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Winter Wallop Wednesday - Supermoms (Read 27 times)


    Ernie:  Do it!  That is an awesome pace.  You are fast lady.  My jeans were medium colored - which means it showed through but luckily only in an area where no one else can see (I hope).

    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


      Ernie – I think you should go for your goal – even if you don’t make it you might still PR. And a great speedworkout regardless of the outcome.


      Mer – does your DH plough roads or private estates?


      Zorbs/spike – I couldn’t find ww breadcrumbs (I shoud lmake my own but time is key at the moment), sucanat, no salt/crap added chickpeas and cannellini beans etc – there is a big list of things. I didn’t even ask for those things – publix seemed to have a lot of ready-made/just add water stuff and I learned to cook by making everything from scratch.


      Becky – I got quinoa falafel balls for dinner and some poached salmon that looked heavenly. Splurge….


      Spike – NICE tempo! WTG! Great job. You FLEW through that. Your stroller running is getting a lot faster.


      Shelby – I didn’t mean to say you are crazy – I meant it in the most endearing way possible. Hugs x Hope AF is ok now you have hew under control.


      CA – if you tire when we run together I can pop you in the stroller. Get to the docs with that boob ASAP. You don’t want to be fighting that any longer than is necessary. When I take antibiotics I get thrush in my girlie bits without fail. Maybe that’s why you have it – from taking it for your tooth?


      Jen – I have been running in these for a bit. I want to try mizumo elixir 7/8 but I can’t find any here yet. I am looking in wrong places. LRS didn’t stock them. I have not had any injuries with vomeros running 55mpw so DH suggested just getting another pair to see me through for a bit til fm is done and then play around with shoes. They are like arm chairs to run in. Any thoughts on all of that?


      Arm – no pressure on bermy hotel. You can just tell me week of hm if you like! Hotels in Nashville are a bit ridiculously priced we have found compared to other places. And finding availability is tough too. We live out in the countryside but it is 7mins from mall/cool restaurants but 20mins from downtown.

      5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


        spike - did you like the stamps on the parcel?!! Maybe I was thinking you could send it back to me as I want to add a card and wrap it. I will send you $$$ for shipping.

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


          bermy - I wasn't in the least offended.  It is crazy what I am doing.  I tell myself that everyday Smile

          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


            shelby - I got called "crazy sexy" by an ex-boyfriend once. Dh says he had a point. Crazy can be a good thing I am thinking.

            5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


            Honorary Old

              Bermy- I love sucanat! And Braggs liquid amino. We are lucky to have a little healthfood store here where I can buy the oddball things I love from my childhood. The stamps were awesome, DH spent quite a long time checking them out. No postage reimbursement needed, just email your new address to me and I'll ship it back to you in the next week or so. I'm on a timeline, looks like we will be moving before April!

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                spike - cool. I will email address and amend on fb list also. We are going back to bermuda on Sunday for 2 weeks (green card interview next tues, packing up shipping, having the mother of all house sales and final clear out) then we are moving to nashville mid-march for good (if we pass interview). I will let you know when we are going to be here forever (that sounds like a long time when I type that out) and then you can mail - it will be in March though.

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                  bermy - He does all private residents and very few businesses.  He doesn't do major roads or anything like that!

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                    Ran 8 sloppy, slushy miles in sleet/freezing rain/snow, and now I'm back for some personals- hope i get to everyone before R wakes up from his nap...


                    jen- i'm totally ready for spring, beyond ready! glad that J was so good for you at dinner last night. hope you canm get your run in today! be careful on the roads today. schools were all closed here too.


                    shelby- hope the weather cooperates for your 12 today, so you can go outside! ugh on the daycare, that's nuts! hope your mom is feeling better soon. ick on the tantrum, but i would have just left him sitting there too. good luck on your exam.


                    Bermy- yay for new sneakers! hope the easy run works the kinks out. have fun shopping and exploring your new town. i saw your post about Target yesterday...unless i shop just by my list i always come out of there with way more stuff than i went in for!


                    mer- yay for a snow day, and the house to yourself! enjoy it, take a nap, have fun relaxing. when's your next dr appt? i seriously couldn't stop smiling the other day about your news!! i told DH that one of my supermoms was preggo with #2 and he smiled.


                    Cx2- ugh, sorry on the whiny day, it's hard when they get frustrated b/c they can't get what they want/do it yet/make themselves understood. hang in there, mama!! enjoy that massage, super jealous!


                    Becky- have you seen anyone - chiro, PT- for your hip? hope it's nothing serious. i'm glad your coworker finally realized she was being sucj an idiot at work. have fun at the hotel!


                    mrszm- aw, R scraped his cheek eysterday too. i put a bandaid on it, and he started rubbing it, and then grabbed my hand and kissed it. hope you guys can make the best of the snow day! do your kiddos enjoy being out in it?


                    ernie- go for that pace on Sunday- i think you'll definitely be able to do it. your training is better going into this race, and you've got the race experience under your belt. R eats more than i do too, haha. i am always surprised at where they store it all.


                    spike- tempo run with the stroller is badass!!! aw, i hope R is feeling better today, and nice that he can stay home with DH too. glad you got your computer figured out! thanks for the photo tip, and that's so sad about the dog!


                    CA- enjoy the workout and run with RP later! aw, how nice that M had such a nice stay at gma's! i bet you miss her, we haven't spent a night away yet, and i'm kinda sad thinking about it. glad the duct cleared, good luck at the dr appt!


                    armmama- have a good appt with the trainer Wink  and way to go on your half this past weekend, too!!! oooh, the beach sounds awesome right about now!!! i could use some sunshine and warm weather.


                    Shelby- boo on AF!

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                      NRR2: forgot to mention that we have our kitchen fridge now - yay. But no washer and dryer. DH bought the newest models and they aren't released yet! Yay for modern gear, boo for no washer dryer. I have been washing all my running gear, by hand, in the sink and hanging it up to dry. Same with DSs clothes. I have been wearing the same jeans and hoodie for too many days now, but that's no different than usual!

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                        quickly between appointments... Dentist appt was just for him to wiggle my teeth and confirm I needed the root canal - ugh. They wanted to book me next Wed, ugh I'll be on an airplane, so now I'm in for Wed at 12:30 - I'm soooooo lucky that I have MIL who's dropping her life for me this week. Otherwise I'd be stuck with a tooth and boob ache.

                        bermy - oh I'm certain that my boob issue is because of the antibiotics for the tooth. I've never had a yeast infection down there luckily, knock on wood.

                        arm - M was at gma's for 2 nights, it was supposed to be 1 but then this dentist appt came up so she kept her another night to save an extra trip here. Good plan sending DS to MMO - I got lots done having M at gmas and just having the baby.

                        mzm - any other advice on the thrush? how to treat or prevent it spreading? I bought some acidophilus and grapefruitseed extract and will do what the dr recommends.

                        ernie - the duct is mostly cleared but the thrush is painfull, especially for the first few seconds nursing on that side, plus O was super distracted popping on and off this morning. My attitude in races is EFF it and go for the PR. You'll never know if you don't try.

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                          CA - tooth and boob ache sounds miserable. At least you can still run with achy teeth and thrushy boobs.

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