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Winter Wallop Wednesday - Supermoms (Read 27 times)


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    ER - SRD, but maybe some ST.


    TR - was impossible yesterday.  Trying to get him to do ANYTHING resulted in a whine-fest and/or tantrum.


    FR - chicken pie as we didn't have it yesterday. DH didn't bother to tell me that he was too sick to eat dinner, I could have gotten take out from my way home, because I wasn't about to go through the effort of making the pie for myself.  So ended up having popcorn, sunflower seeds, kale chips and emergen-c for dinner.


    NRR/rant - Daycare lady informed me at drop off yesterday that she might close today due to snow (I can see bare road, we hardly got the snowpocalypse here). YOU WORK FROM HOME, YOU DUMB BITCH! how does she have the nerve to call a snow day! I informed her that some people need to go to work regardless of the weather and can't find alternative childcare at a moment's notice, to which I got a shrug in reply.  I bet she told DH that I was rude to her, but he's still so man sick that he didn't notice.


    surely today will be better, right?

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      zorbs- sorry on the whiny/tantrum day with B! I surely hope today is much much better for you! and wth on daycare maybe closing? like you said, it's not like she has to go anywhere! hope you don't catch DH's man sickness.



      RR: recovery run today, will see how the roads are, but I'd like to run 8. Got snow/sleet/rain last night, so who knows what it's like out there. Hopefully not a skating rink. Hill repeats went well yesterday and the legs so far are feeling good.


      TR: is such a big boy. I handed him a q-tip after his bath last night, and he put it right in his ear, ha. i'm amazed by everything he understands and can do. he now does a big happy silly grin when i take out my camera and say "cheese."


      NRR: snow! i'm so ready for spring time. heading to work in a few to train some clients...hoping the first one doesn't cancel on me b/c of the snow. she's been known to do that...

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        zorbs - Sorry about the cruddy dinner and the whine fest...now you need a WINE fest!!  Ugh on the daycare lady...seriously?  Wth would she call a snow day...she doesn't have to go anywhere?  Sounds like she just wants a day off.


        rg - We have the crappy snow here too.  I am over it and the idiots who drive like maniacs and end up in the ditch...I probably saw at least 10 cars in the ditch on my way to work.  Have a good run and I hope the roads aren't too bad for you.


        RR - Hoping for 5 today but it will likely be on the TM as the roads suck!


        TR - Picked him up a little early from daycare because of the cruddy roads last night.  He was really good at home with me and had a good dinner for once.  He must have had a bad dream at 4 a.m. as he was screaming for a few seconds and then just stopped and was out.


        NRR - Exams today.  Over 200 schools are closed today in our area but not us...we have exams and the district does not want to move them nor do they want to extend the school year so we are here!


        FR - BBQ chicken pizza was really good last night...I still have another pizza crust but need to get more ingredients from the store.  Doubt I'll have time today maybe tomorrow.  Nothing planned for tonight...guess I should come up with something.


          RR:   Yesterday I ended up running 4m on the TM when H went to bed.  Today I have 12m on the schedule and I am praying the weather cooperates!


          BR:  Up a few times last night crying and I am not sure why.  Just gave him his pacifier and he calmed down.  Also, last night he threw his first tantrum when I removed him from under the kitchen sink where the trash is.  He just cried and screamed and sat on the floor for about 5 minutes.  I let him cry since I knew nothing was wrong.   Hoping this isn't a new trend....


          NRR:  Exam today and...you guessed it, another delay at daycare.  This airforce base is ridiculous.   4th time in a week there has been a delay or closure.  My mom is sick with the flu so she isn't able to help.  I will have to see if my dad is willing.  This single mom thing is getting really old....



          zorbs:  I feel you on the day care!!  We don't much snow either.  Just risk of icy roads, grrr.


          RG:  Cute about the Q tip.  I am always amazed about how much H understands, especially since he doesn't talk a lot.


          jen:  Hope you can get your run in!  mmm bbq chicken sounds yummy.


          bermy:  Yesterday I believe you asked which FM I was doing...the answer is the Colorado Marathon on 5/4.  I told myself I would never run another marathon in Colorado because of the altitude but I changed my mind.  Hopefully it goes well!

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            RR: recovery 5m. have new kicks which I will integrate into recovery runs now. Am a bit sore after tempo yesterday but it will ease up hopefully.

            NRR: I think we have a relatively easy day. DH got in 1am from working at data centre. Think I need to get more books for DS and go to whole foods (yeah). I shopped at Publix and they only had half the things on my list.

            BR: coughing but seems to get better. sttn.

            FR: yesterday's baked salmon and veggies.

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              Morning....late to the game for me today.


              RR:  Really not sure.  Too much snow to run outside, not sure if I can get out of the driveway and the local fitness center is probably closed.  Hmmm...


              TR:  I don't know.  I saw him all of 5 minutes yesterday.  He is with grandma today.


              NRR:  SNOW DAY!  There is way too much snow out there for anyones good.  We got hammered.  My drive home last night was horrible and DH decided it would be best to be in the town I teach in/his parents live in instead of driving at 4am.  So, I have the house to myself.


              FR:  Seriously considering hot chocolate and buttered toast.

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                Hi ladies, just a fly by...


                RR - nothing today, 5.5 on the TM on Monday and Tuesday...


                BR - she's been whining for 3 days now.  About everything.  She's not sick, so i'm sure the whining is out of frustration.  She wants to walk or pull up into standing or try to sit up (yea, 11 months and still has no idea how to sit up from a laying position) but can't, so she whines.  She sees a toy on the other side of the room and can't reach it, so she whines.  She throws her cup on the floor and then wants it back, so she whines.  Seriously, my patience is being tested with all this whining.


                NRR - getting a massage today.  YES.




                  TR:  So excited to go to a hotel tonight.


                  RR:  Rest day, I think I need it.  Something weird is going on with my hip again.  It only hurts when I cough or sneeze?


                  FR:  Whole foods for dinner Smile


                  NRR:  Office update.  Ok, so the idiot FINALLY tells us what is going on and has been completely pleasant to deal with since.  Her daughter (16 years old) is giving her hell and driving her crazy so I guess she was just taking her frustrations out here at work....I don't know but the situation is 75% better.  She still does some dumb stuff but she's not pissy about it anymore.


                  Zorbs:  When I woke up this morning I was wondering if you got your snow.  Nice dinner.


                  RG:  Awe, what a big boy!  I love it when they start understanding more, it makes life so much easier.


                  Jen:  Poor babe, I hate when they have nightmares.  I feel so helpless because there is nothing I can do.


                  Shelby:  Good luck today!  Boo on the daycare situation.  Hope your father can help!


                  Bermy:  Great minds think alike, whole food for everyone Smile  Ouch on the 1 a.m. for DH.


                    rr: supposed to run with boyfriend stealer tonight, but likely won't happen because of all the friggin snow we have/will continue to get.


                    tr: snow day today, but it doesn't really mean much as they don't ever have school on wednesdays anyways.


                    br: scraped his cheek up yesterday while my mom was here. i tried to get him to hold an ice beanbag on it and he would hold it in the exact spot on the wrong cheek. Smile


                    nrr: snow. blech. so sick of it. dh is still home plowing and he's been at it for 1.5 hours. supposed to get a few more inches today too.


                    fr: leftovers last night. either leftovers again or chicken sandwiches.


                    zorbs: here's to hoping your day is better than yesterday!


                    rg: everytime i take out my phone or camera c says, "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze." love it. yup, ready for spring. or a vacation somewhere warm and not snowy.


                    jen: let me know what you get for pizza toppings. i have a couple crusts in the freezer that i need to use up. good luck with exams today. will kids not show up because of the snow?


                    shelby: medical question for you. so dd2 had a chronic cough back from september to december and after 2 rounds of augentin and 1 round of zithromax she kicked the cough. these were used with zyrtec and nasonex as well. she now has the cough back and has been on 1 round of augementin. took her back last week because she was still coughing and the dr said give it a week and gave me a prescription for zithromax. she said it was probably coincidence that the cough cleared up on the zithromax last time. she is still coughing SO much. Sad


                    bermy: i need new shoes. what are you rocking?


                    mer: enjoy your peaceful day at home!


                      RR - Was planning 5k with RP and the stroller tonight but if the roads are still a mess, I'll swap out tomorrow's rest day. I just found out my Sunday half has a 1:40 pace bunny, which is 4:44/km. I've been doing 10k hm pace runs at 4:47/km, but on a hilly route, whereas the race is flat. When I put it that way, 4:44/km seems doable to me, especially with race adrenaline. But it seems kind of nutso compared to my half PR. My PR is from November, which was my first half ever and on a hilly course. The 4:58/km pace was pretty comfortable for me during that race but I had only trained up to 13 miles so my legs were dead tired by 17k and my finishing kick was non-existent. This time did three 15 mile LRs.  I am totally rambling...I guess I can always start with the 1:40 pace group and drop back if it seems too fast.


                      TR - How is it possible that she eats practically as much as I do for dinner, plus a full bottle of milk and then keeps waking up hungry at 4 am? She must get it from DH, who is known for waking up in the middle of the night and sneaking into the kitchen to eat toast and peanut butter.


                      FR - If I run with RP tonight, I'll probably just throw a frozen pizza in the oven afterwards.


                      NRR - I was crazy tired when my alarm went off at 5 am so, since I didn't have much work to do this morning and am not running until later, I turned it off and went back to sleep until 6:20. It felt downright luxurious.




                      zorbs - WTF on daycare lady? Calling  a snow day when she doesn't even have to leave the house? LAZY! We got more snow than you, but there is not even enough here to warrant calling a snow day! I hope B is better for you today. I love eating popcorn for dinner but never get to do it anymore now that S needs a full meal.


                      rg - Aw to R hamming it up for the camera and saying "cheese"! Spring must be almost here, right? It's almost March!


                      Jen - Sounds like a crappy drive to work. I'll bet there are cars in ditches around here, too. After the last snow storm we had, I saw a woman completely stuck in a snow bank about six feet to the left of a plaza driveway. Like she completely missed the driveway when she turned, even though the roads had been plowed and salted. Wth? Glad J ate a good dinner last night! It's always stressful when they don't want to eat, even though you know it's not like they are going to starve.


                      Shelby - Ugh on the tantrum...I think ignoring it is the way to go. I hope you can get your child care sorted out this morning and your exam goes well!


                      Bermy - Sounds like you had a good tempo run if you are sore today! Have a good recovery run. Great that DS sttn even with his cough!

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                        Zorbs – sorry about B being antagonistic. Today will be better. It has to be. Agree lady is being unreasonable.


                        Rg – you’re the only person I know who hopes clients turn up! So cute on your DS and knowing the routine. They sure do love a routine.


                        Jen – please be super careful with the roads. As if exams are more important that people’s safety. Ggrrrr. Annoys me no end. Good for you for making pizza from scratch.


                        Shelby – hope weather is good so you can get in your 12. Hugs on single mom thing. You are trying to achieve a lot this year with a baby. I think you’re very brave a a little crazy – but definitely a supermom.


                        Mer – enjoy your snow day and the house to yourself. Did your son sleep with DH at your moms house? You said “honour” your appetite – what does that mean?


                        Cx2 – sounds like your LO is developing her will and she knows what she wants. That’s great – that’s what will make her a CEO when she graduates college. Enjoy your massage! Jealous!


                        Becky –totally makes sense that the lady was having problems with things. Glad she opened up instead of just taking it out on everyone else. I presume everyone has a sh*t in their lives and go from there. Whatcha getting from whole foods?


                        Mrszm – at the moment I am running in nike vomero7s although they are way way way too much shoe for my liking and have too much room in the toe box but they are the best of the worst. I am waiting for my ideal choice to strike me any day. I was rolling about laughing with boyfriend stealer. Too funny. Trip her up (joking).

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                          Mer - House to yourself sounds great! Have a relaxing day and go for the hot chocolate and buttered toast!


                          Cx2 - S had a terrible whining stage when she was learning to crawl. It was horrible and also included her waking up for hours in the middle of the night to try to crawl and whine. But, she figured out what she was doing within a week and stopped whining so hopefully C figures out the pulling up and stops whining for you soon. In the meantime...enjoy that massage!


                          Becky - Weird on the hip...hurting when you cough or sneeze sounds like a pulled muscle. Whatever it is, I'm sure rest is a good idea. Glad the idiot at work has improved!


                          Mrszm - You're running with the boyfriend stealer? Is this the first time? You'll have to give us a full report if you make it out for your run Smile Lol at ds holding the ice on the right spot but the wrong cheek.

                          5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                            zorbs - Yeah, i think that would bother me too if it was an in home daycare.  I do have to say though, as a teacher, I get very little notice of school being closed and all those parents have to make alternate plans when the school calls it that morning.


                            rg - Be safe on your run today.  I hope your client didn't cancel.


                            jen - Thats crazy that they brought the kids in because of exams.  Glad you are safe!


                            shelby - I hope everything worked out for you today.  Glad you got on the TM after your FB inspiration! Smile


                            bermy- LOVE Whole Foods!  Yummy.  Your FR sounds delicious too!  DH and J spent the night at my IL's house.  I am sure DH was on the couch and J was in his pack and play in the same room as MIL.  DH went out to plow around 3:30 this am.


                            cx2 - Enjoy your massage.  As a guy at work says, this too shall pass!


                            ernie - Go for the 1:40!  You will do great!  Good for you for sleeping in!  I slept until 7:30 and it was heavenly!  Hot chocolate and toast is done!  Yummy!

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                            beskirted & manicured

                              jen - what do you put on your pizza? my favourite BBQ chicken pizza is from Boston Pizza but my sauce is never "right".  I mix BBQ with tomato sauce, add chicken, mushrooms and cheese.


                              shelby - omg, I hope you get your 12 m in.  That much midweek makes my head explode!


                              bermy - enjoy whole foods. I almost never buy fruits & veggies there, I can get that somewhere else, always cheaper..but I do love the salad bar.


                              mer - hot chocolate and toast sounds good!


                              becky - still, having a shitty home situation isn't a really good excuse to take it out on other people at work.


                              mrszm - I think I missed the story of the boyfriend stealer?

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                                Cx2:  Enjoy your massage


                                Mer:  Hooray for snow day!


                                Bermy:  snacks for C's lunches.  Whole foods has the best school safe selection.  And chocolate chewies of course!  Their pizza will be dinner Smile


                                MrsZM:  Wait, you are going to run with the boyfriend stealer?  you are a better person than I!


                                Ernie:  I am hoping its just a muscle Smile  LOL, C definitely takes after DH in the eating dept.