, but it totally backfired on me because she LOVED it. Hope it's not too snowy and slushy out there for your run today - and I really hope that was the last hurrah of winter and spring is on its way!

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                    RR - got in 6 on the TM yesterday, hoping for 5 outside when my mom comes over.. it's really windy now but hope it dies down a bit soon..


                    BR - wanted to cuddle this morning after she woke... odd, since she rarely sits still anymore... it was nice.  Started wandering around the house on her own yesterday.  I spent part of the day trying to get her to walk to me (like, maybe 10 steps) and she was too scared, but DH came home and suddenly she was walking on her own all over!


                    BR2 - been almost a week since  last nursed and my one side is still feeling full and leaked this morning...



                    zorbs - yay on B eating protein and veggies!


                    rg - ha cute on the coffee.. neither DH nor I drink coffee, but he tried to give C a sip of beer once...


                    ernie - Target opens here today too!  I don't plan on going until later though... I know it'll be a zoo!


                    ca - nice run yesterday!  hope you enjoy the the last day of vacation!


                    jen - sorry about not getting to run, but  hope your doc apt goes well today!


                    Bad Ass Mother Runner

                      RG - Maiya has to wear adjustable pants because her waist is small compared to her height. I remember that age where Maiya suddenly could reach things on the island!

                      Jen - doesn't look like we're going to see the sun today Sad where in FL are you going? I'd say the roast is good for at least 6 mos especially if you have a deep freezer. And the only problem will be flavor if you left it too long, I don't think it would be dangerous to eat.

                      Ernie - I think our Targets are open also. I'm curious to see if they are the same as the US also. I don't know if I should buy some more kids clothes there or if ill just be hauling a bunch of stuff that I could buy at home in 2 days. Just half marathons coming up. I need to avoid short races when I'm training because I always injure myself running them.

                      Cx2 - what did she think of the beer. I'm always tempted but am afraid that M will love it and we'll have a monster on our hands. Hope the wind dies down for your run!!

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                        Hi ladies! Just wanted to let you know that we are alive and kicking or more like alive and barely holding on.  The stomach virus hit the whole family on Saturday. Between running to the bathroom and holding puke bowls I thought to myself that this must be what hell is like: a family of 5 all with a stomach virus at the same time.  Dr said this virus lasts 5 days and we are on day 4 (dd1 on day 5) so hopefully it is over soon...


                          ernie - Woooo...I hope Target is great!!  I hope the roads are clear for your run.  Too funny about S being whiney until she got the cheesy spoon.  Food makes everyone happy!


                          CTimes - Yay for C walking all over once DH was home.  I hope the wind dies and you get a good run in.  It is super windy here too...not fun.


                          CA - We are headed to Orlando in 11 days!!  DH's grandma is in a nursing home down there and she just turned 90.  We are going to visit and introduce her to J as well as relax and go to Sea World!


                          mrszm - YUCK to the stomach bug.  I hope by now you are all on the mend.  How is everyone doing today?  My coworkers kids had it too but her daughter had it for 5 days her son for 2 weeks!!  She said it was just kept coming...she did not get it thank god.


                          beskirted & manicured

                            r-eh - I got an appointment for physio at 10:15 this morning. 1.5 weeks is sort of a weird length for spring break? Are you in my neighbourhood any time soon?


                            CA - it is the thumb on my left (dominant) hand, and I can't pick anything up or do any kind of squeezing motion without pain.


                            rg - B has a ton of pants that probably fit in the legs but are huge in the waist.  Wish people would stop buying him pants without the adjustable waist!


                            jen - frozen stuff will be good for ages, unless it gets freezerburnt.


                            ernie - one of the 2 Targets in Burlington is opening today as well, but I'd rather wait until the initial hubbub dies down..I remember when the little Wal-Mart opened in Newmarket in the late 90's and everyone was all crazy shopping there for awhile. B wanted some of my wine on Sunday night, "JUICE, MOMMY!" had to keep repeating that it was Mommy Juice.


                            cx2 - I could squeeze 1 drop out every once in awhile for a full 2 years after I stopped BF.


                            mrszm - ugh, I hope everyone has a quick recovery!

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                              hello supermoms!  we are back from vacation and my internet is finally back up.  It was down for 1.5 weeks, I was dying!


                              RR - tennis clinic this morning then hoping for a run afterwards.  ran quite a bit (for me) last week on vaca, and my running felt really really good since I hadn't run that much the week before due to the shin splints I was having.  I can't really feel them anymore, sometimes I think I can but it's so minor I wonder if it's in my head.


                              BR - such a character and really enjoyed the beach.  would go up to people sitting near us and play with their toys and play with other kids, it was so cute.  Made friends with a 6 year old boy.


                              FR - italian sausage soup with tortellini last night and was hoping for leftovers tonight but there's not enough for all of us so need to come up with plan B.


                              NRR - I woke up the last 2 mornings with a bad sore throat.  Ugh.  My mom is still here and I'm holding her hostage for now.  Smile  I think she'll go home next week, flights are just outrageously expensive so I haven't bought anything yet.  My dad may end up driving down to get her.


                              zorbs - ouch on your thumb!  hope the physio helps.  I also hope your inknburn stuff comes!!  wonder why it's taking so long?


                              eh - hope your grocery bill isn't too horrible Smile


                              CA - so nice that your paces are coming back!  Enjoy your last day in FL, I know what you mean about getting home.


                              rg - I will be glad when it's shorts weather for the same reason - L's pants are a little too short on him!


                              jen - tomorrow will be your running day!  Good luck at the dr. appt today.  I usually figure 3-6 months for freezer stuff.


                              ernie - hope the roads are good for you.  yay for Target - I hope it's awesome!


                              cx2 - I love the snuggles, they are so rare I take them when I can get them.


                              mrszm - oh man I'm sorry you are all so sick.  I still don't know how we were so lucky that no one got it but one of my girls.  I hope you are all feeling better soon!!


                                posted my personals late last night. Can you let me know if you check personals late?


                                RR: whatever our schedule will let me do. We are getting shutters installed throughout the house - that is not a 10min job and I am hoping the manager comes so we can shoot out for a run.


                                NRR: target run (mattress protector, sheets, loo roll). Whole foods for stuff I couldn't find in Publix and then playground. We got a chair yesterday so DH can start using his lab. It looks like a boy's den up there.


                                BR: sttn. Has a ride on digger which he sits on to do just about everything. Too cute. I actually caught him stood on it, like in a surfing position yesterday.


                                FR: made bermy curry last night. was divine. will have leftovers for lunch. I am going to work through the recipe book again. So tonight's is mozzarella home made pizza. I am going to make the ww dough this afternoon.

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