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Cupcake Connoisseur

    Starting today off with a funny!


    November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

    April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2


    Cupcake Connoisseur

      Yaaaayyyyy for rest day!!! 9 hours of sleep!! 


      I kept waking up between 4-5:45 - my body is just used to waking up at that time - but easily fell back to sleep. Usually when I get crap sleep it doesn't hit me until a few days later..probably tomorrow before my LR. 


      I had one of those mornings where I couldn't find what to wear (Sandy, I was trying to remember what you call those days). Its cold but I was trying to avoid wearing boots the day before a big run - so I tried on a bunch of skirts with tights. Nope. All too big! Which was nice of course but I was like WTF. I went with pants and flats. I noticed my pants were big yesterday but I attributed that to not putting them in the dryer. 


      I have a day full of meetings. I am ready for this week to be over. I am ready for this LR tomorrow to be DONNNEEE. Excited that it is the last one before taper! WOOHOOO.



      Diane – Oh man I can see how you are exhausted. But it really is good idea to learn the various departments! Smile Hang in there!


      Lisa – Wow – I wouldn’t want to get that kind of recommendation. I would feel like that basically said – I work hard but kinda dumb. At least she was honest!


      Docket – YAY FOR BUGSY!!!!


      Run4kupcakes – Are you getting frozen crap this weekend too? We are in for rain. Tired of the rain!! Nice workout! OHHH I did NOT think of lack of sleep causing cramps. Interesting.


      Laura - Hope you are hanging in there at work!



      Happy Thursday!


      November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

      April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

        Heading to Chicago for work today and coming back tomorrow night. Saturday going to drive down to Indy to visit DD (she made the Deans List!). She asked if I would come down to visit and I won’t pass that up. Hopefully I’ll get a run in before leaving but might be snowshoes since we are getting 5-9 inches of snow.


        damaris- great news on Bugsy!!



        1-27 Piney Woods 50k TX; 2-24 Antelope Canyon 50M AZ; 4-21 Big Turtle 50k KY; 4-28 The Trail 50k MI; 5-28 Pinelands 50k ME; 6-16 Mohican 26.2 OH; 7-14 Missoula 26.2 MT; 8-25 North Country 26.2 & 13.1 MI; 9-7 RunWoodstock 100k MI; 12-8 Brazos Bend pace/crew Karen to 100 miles TX


        2019: 2-16 Cross Timbers 50 mile TX; 4-28 The Trail Half MI; 4-29 Glass City Marathon OH; 5-4 Twilight Zone 24 hour MI; 8-24 North Country 26.2 & 13.1 MI; 9-7 Run Woodstock 100m MI; 9-28 Bear Lake 24 hour MI; 10-29 Javelina Jundred 50k AZ

          Bag monster won this morning. Back is a little better.  I've been sitting 20 minutes at the office---need to stand.  Maybe part of my problem is this chair??  Anyway, I'm not worse, maybe a little better.  I am sore but moving, so I take that as a win.


          Yay!! Damaris, good report on the kitty!


          DS2 and his GF are coming home tomorrow for a Mardi Gras ball and the parade.  Idk if she has ever been to Mardi Gras festivities, so she will enjoy it.  Over due house cleaning session tonight!


          Have a great day!!


          Mighty Mouse

            Tuesday it had snowed so I ran here at home for 40 minutes.

            Today I may do an early gym run, then off to get hair cut & color. Since I haven’t been out in the sun, my dark roots are really showing. The sun does a great job of keeping the hair blonde. 

            Safe and happy runs, All! 


              LOL on the thread title, Lizzie!  7mi with fastie in 4*.  No wind so wasn't horrible.  Roads are also mostly clear.  Only thing that froze were eyelashes.  Felt good to get out there but man I feel out of shape and behind on training.  Nothing to do but keep plugging along, I guess.  Already know I'm skipping another long run this weekend as it's still going to be frigid and I'm no Damaris.  Since it's going to be so cold I'm headed up to Fargo to watch my 12 year niece play basketball.  I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving (the Bis family).  Will then spend Sat night at their cabin and come home Sunday.  Did some googling and the school the basketball tournament is at has an indoor track - 9 laps to a mile.  There will be a few hour break between games so I'm bringing running gear and hope I can motivate to put some miles in.  Though I already know it will be hard to resist lunch and beer.  If my sister wasn't laid up with her recent knee surgery, I know I could talk her in to walking laps while I ran but no such luck.  Winter Olympics start today!  Yay!


              HCK - ugh on the frozen crap.  Nice spin and weights.  Do you have all that at home?  My booty is sore from spin yesterday haha


              Damaris - oh that made me soooo happy to read about Bugsy!  Nice job getting the miles in with work travel.  And, at all hours!!


              Lisa - LOL  yep, works hard but kinda dumb.  No thanks.  Safe travels!  Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck on the 5-9  Enough of the white stuff already.  Huge congrats to DD!  Super impressive.  How do you like your condo?  And did it really come with a cat?


              Karen - nice run yesterday - glad you are feeling almost back to normal.  And you crack me up how you get excited when DH goes into the office hee hee.  Is it daycare/de-fur day today?  Oh yes, I thought the This Is Us episode for this week was more sad than the Super Bowl one.  LOL on the shit's on fire!!  hahaha


              Lizzie - yep, ran my first marathon in a white turtleneck. But no puffy vest LOL   It was cold!  Chicago Oct 1999  Khalid Khannouchi set the world record (at the time) and I was barely through the half haha  Hooray for rest day!  Clothes attack - oh no.  Ummmmmmm I coulda told you you were losing weight when you mentioned the bra issue the other weekend.  Boobs are the first to shrink since they are pure fat IMO haha.  Hope your day goes fast and you get to bed early for the last big run for you!  Super excited!  Oh - the Febreeze...  I had a conversation with a coworker that also noticed the stench.  Apparently he stunk up the entire conference room during a meeting.  She thinks it might be his shoes.  I showed her where I have the Febreeze and that she should feel free to fumigate since she works later.  I'm seriously going to say something next week if it continues.  It smells like he has a dead mouse in his pocket.


              Kat - yuck on the side effects.  Hope you got the new stuff and are feeling better!


              More later...

              Glass City Marathon 4/28/2019

                Ugh!  We had an IT contractor who smelled so bad--the whole office reeked after he came in.  We did not renew his contract bc he smelled so bad!!!


                QOTD--Do y'all retain water after a long run???  I gained 5.5 lbs last weekend!!  I raced Saturday, and I know I did not eat an additional 5 lbs of food during the Superbowl!  Took four days to return to normal. I'm going to try to eliminate snack food (my guilty pleasure) from my diet and see if that helps. I was so bloated this week!! Good thing my weight is finally returning to normal, I'm out of stretchy pants!!  I'm always a pound or two up the day after my long run on Sunday, but this week was just awful.  I wonder if the inflammation in my lower back is part of this also??




                  OMG Lisa ROFLMAO over the "lacking critical thinking skills"  I believe that entire reference fits me to a tee at the tail end of 50k's  and definitely the Hawk...I needed that laugh today.


                  Back in the office....have a ton to catch up on but I also have a hearing doc appointment at 2 today.  It was certainly interesting in the Vault.  Next week are other departments.  This will probably take about 6 weeks to cover them all.


                  Cupcakes, we are having 2 nice days...upper 50's then the bottom falls out again late Fri and it's a crap fest all day Sat and not too much better on Sun.  We at least get breaks in our crappy weather...sure do miss summer.


                  Damaris I was so happy to see Bugsy's status.  How is DH holding up?  How is your mom, any word?  I've basically missed the last few days and don't have time to go through the posts...sorry.


                  Lisa, congrats to your daughter.  I was so proud of mine when she got hers and she was in the gifted classes.  I've heard that your DD's school is hard to get into so doubly impressive.  Have fun with her.


                  Sue, I've spent the past three days doing a lot of standing and I can tell it as my back hurts so I need to get my butt out of this chair and the one at home much more often.  I have been reminded I have a weak core.


                  Hi Judy, enjoy the cut and color.


                  Oh my Sandy, don't think I'd like frozen eyelashes...I can't stand going out to start my car in 22 degree weather.  You rock!  I've been basically having nothing but TURDS for the last 3 days which means running (walking) Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun to get my 26 miles in.  Tired thinking about it...lol.


                  Hi everyone!

                  Bravos Bend 50 - Dec 8



                  Prairie Spirit 50k - Mar 30

                  Possums Revenge 56k May 25


                    Sue....I bloat terribly after a long run, terrible!  I always look and feel like I downed a gallon of water all at once!


                    Lizzie....I hate " I don't know what to wear"  work days!  Or, you actually did know what you were going to wear and you put it on and it makes you look and feel like crap!  That's even worse, cause then you have to start all over.  Right now I am so tired of wearing boots and black!


                    Lisa...have a good time in Chicago, even though it is work , and enjoy your weekend with Kaite!  Congratulations to her on making the Dean's List!


                    Damaris....so happy for you and Bugsy!


                    Sandy...I will be watching DG in basketball this weekend too.


                    Karen....happy you got a good run in and that you are feeling better.  I would love a thunderstorm right about now, that would mean it was semi-warm outside.  Not sure about the good shape I am in, but I was able to flip that tire!


                    3 miles this morning at Planet Fitness, felt good.





                    6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

                    Running with the Turtles

                      So today I am happy that I got to work without being in an accident!  I dropped DD off at school and was driving down the street, there was a car stopped at a cross street on my right, waiting to turn left onto my street.  Right when I reached the intersection (I had no stop sign) she pulled out and turned in front of me.  I slammed on my brakes.  Luckily the roads were not icy.  She was completely focused on looking to her right and she did not even glance in my direction.  A few more seconds and I would have been in her path!  I didn't even have time to honk at her!  


                      Lizzie, glad you caught up on your sleep!  Huh, you think maybe your clothes are too big because you are running like a million miles?    Yay for the last long run!  I can't believe you are about to complete another marathon training cycle.  You rock!  We got about 6 inches of snow over 3 snowfalls since the weekend.  There's another storm coming tonight, it's supposed to bring another 5-8 inches through tomorrow night.  Fun!   Haha, yeah, I used to hate running!  I told you that DH used to laugh at my running form?  I got out the inline skates to go to the roller rink with DD last year.  I haven't done it outside in awhile.  I used to love it, I did two inline skating marathons!


                      Lisa, congrats to DD!  Nice that you had an honest "recommendation".  It seems that sometimes people are reluctant to be honest.  Particularly HR people.  


                      Sandy, nice run!  You are doing great training in the Bold North.    Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned!  Ha, hope the Febreeze gets some use.  Stinky shoes are the worst.  Maybe leave a package of those "shoe balls" in his workspace?


                      Sue, I retain water at certain times of the month.   I guess I don't really notice it after a long run.  It makes sense that your body would do that though, it you become somewhat dehydrated during your run.  If your snack foods are salty that could make things worse.


                      Kupcakes, hope the foot is better!


                      Damaris, great news about Bugsy!  Great job getting the TM run done!


                      Diane, the Casino work sounds like it could be interesting.  Though the off shifts don't sound fun!


                      Karen, glad you are feeling back to normal!  You don't have a hair dryer?


                      Kat, ugh on the med mixup.  I hope you are feeling better!




                      WINE o'clock somewhere!

                        Hey Ho, Hey Ho!


                        Back to normal!  (Took my old meds, I have 3 days worth stashed in my purse.)


                        Lizzie, your stuff is too big because you rock out the miles!!  Great job.


                        Lisa, safe trip to Chicago and Indy.  Congrats to DD!!!!


                        Sue, glad the back is a touch better.  I have never been to Mardi Gras, too many people.  My fingers get fat running long distances, but I don't own a scale, so I don't know about retention/weight.


                        Judy, enjoy your hair appointment.


                        Sandy, you are a better runner than me, 9 laps to a mile, shudder.  Not an Olympics kinda gal.  Plus it takes TIU off for what, 3 weeks?


                        Diane, 6 weeks of other departments, yuck.  Unless you are enjoying it!


                        Ginny, glad you got some miles in the morning! Sweet they felt good!!


                        Cathy, phew on avoiding the accident.  Those are always scary.  TX drivers SUCK!  It is really bad down here, you have to watch everyone like a hawk.


                        Damaris, wahoo on Bugsy.  Great news.


                        Karen, I OWN a hair dryer, but have used it maybe twice in the past 10 yrs.  I remember in college we had a 1/4 mile walk from the dorms to the academic buildings and my hair would be frozen by the time I got there in those lovely NY winters.


                        Like I said, I feel totally normal today with the old formulation.  Now I just need the damned Dr. to call me back.  Irked as a negative drug reaction should be priority (not emergency though) when I MUST take it every day.  Just called the office, he apparently called in the right Rx an hour ago which I hope to be able to pick up today.  It is a mile from my work today, otherwise I have to drive across town on Saturday.


                        Since I felt like a normal human being today, I got a short and COLD run in.  Geez ladies, I froze my tush off and it is 40 out.  Tights, LS shirt, jacket.  At least when the sun came out it is better.  Shade and wind, brrrrrr.   Oh boy, Antelope is gonna be a huge challenge...  My own damned fault.


                        Happy Thursday all.




                        Wild Hare 50K Nov 17th - TX

                        Brazos Bend 50M December 9th - TX

                        Bandera 50K January 5th - TX

                        Bad Ass

                          Morning!  RD as I travel back home today.


                          Lizzie, welcome to my life.  I wake up like 30 times throughout the night.


                          Lisa, enjoy Chicago.


                          Susan, glad the back is better.


                          Diane, hiya!


                          Ginny, nice 3.


                          Cathy, glad the traffic wasn't too bad.


                          Kat, glad you are feeling better.



                          Finding my Fuck Yeah moment in 3, 2, 1....


                            Hehe, nice thread title....


                            As you can suspect, it's still extremely busy on this side of Atlantic Ocean, but things have calmed down a little, so I will try my best to get back here Smile


                            Two games coming up this weekend; 8.2mi today (17 degrees, lots of snow on the streets, no wind yay!) after 4 days of no running (or floorball), caused by lack of energy and/or willpower. Ooooh well...

                            My running form could be described as “drunk woman slowly being chased by no one”


                            ''Who needs quads anyway!?'' (c) Damaris


                            Cupcake Connoisseur

                              OMG today has been hell. What is it with this week?! AHHHHHHHH!



                              Lisa – Safe travels to Chicago! That is a quick turnaround. Have fun at DD’s and congrats to her on making the Deans List! Wow! What is she majoring in?


                              Susan – Enjoy your time with DS2 and his GF! Yes – I always retain water after a long run or a race. It usually lasts 5-6 days for me! I have to drink a TON of water to get it back to normal.


                              Judy – Enjoy your gym run and your hair apt!!! I have one this weekend Smile


                              Sandy – NICE run this morning!! Yes, keep plugging along. The weather will get better..at least you are more than halfway through Winter. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Awe, you are in for a fun weekend! Look at you taking running gear with you to get in a run in between games. I do not have that kind of motivation..I would choose lunch and beer haha. BUT if I was dealing with your weather lately I would probably do the same. Or I would invest in a treadmill haha. Oh on the spin classes  - I feel like my booty never gets used to that seat!!! I probably don’t do the class enough. CLOTHES ATTACK! That is what it was! I am laughing out loud at your coworker!!! Okay, so shoes can really smell up a room..but I don’t think it is the shoes if he is smelling up an entire conference room. Can you go to your boss about it??? OH speaking of that – did you talk to your boss about AZ yet?! I am also excited for the Olympics!!


                              Hi Diane!


                              Ginny – I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! I have those days a lot – where you know what you want to wear but it looks like crap. And yes – I love me some cold weather but I am getting over the dark colors. Or maybe I need to go shopping. Smile Nice job on the miles!!!


                              Cathy – WOW, that was a close call this morning. Glad you are okay and that the roads weren’t icy. Those close calls kinda rattle you the entire day. I didn’t think I would lose any weight with the increase in miles – because I increased FOOD intake haha. I feel like I eat everything. Oh wow, you are in for a lot of snow. It is supposed to rain for the next 5 days here. Can you imagine if that was snow?! Smile DH laughed at your running form!? Meanie Smile Inline skating marathons?! How does that work?! Are those 26.2 miles????


                              Kathryn – I am glad you are feeling better! Glad you were able to get a run in! You aren’t used to this cold Smile Antelope is going to be a huge challenge that you will rock. You will!!


                              Docket – Safe travels home!


                              Kilmisters - Nice miles! Good luck on the weekend games!



                              Crap, gotta go to another meeting. Talk with you ladies later!


                              November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

                              April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

                                I'm with ya on this week, Lizzie, sheesh.  It needs to end...


                                Lizzie - ummm, I am taking clothes with me but haven't opted out of lunch and beer, yet!!  The trick will be to somehow make it so I'm not starving at noon and will want to run first.  I think I'm going to approach stinky coworker directly next week.  I mean, wouldn't YOU want to know if you smelled bad enough for other's to notice?  I've said something to one of the supervisors but he ignores it.  I'm waiting until review time to talk to boss about AZ which should be end of month.  I'm kinda on his shit list in a way right now so it's best to wait.


                                Elina - SO HAPPY you can pop in and say things have calmed down a bit on your side of the pond.  No doubt it's probably still madness by other's standards.  Nice job getting out for the miles!  I'm jealous of your 18*  Good luck in the games this weekend!!


                                Damaris - ugh ugh ugh on the flight delay.  Hope you get home at a decent hour!!


                                Kat - glad you are feeling better!  Oh how I wish "cold" here was 40*.  Sigh.  Nice job getting out there!  Like Lizzie said, Antelope will be a challenge you will meet head on!!  I am bummed TIU isn't on again until the 27th.


                                Cathy - another great idea with the shoe balls!  Man, I might have to find some and just leave them on his desk.  OMG how scary with the near miss this morning!  That'll get your heart rate going.  How dumb of that person.


                                Ginny - nice miles this morning!  LOL I wear black (and tan and white) year round.  #boringbuteasy


                                Diane - glad you are back in the office today - good luck getting your miles in!


                                Sue - I don't retain too much water but I also drink a TON.  Glad the back seems like it's improving slowly but surely.


                                Come ON weekend!!

                                Glass City Marathon 4/28/2019