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No more excuses except my body hurts! Advice from moms please. (Read 191 times)


    Hi, I'm very view to this forum and site. I was going through pages to see if there were any resources for post-pregnancy runners and came across this forum. 


    I was a pretty decent runner before DD - I ran two marathons at 4:28 and 4:40, the last one was the Portland marathon in oct 2010. My right knee I felt awful after that run, but I haven't seen a dr for it yet.  I got pregnant in  December 2010  and tried to keep up with the running but stopped sometime in my 2nd tri and walked took long walks up to 3 miles until I didn't want to do that anymore either. My pregnancy was pretty hard - I was always healthy so in that sense, iera was easy, but physically, it felt like my pelvic area was ripping apart, my equilibrium was off, I was always in pain, etc. 


    anyways, so I had the baby last year in September, and since then, my equilibrium still feels off, I slouch now, my back always hurts, and I can't seem to run with my back straight. It feels like my whole body is completely out of whack. The baby was huge - she was 10 lbs, 11oz at birth, so im almost not surprised i was in so much pain! Running hurts now because of that, and every attempt to run ends in failure - I usually quit after 2 miles or so.


    This is really frustrating for me - I was never a gym type person, and so not running = not working out. Any one here go through this? Anyone have any suggestions where to starkey what kind of doctor to see, what kind of exercise I should be doing, etc etc etc? 


    Thanks in advance! 


      Also, it's very new to the forum, not very view. 


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        My non-medical opinion sounds like your core is really weak.

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          I agree with Zorbs. I'm a physical therapist. If you can find a PT in your area that specializes in women's health they can really help you a lot. Depending on your state and your insurance would depend on if you need a doctor referral to see them. The right therapist could make a huge difference in helping you identify and work on those areas out of alignment and that are weak.



            My chiropractor has been wonderful in helping me postpartum and during this pregnancy. We get so out of whack holding babies on our hip, nursing, etc that it takes a hidden toll on us until we injure ourselves.


              I also could not run during pregnacy due to equilibrium issues.  (Side note, I recently saw my very pregnant neighbor riding a bike and I almost had a heart attack!) Post baby I had some significant medicial issues (with  mobility issues) I had to come back from.  It was a challenge, for sure!


              I had to start small with excersise.  Like really small!  My first run was like 3 minutes.  Then I did 5 minutes.  I was at 5 minutes 3 days a week for like 2 months.  It was maddening to someone who had always been able to go out and run 3 miles like it was no problem!  But, a year and a half (and an additional surgery) later, I ran a half marathon. 


              I think that you need to see a chiropracter or PT.  I also think you should find a pilates studio near you!  It will help strenghten your core. 



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                I'd try a chiro first, pregnancy messes up your body big time, I went to a chiro within the first couple months and she has really helped to set my pelvis right.  


                I'd start doing some ST for core and hips also.  And when you start running, don't try to go run 3 miles in the first go, maybe do a couch to 5k program so that you increase slowly and get your body used to it.

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                  I had terrible back pain during running and the morning after a run when I was BFing.  It was terrible, couldn't breathe, hard to get out of bed pain.  Once I stopped BFing + worked on core + started more slowly, the pain subsided and I felt more normal. +1 on chiropractor suggestions.  If anything is out of alignment with hips or feet it can cause problems and symptoms all the way up the back. 


                  I did JM 30 day shred to start back and also did yoga 1-2x a week - DVD while the baby napped.


                    I've been going to a chiropractor for almost three years because of back issues from my first pregnancy. Now I'm 29 weeks with my second and my back's been pretty good because I'm going once a month more as a preventative. It can be annoying to start going to the chiro because you have to go a lot to get your problem under control, but I think right now the chiro is the best thing for me!


                      Thanks everyone! I've made an appt with my dr and asked her for a p/t referral and can't wait to start!