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Tomato Tuesday (Over 40) (Read 21 times)


Mighty Mouse

    Tomatoes are a favorite food. Just got some beefsteak tomatoes. yum! Big grin




    Mighty Mouse

      Monday I did 25 minutes on the track then 45 minutes of cardio DVD at home.

      Today will be a track run and cardio DVD. Weather is improving finally.  Spring green buds and leaves with fruit trees blooming. Smile

      Happy runs, All!   :::HUGS:::



        Good morning,


        3 miles this morning, pleasant morning, felt good.


        Karen and Lisa...I guess I didn't realize that you were both doing the NJ marathon...neat shirts, wish Cleveland would do that!


        Gotta go get ready for work, be back later.





        6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

        Bad Ass

          Morning!  6 miles tonight.


          Tessa, great RR.  Thanks for sharing.  I would love to do a 50 miler one day.  Wait, who said that?


          judyruns, I love tomatoes too! Enjoy the track workout and the cardio DVD.


          Ginny, nice 3.


          Have a great day.  Still trying to catch up on the weekend thread so I'll come back with more comments later.



          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

            Good morning!  Trying to get online here on a regular basis.  Classes are almost over so perhaps finally I will be able to do so.  Its been a long year - being the lead faculty for our senior design class (on top of regular teaching) has kicked my butt.  Forty two students, 6 design teams, 14 professionals, another 13 that helped with practice presentations, 6 consulting faculty.  Its like running my only consulting firm except the pay sucks by comparison. Oh well.  For the most part, its gone well - well the real test is on Friday at Design Day.  Last meeting with the entire class is today.

            Nothing much else happening.  Running. Still.  Biking and swimming a lot more - trying to keep this hip flexor behaving.  Hopefully, when classes are out I can get back to yoga more. And strength training.  I need to start hills to get in shape for Philmont next summer.  Philmont as in the scout camp in New Mexico.  Heading there with my son for a backpacking trip.  11-12 of backpacking +/- 10000 ft (or more of elevation change).  70-90 miles of hiking. Haven't figured out if I'm nuts or what. 

            Ran a HM on Sunday. I ran with a friend.  Goal was to help her pr.  She typically runs a HM in about 2:50-3:00.  I figured it would be more fun to run with her and support her.  After what happened in Boston, I felt no need to attempt to pr when I hadn't trained well and just wanted to enjoy the race and the people I was with.  So I ran with DF.  She didn't pr as she was having problems with her asthma and runny nose - but we had a great run.  We both ran 2:58:23 although she almost beat me in. As we got to the finish line, I turned to say hi to DH and DS and she sprinted ahead... Wait... I ran with you for 13.1 miles and now you're going to spint ahead of me... LOL... NO WAY.  But at the same time I didn't want to finish before her, so we came in together!  Despite the cold temperatures (28 at the start), it was sunny, there was little wind, and great crowd support.  And we didn't get held up by the train (as some others did - which would have really sucked).  But when we got in, we were told they ran out of medals.  Yep, no medals.  Supposed to be mailed to us some time.  The day before when we went to pick up our race packets (at 3 pm) we were told no more small technical shirts.  Really!  Yes, really!   Supposedly those will come in mail too.

            Not sure if this will work... but here are the photos DH and DS took. (I had asked them to be on the course cheering me on for my birthday present.  They must have been at five or more locations along the course. Made my day!)  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152738972940293.1073741827.528045292&type=3

            Well need to get moving... but before I head out...

            just wanted to say hi to Judy, yes, I'm still around and still running.  Good luck on the track run and workout.

            Ginny, nice job getting out early this am.  Are you running Cleveland this year?

            Hi Damaris, good to see you over here too!  (I see Damaris over on the FB Begineers forum).


            LC Runs

              Morning Everyone!


              3.5 on TM this morning/weights.  Will try and run a couple of miles this evening though it's supposed to start raining again, ugh.


              Judy - I love tomatoes too.  Nice workouts Smile


              Ginny - nice 3


              Damaris - have a good 6 tonight


              Susan - I remember when I went to MSU classes went until late May or early June, back when they were on the trimester system.  Great job at the half, I have that race on my bucket list!


                Susan, great to see you!  Nice of you to run with your friend.  Bummer that they were out of medals.

                Docket, congrats on the ultra! I'll save the report for tomorrow morning's coffee time.  : )

                Tessa, great report!  I'd love to have a report by you or Lisa to read every morning.  : )  I would hate seeing the rattlesnake. I'd worry the rest of the race. I think that's a great time for a 50 mile race.  Congrats on AG win!  I'm amazed you did it, too!

                Lisa, your poor lt. knee -"screaming like a banshee" Sad .  I hope the blisters are better, too. Impressive that you finished.

                Laura, glad you got nice weather!  GMA was just reporting on the flooding in the Midwest...wow.

                 Julie, great looking group of runners! Looks like the group is still growing.  Very nice you did the Boston run.

                Cindy, your friend's time on that hilly course is really impressive!  How fast does she run a flat one? Interesting about the traffic.  DD and I parked at her building about 6:30 as they suggested and there was NO traffic.  We were very sorry we'd gone so early and thought we'd go much later next year.

                Carol, I agree that you'll get in some fun cross training with Aly. Enjoy!

                 Karen, I don't blame you for wanting a cut back on miles.  You'll rock the race though!

                Sue, a floral dress sounds perfect for a wedding in Hawaii.

                Fran, you're doing great!

                HI Judy and Ginny!


                Thanks for all the comments on the dresses.  I'd looked a little online, saw a couple I liked and on a closer look, they were Royal Robbins, which is also sold by REI. Smile     Much more my usual style!   It's a nontraditional wedding, so it's a little hard to figure it out.  It's really a two day (mostly casual) party for her/their friends over Memorial Day weekend.  Most of her close high school and college friends are coming. Since they are scattered across the country, it's prob the last time I'll see most of them so I'm really looking forward to it. They are such great kids.

                I have 5 scheduled for the day including 8x90 intervals.

                Have a great day!

                Tar Heel Mom

                "When I'm 63!"

                  Good morning. 4.6 easy miles. Still in recovery mode.


                  Tessa, what a great RR! As always, your memory for the details amazes me. And your recovery from a 50-miler amazes me, too.


                  Judy, oh, summer tomatoes! The best, I really can't wait, but I don't have a yard anymore, so I don't grow them. Plus DS2 use to help me take care of them and he is in school.


                  Susan, that link to the pictures worked fine. They came out great. Nice of you to stay with your friend the whole way.


                  I hope everybody has a happy day. We are packing and getting ready to move Thursday. I think we are unplugging this computer tonight because the consignment place is coming to get this desk tomorrow, the day before we move the stuff we are keeping in the new place. I am getting a new desk, but I haven't bought it yet!



                  Anonymous Guest




                    I have 6 x 1 mile on the schedule tonight, but I'm thinking about blowing it off completely and taking a rest day. Some residual aches and pains from Sunday's race. And as one person on facebook pointed out, I did run 1 x 6 miles on Sunday. I have a rest day scheduled for tomorrow and may just take it today.


                    So I'm kinda kicking myself for not doing the duathlon I was originally planning on doing this past Saturday. I let myself think that I wouldn't be able to do well since I hadn't spent much time on the bike. Looking at the results I would have done fine. Oh well, I probably wouldn't have done as well on Sunday if I'd raced on Saturday too. But it has definitely strengthened my resolve to get out there more on the bike and also to do some dus and tris. I haven't been swimming in ages, but am starting up again next week. And since I've got two marathons shortly after my goal marathon in a week and a half, I plan to ride my bike a lot between NJ and the next two. From everything I've seen and heard, you don't have to be a superstar swimmer or cyclist to do decent if you're a good runner.


                    Posted in facebook, but for those not on there, NJ is selling shirts that I love:


                    I ordered one to wear for the marathon. Cost is $26.20, with 26.2% of the price going to the Boston fund. I went with the singlet over the short sleeve because sometimes the short sleeve shirts have necklines that bother me (I wish they made a v neck). They didn't have XS, so I just hope that it doesn't look too bad now that I have no boobs at all.


                    Ginny, Cleveland may yet do something. I just saw Flying Pig is doing a shirt, and several other marathons are doing ribbons or shirts or stickers on bibs or something.


                    Good to see you Susan! Hope life calms down enough to get you back here regularly, but not so much that you'll be bored. You seem to thrive just on the edge of "too much". Can't really see you sitting around watching TV and eating bonbons.


                    Good luck with the move Amy! So glad you're getting out of the rental.


                    camille, the wedding sounds like it will be a blast. I think a not-as-traditional mother of the bride dress would be the better option. I am a sucker for dresses sold at places like REI, Title Nine, Athleta, etc.


                    Damaris, hope you get the run in and it goes well. What's next on your race calendar?


                    Laura, not more rain! You guys need a stretch of good weather. Good that you got a few miles in this morning, hope you are able to get a few more in tonight.


                    Having a nice stress-free few days at work since boss is out of town. Nice and quiet and free of stupid.


                    Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                    Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                      Hey ladies, any of you interested in joining up and forming a team? We could make this a RWOL FE. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151440198911849&set=a.392787846848.157723.97919186848&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf


                      Back later after a stack of meetings.  Should be reviewing a paper but its more fun to be online.


                      Run to live; live to run

                        10.7 for me. We are at the airport waiting on the flight to dads.


                        Judy I like tomatoes. Wished they liked me.


                        Laura nice tempo run yesterday.  And great run today.


                        Hiya D


                        Camille non traditional weddings are great. Dads wedding is growing. Now 130 guests!  WTH!  I have gotten roped into the reception planning but I'm very organized so it is done. I have to order a few more things as they upped the table count.   Her daughter is helping too. I picked the favors, the guest book, the disposable cameras and the center pieces. She made one change o he center pieces but otherwise it is done. We were going to do a special cake for dad since he is diabetic. But now I don't know. Since he is going to be out of his house before the wedding  it makes it hard for me to decorate it. They already have a traditional cake that her daughters friend is making. But he can't have it. So we shall see.


                        Ginny boo to having to go to work.


                        I'm not amused with the weather the rest of this week in Detroit. Yuck.


                        Susan I saw on your wall the tuff bout the shirts. Crazy. Glad the hip/leg held up for the run


                        Karen what a cool shirt.


                        Amy I know you will be happy to be out if the rental.




                          Marjorie, maybe order a diabetic friendly cake? Those are difficult to pull off at home. Alternatively, you could put little figures on top of a zucchini or something...Wink


                          Judy, I need ot plant tomatoes, glad you found some good ones.


                          Susan, good to "see" you -- what event are you suggesting? There is an FE in June at Hatfield-McCoy if youare free on the 8th...


                          and how annoying of someone to sprint ahead when you had run with her the whole race!


                          Damaris, you could do a 50...


                          Camille, believe me, I was watching for snakes the whole rest of the race. That scared me!


                          Amy, good luck with the move, hope it goes smoothly. Re the tomatoes, farmers' markets usually have tasty ones, I'm sure you know that.


                          Laura, hope it does not rain this evening for your run. You're doing doubles?


                          Karen, that shirt looks cool. I don't know what if anything Lincoln is doing.


                          4 this morning with running neighbour, she wanted to know all about the race since she is doing her first 50 miler this Saturday. Just about recovered, except for a couple of blisters -- nothing like Lisa's -- Achilles is not grumbling any more and quads are past the "hey, we are here, are you trying that again?" stage.


                          And the results are up and there was only one woman in 40-49 ahead of me (and she won outright!) and one I passed on the last out-back was in the same AG, I'm gratified!


                          Happy runs!


                          Run to live; live to run

                            Tessa I was ordering the cake. It comes unfrosted. I had the decorations etc all planned. It was small bundt type cake. We were calling it the grooms cake. So we will see.



                              Quick note to say Hi and encouragement Smile


                              It's my "Lite" day so I just did a

                              :20 walk-only


                              I was doing 3 days a week....now I am increasing to 5 days a week so I just am doing a walk-only on those two new days until they build up to something with the substance of a Lite Day in a few months.


                              I enjoyed reading the race reports and hearing about your training.


                              My day is calling me.  See you tomorrow!




                                Here's what I was thinking.  Not sure if you can open this or not.  Let me know either way.  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151440198911849&set=a.392787846848.157723.97919186848&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf</h5>

                                I still want to come down for the Hatfield/McCoy race. Just waiting to see what happens with final exams for my son and the end of their school year.  Is anyone else from MI going? 

                                Ok. Back to work... Got to finish this review today.  Back later for personals, hopefully.