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Mighty Mouse

    Post. The temperature has risen some, thankfully. Smile



    Mighty Mouse

      After work yesterday I decided to do the cardio DVD for an hour instead of the track run. I needed to save a little travel time since I was going out with friends.
      Today I definitely will go to the track for a run.

      I am behind on personals and will try to do some soon. When we switched over to this forum I lost track of who a few people are.  Tight lips



      Run to live; live to run

        I just texted twin.  He never called me back and I left him a message yesterday we seriously needed to talk about dad.  You all would not  believe what he is doing and I'm highly concerned.  Let me just say he found a new "girlfriend" and wants to marry her.  I put it in quotes because they just met (and that was online) and maybe seen each other in person once (but that is sketchy).  He is being evasive on stuff and not telling me things or just lying.  Since he has told me every life detail for the last 4 years I can tell something is going on.  And just some weirdness in his tone and spending.  Yikes it is really not good.


        Tessa happy 10 years on the forum.  I can get on rwol but they changed their url around and it often errors so has to be reloaded.  I'm sad they will not address the issues.  A po'd guy is now on their pulling up old threads and cluttering stuff up.  He realized he could post and it would leave a blank spot but clutter the forums if he used a banned account.  Yesterday he was on just about every forum and messing them up.


        LisaKQ tickers aren't really controversial.  Some people don't want the pictures cluttering every post as some will then have 5 of them in their sig lines.  Tickers people use to have the little graphic to show their miles or weight loss or how old their baby is or how long until they give birth etc.  We used to have them on rwol but the spam issues took away sigs.


        Morning Judy!





          Judy - Hope you enjoyed your time out with friend!


          Marjorie - I bet you are frantic to get to the bottom of this with your father!   I hope you get ahold of your twin and get some answers.  Agree, regarding the concern.....sounds like this is very out of character for him!  I would be worried....


          Crazysue - What kind of training plan did you use for your HIM?


          KarenAG - Thanks for the advice to take it easy on the Newton's.  I will be cautious.....they are comfy and light though!!!


          Had a long work day so was dark/slippery when I got home.  Have been having some crazy insomnia so had only slept about 2 hours night before Sad   But I made myself get on DM for 4 miles, I did some hill work - felt good after....


          Back later,



          LC Runs

            Good Morning, even though it was a short work week, I am glad it's Friday Smile


            Judy - hope you had fun with your friends last night!


            Marjorie - ugh boy on the 'dad/girlfriend' situation, I hope he will come to his senses.


            Carol - nice DM workout, always better when the roads are slippery.


            I slept in this am, actually slept like a rock last night, it's been awhile.

              Good Morning!  SDO for me.  Leaving for Jackson at lunch.  MS Blues HM tomorrow.  After the expo will meet running buddy Randy and his wife Ruth for dinner.  Then back to the room to watch the Cotton Bowl.  Gig Em Aggies!  Beat the HELL OUTTA OU!


              Carol--I didn't really follow a training plan.  I just run.  Maybe that is something I need to change....


              Marjorie--I would be very concerned about Dad too.  So many people get taken by online creeps....can't be too careful.


              Have a great day!!

              Anonymous Guest


                Can't believe I never made it back on here yesterday! This being busy at work again is going to take some getting used to! Anyway, I did run 5 miles last night outside. It was just getting dark and 37 when I started, dark and 31 when I finished. Pretty nice run actually.


                Tomorrow I'm driving about an hour and a half (north of Baltimore) for a 50K. It's a fatass, but it's grown to the point that they now have fully stocked aid stations about every five miles, give out finisher awards, and have a ton of food after. They also do a canned food drive so I'll buy some stuff to take this afternoon and see if I have anything in my pantry to give. And buy some cookies or something to donate to the aid stations.


                crazysue, have a great race tomorrow! My friend Danielle interviewed the race director for her blog here and now I want to do that race! Sounds fun, and wow, lots of cool swag.


                Hi to all.


                Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                Tar Heel Mom

                "When I'm 63!"

                  Yes, we are frozen here, too! But at least it's not November.


                  46 min. on the elliptical, then some leg machines and some abs.


                  Cindy, I still haven't even signed up for the Tar Heel 10 miler yet, never mind Hatfield-McCoy! I do want to do it, but I need to wait till after my DH's birthday next week. He is having a nightly pity party about work (such as it is) and turning 60 next Thursday, so I don't want to ask for anything.


                  Marjorie, yes, you do need to intervene for your Dad. Good luck. I hope your brother calls you back soon.


                  Sue -- best of luck at MS Blues! I know you have run it before, it looks like a totally fun race.


                  Good luck to Karen, too, on the 50K.


                  Still a lot of work to catch up on!





                    I was wondering when someone would say "at least it's not November"!


                    Score: sloth 1, Tessa 0. I couldn't get to sleep last night so overslept this morning. Gym at lunch.


                    Judy, we have a few newer people but we're not that hard to figure out -- and I'm sure you'll do it fast. Enjoy the track run. Where'd you go with friends?


                    Marjorie, ouch. The situation with dad sounds very sketchy. He's only met her once in person and he's talking marriage?


                    Carol, glad you got the DM in, do you have hills in your area or do you need to use the TM for hill work?


                    Laura, I'm also glad it's Friday! Next week is going to be tough after two three-day weeks.


                    Susan, good luck at MS Blues half! Enjoy. I really liked that race. Please say hi to Randy and Carol for me. I take it your chant will include "Can you smell that foul aroma? It's the team from Oklahoma"? (with thanks to the USC marching band for that charming couplet)


                    Karen, have fun at the fatass 50 tomorrow! And yes, do MS Blues for your Mississippi race. The medal is enormous!


                    Amy, good luck catching up with work.


                    Regarding H-M, please let me know if you're coming, how you're getting there (fly, drive, train) and when you plan to arrive/depart, if you have a hotel room and who you have arranged to room with, and which race you're doing -- full, half and if so which one, or 5K, or spectating. I'm putting together a spreadsheet.


                    Run to live; live to run

                      Yes, he has met her once and they've exchanged a ton of emails and talked on the phone I guess.  yes he is talking marriage too.  My brother I'm going to hit on the head.  He still has not called me!  IDK a voice message saying we REALLY need to talk about dad and then a text this am at 630 that we REALLLLLLLYYYYYYY need to talk and he ignores it.  I have tried his work number too.  It just gets better and better.  I did talk to dad again this am and told him I'm really concerned but he says he will be fine.  He is being careful etc.  Um, no but I can only do so much.  And he says they will get to know each other a lot better first but he knows he will be happy with her.  Ugh.  And he says she has a young daughter and he will adopt her.  Yes, twin and I MUST get some stuff going here.  Dad did do a background check on her.  I asked because there was a charge from a search group on his bank statement and he finally did tell me he did look into her background.  Still.....


                      I pounded out 11 miles this am.  Also got a bloody nose at mile 4.  Thank goodness I had some tissue.  This dry air is killing me and I do use a saline spray but guess that wasn't enough.


                      GL Sue and Karen.  Karen sounds like that race has grown a lot.


                      Tessa I'm doing the full at HM. I'm registerd.  I have a hotel room at the Hampton and I get in Thursday. and will leave Sunday  Ginny is staying with me.  I'm flying but haven't done my flight yet.  I'll get a rental car once I land.



                      Fire Jumper

                        Happy Friday Afternoon!


                        This has been a short, but productive week as far as work goes.  I was able to get back to the office with some new energy and tackle a few languishing projects and get some things crossed off the list!  I'm always happy to cross things off the list.


                        I did a workout today with my trainer, the core-meister.  I told him that he could not put me on my backside due to my offended tailbone.  Never fear... there was plenty of torture to be rendered in squats, lunges, planks and presses!  I will admit that a few of them tweaked my tailbone anyway.  But, not bad enough to cry uncle!


                        Judy - I so get being confused with who people are (their real names).  I was grateful when a few of ladies with non obvious log on names put their first name in the sig line.  That helped so much.


                        Marjorie - oh my!  Has your dad shown any signs of cognitive decline prior to this new behavior?  I wish you the best in putting your head together with your twin!


                        Carol - good for you in just doing it on DM!  I have struggled with sleep since my early 40's and these last couple of weeks have been tough.... maybe there's something in the air!


                        Hi LC!


                        Sue - best wishes on the HM tomorrow!


                        Karen - Here's hoping you rock that 50K.  I"m looking forward to your RR!


                        AmyTHM - nope, it's not November.  I've actually started day dreaming about the kind of tomatoes I'm going to plant on the deck this year!!


                        Tessa - a spreadsheet.... woman after my own heart!


                        A very nice discovery for me:  I have been wrapping up the final loose ends of my parents' estate (what a job!).  There was a small recurring charge on my Mom's checking account that I hadn't cleared up yet.  When I finally checked into it this week, I found that Mom had taken out a small life insurance policy on me and my sister back in 1976.  It humbled me.  My sweet Mom.  It was such a thoughtful thing for her to do.  And, here I am, more than three years after her death receiving yet one more gift from her.   I am a blessed woman.


                        Be well,


                        5K's and Obstacle Runs

                        Goal for 2013:  10K


                        Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.



                          Hi ladies-


                          No run today; it's an SDO. I'm pretty sore from core class yesterday - I guess that's what happens when you take 3 weeks off!


                          Tessa - I haven't registered for H-M yet but am planning on running the half. I will drive up from here and will get there sometime on Friday, probably depending on when others will be arriving. I have a room reserved at the Hampton Inn in Pikeville. At the moment, I don't have anyone sharing with me but Amy has first dibs if she signs up. We will probably also ride together.


                          Julie - yay for a productive week! I have been completely unproductive today - just not very motivated.


                          Marjorie - at least your dad did run a background check. I hope your DB gets back to you soon.


                          Carol - I often have issues sleeping as well. It can be such an energy drain.


                          Laura - yay for sleeping in! I'm planning on doing the same at least a bit tomorrow - our first activity is a 9:30 basketball game.


                          Crazysue and Karen - good luck tomorrow!


                          Amy - sorry about DH's pity party. Even if it is justified, it can be wearing for you.


                          Well, I need to go accomplish at least one thing for the day! Have a good evening-



                          2015 Races: St. Leo's 10K 3/21, Tar Heel 10-Miler 4/18,  Salem Lake 7-Mile Trail Run 9/26, Turkey Strut 5K 11/26, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/5



                            Julie, how nice of your mom!


                            Marjorie, how old is your dad, and has he shown impulsive behaviour like this before?


                            Cindy, agree, it has been a very nonproductive week.


                            7.18 on the TM, so this day is not a complete writeoff.


                            For H-M, here is who I have so far:




                            <colgroup> <col width="114" /> <col width="96" /> <col width="59" /> <col span="2" width="64" /> <col width="104" /> <col width="64" /></colgroup>
                            Forum Name Location Hotel: Fri Sat Race Share Method
                            Arimathea California Yes Yes Full DD & DS Drive
                            AnonymousGuest Maryland Yes Yes Full   Drive
                            Marjorie South Carolina Yes Yes Full Ginny Fly/drive
                            runnertype Michigan Yes Yes Full classicsnerd Fly/drive
                            Zipper Virginia Yes No Full   Drive
                            classicsnerd Pennsylvania Yes Yes Full runnertype Drive
                            PTRunner Pennsylvania Yes Yes   runnertype Drive
                            Fry Connecticut Yes Yes Full   Fly/drive
                            Mickey Wisconsin Yes Yes     Train
                            cowbell Missouri     Spectate    
                            AmyDel North Carolina Yes No Full   Drive
                            Ginny Ohio Yes Yes Half Marjorie  
                            Runlikeagirl North Carolina Yes Yes Half Amy  

                            And AmyTHM and some others are possibles. Some of these names you may not recognise since they're runango folks.


                            I think everyone's booking at the Hampton Inn in Pikeville. I don't have a name for Zipper's SCA buddy.


                              Judy, hope the temp continues to rise for you.  It's chilly for GA, too.

                              Marjorie, sure hope you can get your dad to wait a while...a long while.  There should be no rush. How old is she if she has a dau he can adopt?   Is he competent?  If there a questions, adult protective services may be able to help.  Our SWkers there were really wonderful.  Just a thought.   Also... I was wondering about those old posts on the forum. It was actually kind of fun for me to see posts from a couple people I hadn't thought of in a few years. Not a nice thing for him to do to people who are still trying to post and get info though.

                              Carol, I hope you sleep like a rock tonight.

                              Sue, good luck at Mississippi Blues!

                              AG, good luck on the FA!

                              Amy/Tar Heel Mom,  I signed up for the 10 miler.   Hope to meed you and Cindy there. Poor hubby.

                              Julie, nice that you found that from your mom.  Estate work is so hard, isn't it? For many reasons.

                              Laura and Cindy, hope you both get to sleep in tomorrow.


                              I'm in Columbus (GA) for a Red Nosed half tomorrow which I just found on the GA running calendar this week.  It's free-sweet!.  Smile    Seems pretty low key with 800+ runners.  The running club and local running store are involved and I've found those races usu are pretty organized. Bib pickup was easy. I drove down after working at the clinic this am...no bad traffic.  : )  It's just for fun and to keep me motivated.


                              Run to live; live to run

                                dad is competent  He is 71.  He is bipolar so that is some of it.  Brother and I talked finally.  After I called him for the zillionth time. I think we have a plan.  I think we can get dad to wait and know this girl better.  Apparently she is my age.  We really discussed what we need to do with some of mom and grandmas stuff that we want.  Brother thought a prenup would be enough until I explained some things.  And the young child etc  It is complicated.  And I doubt dad would do a prenup  I just don't think he would do it.  So now we have some game plan and just have to see what happens.