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Honorary Old

    RR: 4.4 miles with the stroller. 1 mile warmup, 3 miles @ tempo including a mile on a long incline, .4 cooldown. Averaged 10:15 pace over the first 4 miles and that included letting dog off/on the leash and her stopping to take a crap/ensuing cleanup.


    BR: Sicky. Coughed all night. This morning he is really cuddly/whiny and has crazy green boogers. Biggest telltale sign of him being sick is that he didn't fight me tooth & nail when I washed his hair this morning, in fact, he tried to fall asleep. I put him to bed with Daddy who is off work for the next 7 days. Not what DH had in mind for today I'm sure but ppppbbblppt! :P


    FR: Sautéed chicken, brown rice, corn, and a salad last night. I might roast a chicken tonight.


    NRR: Got my new computer yesterday, which I am posting from. Couldn't get the monitor to connect and spent 45 mins on the phone with Vaji at HP tech support taking the memory chips in and out a million times, only to figure out I'm blonde and had the cable plugged into the wrong DVI port. Dicked around with that and did the tech support until 11 so I'm tired today and my thumb is sore from memory chip abuse.

    2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




    Honorary Old

      zorbs- that's really lame of your daycare lady. My daycare lady's policy is "if you can make it up my steep gravel driveway, I will watch your kid". That one time that the schoolbus got stuck on her road, I just parked and hoofed it a quarter mile each way to pick up Reid.


      Time to go make breakfast. BBL.

      2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




        Writing for a quick stress relief.  Almost had an emotional breakdown this morning because I am so unprepared for my exam.  I basically started this morning which was a bad idea.  But I decided I will be skipping my last class and will pick H up early and then go for a stroller run.  I need some serious stress relief and H time.  Only a few more months of this....I think I am starting a countdown until May when my finals are.


        bermy:  I am not a little crazy....a lot of crazy.  Unfortunately I didn;t know DH would ever be away when I started school.  If I did know, I am not sure if I would have done it....

        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


        Bad Ass Mother Runner



          RR - meeting RP tonight for TM run plus ST'ing.


          TR - at gma's still.  Coming home this morning, can't wait to see her!


          BR - was up to feed an extra time last night, but that was good as she cleared my plugged duct.  I fed her and then went and massaged it in the tub w/ a bottle and collected almost an ounce, I would have collected more but didn't get the bottle at first, I didn't realize how much I was going to be able to express.  That's a crazy amount of milk for me as it usually takes 10 mins w/ the pump minimum to get that much.


          FR - guess i'm on a yogurt diet now Smile  Forgot to bring roasts up again... plus I'm at appts most of the day, so I have no idea.


          NRR - posted on fb, have thrush in my right boob, the one that had the clogged duct.  I have a dr's appt this afternoon, so hopefully I can get this cleared up asap and it doesn't spread to the other boob or to O.  Apparently they are less susceptible at her age as she's making her own bacteria now.  Here's hoping.


          bb for personals.

          5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

          Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


            Shelby – Good luck with your 12 today.  Boo to daycare being delayed AGAIN.  I hope you were able to figure out childcare.  Sorry your mom is sick too. Hope you guys don’t catch it.  Good luck on your exam.


            Bermy – Glad DS STTN again!  Have a great run in your new shoes.  Are they are different style/brand then your others?  Yum…I love WF…enjoy!


            Mer – So glad you got a snow day and didn’t have to drive AGAIN in the crappy weather.  We are NOT one of the 271 schools closed today.  Enjoy the hot chocolate and toast.


            CTimes – Sorry about a cranky C.  Teething?  Enjoy your massage.


            Becky – Glad crazy cakes is a bit more tolerable. Wish she wouldn’t take her personal frustrations out on you.  Yum to WF!!


            Mrszm – too cute about C putting the ice on the wrong cheek.  Yuck to all the snow you got.  I hope you can get a run in despite the snow.  All of our students have shown up so far despite the snow…it really isn’t that bad here…we got 4 inches or something but it was icy and sloppy this morning.


            Ernie – Enjoy your 5K with RP…if you can get it in.  S is growing and needs her food.  Guessing she is going through a 1 year growth spurt.  Glad you got some extra sleep.


            Zorbs – Mine is a recipe from mer/mrszm.  It is BBQ sauce mixed with cooked chicken.  So throw on some mozz cheese, the chicken mix, onions and feta cheese.  It is delicious and not overly BBQ sauce tasting.


            Spike – Nice job on the run!!  Sorry R is sick.  I hope he feels better soon.  Maybe he’ll be easy on DH since he is sick.  Glad you got your new computer but that sucks about spending so much time with tech support…happens to all of us.  Hopefully you like the purchase though.


            Shelby – Hugs…enjoy your run and time with H…you deserve it!


            CA – Ugh to thrush.  Seems like you are having a bad spell with the boobs right nowJ  Hopefully it passes quickly and O doesn’t catch it.  Good luck with your dentist and other appts today.


            Bad Ass Mother Runner

              zorbs - daycare lady sounds like she wants a day off.. sounds like today can't be worse. Hope you have a good day.


              RG - I hope the roads are good for your run today! I'm with you on spring, I'm getting pretty excited w/ all the races I'm registering for!


              Jen - That sucks that your school didn't cancel! DRive safe!!


              shel - M's tantrums around 18 months actually were a bit funny, we tried not to laugh, but she was so dramatic! I hope you got the daycare thing worked out, that's crazy that they have delays, I've never heard of a daycare having snow delays.


              bermy - I read your tempo #'s yesterday, I need to go back and metric convert, but they sounded fast! I'm the one who's worried with keeping up with you girl!


              mer - yay for a snow day! and having the house to yourself, that's a dream come true Smile


              cx2 - yay for a massage!! Do you get the toys when she whines? I'd ignore and let her figure out how to get them herself... I'm a mean mommy Smile


              becky - lol, I have dreams of sleeping alone in a hotel... mmm. Ugh on the office lady, I hope things continue to improve, but why didn't she just tell people what was going on.


              mzm - lol on running with the boyfriends stealer - I hope you're faster... and then run just a bit faster than she's comfortable so that she's sucking wind the entire time... Aren't I a biotch! Wink


              ernie - run with the faster pace group! It sounds like you will kill your old PR. LOL on the hungry toddler, I used to call M a hobbit at that age as she always had breakfast, second breakfast and elevensees.


              spike - awesome stroller run!! Boo to the sick toddler. I can tell when M is sick because she'll sit and cuddle.

              5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

              Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


              Honorary Old

                NRR2- Home appraisal went well, we should know Friday if we're good.

                TR2- Daycare lady told me yesterday that she was letting him play on the big kid playground and he wanted down and she reached up to get him and instead of going to her arms, he went backwards and he almost fell like 5 feet. She caught him by his sweatshirt.  I guess while its not good that he almost fell, I like that she tells me stuff like that, not trying to hide anything.


                shelbyjo- sorry you are stressed. You can do it! I don't know if I told you but I went to school (online) while working full time and with a newborn, it is so tough. Can you find daycare that is not through the airforce, or is it free?


                runnergirl- Just a tip for photos, once R learns how to say "yes" get him to say that instead of Cheese when taking pictures, and you will get a more natural smile- my photographer friend taught me that.  Winter is pretty much over here, but in the spring we get nasty winds and I hate running in the wind.


                Jen- glad J was good for you last night. I picked up R a little early too, those few extra minutes here and there are so nice.


                CA- I hate plugged ducts- owie! My sister had thrush really bad with her DS, she treated it with Oregano oil.


                Bermy- did Publix just not have the variety of vegetables that you need?  I swear that every time I buy kale the checker looks at it with a puzzled look, c'mon, its not that weird!


                Mer- I bet the snow is keeping DH really busy!


                cx2- R is kind of a whiner, now that he can talk he always whines 'need help! need help!' even if he can totally do it on his own. I always make him try on his own first.


                Becky- sorry that idiot has a brat daughter, but that's no excuse.


                mzm- so you are running with boyfriend stealer now? I must have missed that!   Reid has some little animal icepacks- he's got a hippo one and a penguin one that his different grandmas gave him.


                Ernie- good luck on your half. Don't know what to tell you about pace. I only PR when I feel like there is no way or if I don't care LOL

                2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                Honorary Old

                  Oh, sad post. Look away if you are a dog person. My sister got called by the police yesterday because her live-in boyfriend's dog climbed the fence while he was on his zip line and hung himself on the fence Sad  Horrible. Her backyard borders a park and some kids found him when they went to play basketball. She had to go help the police get him down.

                  2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                    RR - 4 miles this morning.  The first 3 felt good, last one was kind of hard.  I'm taking it easy this week.  Meeting with personal trainer in a couple hours and need to tell her to go easy on my legs!


                    BR - off at MMO.  I want to spend time with him but at the same time I desperately need to clean my floors so I'm going to take advantage of him being gone and do that this morning.


                    KR - had a meeting at DD's school this morning about extended school year this summer.  She'll go 1 day/week for a few hours.  It's more of a pain than anything, kind of disrupts our schedule, but I'm sure it's good for her so we'll still send her.


                    FR - pulled a pan of stuffed peppers out of the freezer for tonight.


                    NRR - my dad left this morning, driving back to WI.  I think we will fly my mom back around March 19th-20th, after she comes to the beach with us for spring break.  Smile


                    zorbs - that is really irritating about your daycare lady!  I hope DH's sickness stays away from you!  My mom and dad both have colds, I have been washing my hands like crazy.


                    rg - I hope you can get your run in.  I feel like I am back up north again, our weather has been so cold and nasty lately.  Spring can't come soon enough!!


                    jen - sorry about the crappy weather by you too.  Weird that so many schools are closed but not yours!


                    shelby - so sorry about daycare being delayed!  You have so much going on, it would be nice if some things would just run smoothly.  Ugh.  I hope your dad can help.


                    bermy - I read about your awesome run yesterday.  Amazing what you can do without a stroller!  From lulu I got the run inspire crops, and also the run pace crop.  I couldn't decide what length to get so I got 2 Smile  I still need to talk to DH about Nashville and where to stay, he played tennis last night so I didn't see him until I was half asleep.  Hopefully tonight!


                    mer - I hope  my dad's drive up to WI is ok.  He was going to leave yesterday but I talked him into waiting a day because of weather.  He gets so impatient to go somewhere else all the time.  Enjoy your snow day!  Yum hot chocolate and buttered toast!!


                    cx2 - UGH on the whining.  I HATE it.  Unfortunately I can't really tell you when it stops because I am still waiting for it to stop with my older girls.  My 10 year old is OK, so maybe by age 10.  Of course then the dreaded teenage years are right around the corner...


                    becky - yay for a night at a hotel!  Sorry about your hip, hopefully a rest day will fix it.  Yum on Whole Foods.  They keep talking about the one they're building here but I have no idea when it'll be done.


                    mrszm - lol on boyfriend steeler.  Have you run with her yet?


                    ernie - good luck deciding what to do for the half!  The half I ran Sunday was pretty flat and I was hoping for a better time than my hilly half last month but then it ended up being 30˚ warmer and a lot more humid so I threw all expectations out the window.


                    spike - great stroller run!  I always take advantage of having my mom here and run solo but then stroller runs feel extra hard again after she leaves.  Sorry R is sick Sad


                    CA - ouch, I'm sorry about the thrush.  I bet it's been nice only having 1 for a while, how long was your other one at gma's?


                      I changed my mind on the RD and ran 4.5 on the TM...


                      CA - sorry about the duct and the thrush!  Hope that clears up for you soon.... and no, I don't always get the toys for her.. sometimes she loses interest, sometimes the whining gets so bad I have to get it for her..


                      spike - i think it'd help if C could talk and then tell me why she's unhappy... nice that your DH is off 7 days, hope you guys get to spend some time together!


                      mer - yea, i try to remind myself everything is just a phase...


                        Ahh, and I just realized I started my period this morning but forgot to put a tampon in because I am not used to it.  Just bled through my jeans, ugh.  Is today over yet?

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          Well, exam did not go so well.  But it's over.  Hopefully I passed.


                          spike:  Ugh, I hate technology.  Great job on the tempo run with stroller!!  I agree school with baby is tough.  It was almost easier last year when he was a newborn because I could study while he slept.  Now he is on the go all the time.  At least he is a lot of fun Smile  As for daycare, it isn't free but is about half the price of other daycares and is a really good daycare.  His class only has 5 boys which I love.  Hopefully this winter weather will just go away.


                          That dog story breaks my heart!  How sad.


                          CA:  So glad to hear the duct became unclogged but sorry to hear about the trush.  The whole feeing another person thing is rough!  And I totally agree about the tantrum being funny.  He would occasionally stop, look at me, and then start again.  Silly boy.


                          jen:  Thanks!  I was thinking the same thing...I hope my mom gets better but mostly I hope H and I don't catch it.


                          cx2:  great job on getting the run in


                          arm:  Have fun with your trainer.  How often do you go?  I am jealous of your upcoming beach vacation!

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                            becky:  Why are you guys staying at a hotel? Glad your coworker  had some reasons for her poor work performance.  Hopefully it continues to improve!


                            mer:  Enjoy having the housee to yourself.


                            ernie:  I am terrible with km paces.  What was your last HM PR?  Is there a slower pace group you could start with and then speed up if you feel good?

                            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                              car: i had super bad thrush with c! i needed an oral anti fungal to get rid of it as the topical stuff wasn't strong enough. hooe they give you the good stuff!


                                Spike - Aw, poor sicky R. Sounds like he'll be snugly and sleepy for Daddy, though.  Hope you like your new computer, other than the tech support issues yesterday. Dealing with tech issues that late at night makes it all the more frustrating. Omg, scary about the near fall at the playground...glad daycare lady has quick reflexes!


                                CA - Ugh, sorry about the thrush and clogged duct. Is it really painful? Hope you can get it cleared up fast without it spreading. Thanks for the vote of confidence...I think I will run with the faster pace group. If I don't, I will just end up wondering if I could have gone faster.


                                Arm - Ah, your beach vacation sounds so nice! Yeah, hot and humid would definitely make for a difficult half - was it really hot even with the early morning start? I definitely don't have to worry about that here - I am hoping it won't be freezing cold, windy or snowing!


                                Shelby - You are having a rough day Sad You definitely deserve to skip that last class and get out of there early! Were you at least wearing dark jeans so nothing showed? The pace group behind the 1:40 is 1:45, which is slightly slower than my PR, so I wouldn't want to run with them. I wasn't expecting there to be a 1:40 pace group so I had just planned to run by myself at about 7:40/mile pace....the 1:40 pace group is about 7:35/mile. So I think I'll give it a shot and run with them - being with a group + race adrenaline might be enough to pull it off.

                                5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15