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MA runner girl

    Lame, I can't think of anything. Post!

    PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

    MA runner girl

      RR: 30 min swim last night. I had a hard time breathing, which isn't usually a problem for me swimming. Hoping it was a one time thing but I should probably bring my inhalor with me just in case. Tonight I'm hoping for 3-4 miles outside in the dark. I can't fathom a TM run right now.


      PGR: 25w2d. Feeling HUGE today, blah. Last night DH worked late, didn't get into bed until 3am! Well I slept really well from 10-3 and then he immediately woke me up when he cuddled up to me and put his freezing hand on my belly. I think I'm over cuddling at this point because it's making me unconfortable and then I can't sleep. I told him and I think he's sad, he loves to cuddle and I usually do too! Sad


      NPGR: Not much. Ordered our xmas cards last night from Walgreens so I'm going to pick those up today and start addressing them. DH will be home tonight so I'm hoping we can relax together too.

      PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


        MA: I only like to cuddle while I'm awake, my hubby sleep twitches too much! haha. Glad you got a few solid hours of sleep in there first!


        ER: about to go off for my 3 k ( like 1.7 miles, haha!) of walk,speed walking. I feel so lame when I could be running.. I also make my hubby come walk with me at night around the same loop, so atleast I'm moving!


        PR: 34 weeks!!!! nothing new to report, just hoping I don't go into labor in the USA! Havn't had any bad symptoms so far so I think i'll be ok! I ordered a bunch of stuff on amazon and went to Target for more yesterday, still have to try some of the baby stores for the crib sheets and wet bag. I ordered those on amazon but the shipping was more than the items so put them back! 


        Ok off I go, it's -4 in texas ( of course, whenever I come it gets cold and snowy) but should be up tomorrow. It's still way better than home temps! 


        My inlaws started eating healthy and are now the experts on healthy eating, although I had been making my own meals whenever I come down for years... they rotate 5 things so maybe I will make something they will  try this time. My MIL said 'it's amazing .. this cooking thing has changed my blood sugar!'  ... uh .. you think? haha!


          Agh - twice in a week the page has refreshed and I lose my typing!!!


          MA - Hopefully you can "couch snuggle" tonight with DH instead.


          CJazz - Funny how people need to come to their own conclusions on eating, I've found that over time too. People can ask for advice and you can give it but...in the end they seem to need to work it out for themselves? Enjoy your US shopping spree!




          PGR - 33w1d. m/w appt went well, up 17lbs total, fundal height had increased to 30cms which she was pleased with and LO's HR was 140. I had another "baby getting out of my belly" drem last night. I had to divert LO's attention from the lights overhead it was fascinated by and sew it back up into my belly telling him he needed to bake a few more weeks before seeing the lights again! weird.


          RR - walk and weights yesterday, elliptical run and hopefully a swim before the hordes hit the pool after work.


          NPGR - Made a minestrone soup last night on a whim - hadn't realised how long it had been since I made one, I love soup season! We are off to Victoria all day tomorrow house-hunting so not sure if I'll be able to drop by. Have a great tuesday all!


            MA: Good call on bringing the inhaler just in case for your swims. Oh, and nothing worse than a cold hand while in a warm bed.


            CJ: There's a store in BC that delivers across Canada called Lussobaby. They seem to have reasonable prices if you can't find what you're looking for in Target! Your comments about the in-laws healthy eating made me LOL. But I'm with you - it's good they're figuring it out.


            Ozzy: Yay for a good doc appointment! I'm happy  you called this soup season. I could never enjoy soup in the warm weather. Seems... so... wrong...




            PGR 34w2d. LO is moving around like a little monkey. More threats of acid reflux and I wish I could sleep a full, solid 8 hours. I woke up at 3am thinking OH NO I WILL NEVER SLEEP A FULL NIGHT EVER AGAIN. I'm a little dramatic first thing in the morning. Other than that, things are going just fine, strictly PGR.


            ER: Nada. This groin pull makes it difficult to walk, get up from a seated position, turn over while lying down. It's really painful! I read up on it more and it can take FOUR TO SIX WEEKS to heal. Well, I'm due in just over 5 weeks, so that ain't good. I have a doc appointment on Thursday and will bring it up with him to see if there's anything I can do and to determine if this is, indeed, a groin pull. I hope he doesn't brush it off saying it's RLP. I don't have any pain in my legs,  just across the pelvic region with a concentration on the right side. I can't lift up my right leg without pain. FRUSTRATING.


            NPGR: Kinda PGR related - we're converting our den into a bedroom for the LO and we just handed over a whopping cheque/check to the contractor. I'll miss you, money. 


              MA - DH and I like to cuddle/spoon, but only for brief periods of time - then we get too hot, especially now that I'm pg.  Plus, DH usually snores in my ear and I get irritated Smile  Hope you get some nice relaxing time with DH tonight.


              Canada - My mom always goes through eating phases...right now she has decided that she and my stepdad will be gluten free, although she complained back in June when they had a house guest who was gluten-free - but  they cheat all.the.time.  They always super-diet with some strict dieting restrictions, lose some weight, start to eat normally again, and gain it all back. I think gluten-free is a great idea, but when you cheat nearly every day, it sort of defeats the purpose, I think?


              Ozzy - Glad the fundal height is catching up with baby - I laughed at your dream - I guess we know what your subconscious is focusing on!!


              yjpm - I hope your muscle pull feels better, and hopefully the doc might have some solutions.  I can't imagine how difficult it is to turn in bed with baby belly and pulled muscle!


              PGR: 17w! Time is flying. u/s today. DSD was all worked up last night because she was hoping this was the u/s where we find out the sex and asked DH if he could call her at school to let her know Smile 


              RR: vball last night - feeling a bit achy but nothing like the sciatica pain from last week, so I'm hoping that was just a short-term thing.  I adjusted my chair at work and tried some stretches last night so I'm hoping that helps, too.


              NPGR: Need to get to work Christmas shopping - DH and DSD will both be gone tomorrow night, so I think I'll tackle the mall for a while then.  I'll probably also do some bra shopping...my current bras are failing miserably.


                HAha, sounds like everyone has the same problems with the family eating! I'm so not used to it, as my mom has always been a home cook/ healthy ish eater. I grew up eating 5 bean salad , salmon, hummus etc... Here they JUST discovered pomogranate.. whaat? haha. 


                I am dying my hair, hair dye here is cheap! my hubby is a little worried as he got an email from his phd supervisor asking if he is going to respond to an email - which he never got. I think that and the family drama is getting to him. I better go bake him some cookies to cheer him up! 


                  Good morning!


                  RR - Ended up timing myself at the mall and netted 1.15 meandering after my mother. Never knew you could walk so much when it doesn't seem like you're going anywhere. I looked into the gym my friend goes to, but the membership seems kinda steep unless I committed to an 18 month contract. Thing is, we're moving next summer so we could be a few blocks away or a few miles away. I think I'll stick to a 6 month membership at the place I was going to so it takes me up to my due date.


                  PGR - 12 weeks today! I broke down and wore maternity jeans since all my other pants were in the wash and it was weird to not have to deal with a zipper. Forgot about that. Still wearing regular pants so I'm hoping that continues for a few more weeks.


                  NPGR - Husband seems to have a reverse cold. He had cold like symptoms for one day, lost his voice. Now he woke up all sniffly. This is throwing my week for a loop. Of course I hope neither me or DS get it. Or worse, I get sick going to FL. But I'm trying to keep on the positive side with probiotics and vitamins and water. Oh, always need to keep up on water.


                  MA - I'm still waiting on my pics from Shutterfly I'm including with my cards and then I can send mine out. I'm grateful to know there's others sending theirs out now since I feel like I should've done this right after Thanksgiving. Ah well, right? Hope your run goes well and that was just a one time deal at the pool. 


                  Canada - Haha, I guess I'd rather have to listen to the authority on healthy eating rather than the alternative and be the only one interested in being healthy. Good for you for keeping moving even though I know it's not your first choice of exercise. Enjoy all your shopping!


                  Ozzy - That's a pretty good description of a newborn being fascinated by lights. Or a ceiling fan. Hope the creepy baby bursting out of you dreams divert to something more fun and light. That would get to me after awhile! Glad your midwife appt went well.


                  YJPM - Ugh about the muscle pull. Chiro? That's who i'd go to next if it were me.


                  TN  - Oooh good luck at the u/s today. I hope you can find out! 


                    Hi all-


                    MA - hope the breathing thing is a one-off. I've had some weird days that made me think I was never going to be able to exercise again for the rest of the preg, but turned out fine the next day. I'm so not a cuddler. I can do it for like 5 min but then I'm like...move over. DH likes to encroach on my space. THe other night I woke up and he had his head on half my pillow. I was like, move over!


                    CJazz - SOunds like you are still getting some good movement in, even if it's walking. I've had to walk at times when injured and try to enjoy the different things I see when moving at a slower pace! Ugh, totally dreading holiday eating because DH's family's idea of eating vegetables inevitably involves tons of butter and oil. WE are going to be holed up at a condo in a ski town for a week, which sounds nice but could drive me nuts. Thing I'll need to do some of my own shopping/cooking, but don't want everyone to hate me or think I'm stuck up...


                    Ozzy - glad your MW appointment went well. 17lbs is good...sounds like the afternoon weigh in was okay Smile MInestrone sounds good!


                    YJPM - sorry about the groin pull. Boo. Can you see a physio or chiro for some help?


                    TN - good luck with the U/S today! Cute about your DSD's interest...


                    RR - 4.5 miles this AM. Hard to get out of bed, but I did it.

                    PGR - 24wks3days. Was feeling kind of cranky last night and snapped at DH a few times. Can't tell...hormones, or just me being cranky?

                    NPGR- Stressing about holidays a bit and losing control of my schedule/eating etc. Trying to let it go... In crazy news, my sister just told me (well, after my mom totally spilled the beans) that she is 6 wks pregnant. What's crazy is that she does not have a partner and has decided to go it alone. She went and got a sperm donor. She's four years older (I'm 31, she's 35) and I guess felt like she wanted a kid and didn't want to wait for the right guy. Pretty wild! We're not super close, so my input is not really of interest. Personally, I would have maybe waited a few more years...and not sure I could do it alone.


                    Okay, must work!


                      RR: Nothing today.


                      PGR: 28w4d. Had a doctors appointment this morning. Total weight gain is up to 31 pounds, annoying, but at least it was only up 6 from last time instead of my usual 8. I don't think I'll ever be happy with my overall weight, but I know at this point I'm not going to gain 65 pounds like I did with A. It was a little disappointing to see the 2 in the first digit though, but I expected it and it happened way sooner with A. I'm considering this a win for this pregnancy. Hopefully I can limit the gain in the remaining 11ish weeks. Belly is measuring right on, was a little big last time so I suspected a u/s to be ordered if I was over this time. I guess now barring something unexpected, I won't see this little one again until he's actually born!


                      NRR:  Last night I got Christmas presents made and ordered for A to give to grandmas and grandpas. I made coffee mugs on shutterfly. Kinda cheesy but they turned out really cute! I just hope they ship faster than slower, the range for shipping given was Dec. 17 through 21, and we're likely leaving (depending on weather) for our trip on the 20th! I've always gotten things really fast from shutterfly though so hopefully that will be true this time. I got DH's birthday present last night two days late, he had to send it back because it was the wrong size. An Andrew Luck jersey! I'm so excited! Best part is it fits my pregnant belly and will fit me nice instead of being gigantic when I'm not pregnant. So I'm glad he exchanged sizes. Had a little tiff with my mom last night because I'm sure I mentioned to her that we wouldn't be there on Christmas Eve, but she forgot, so she was upset about it. She can really lay on the guilt sometimes, but luckily she can't get me so easily since I live a little farther away. I do still feel bad though. We'd originally planned to start alternating traveling holidays but that just didn't work out this year.


                        MA: Christmas cards are something I've never really done. I think I'm going to have to start though, especially with having a baby on the way. I feel like DH and I have not yet gotten out of the college phase of life b/c he is still working on his masters. Having a baby will change things I think. I understand about the cuddling. I will usually start laying on DH's shoulder and if he falls asleep and I can't I just change positions once he's asleep (which takes him all of two minutes). Some nights are better than others and I fall asleep too. So you don't have to give up cuddling all together. Just take it a night at a time. Smile


                        Canada: Having to only walk must be so hard for you! It's so funny about your In-laws! My mom is like yours, has always cooked and made home made meals. And she is an awesome cook and pretty healthy too (though she and my dad eat a lot more fat than I like to b/c they work out 6 days a week for an hour. I guess they can afford it as they are in fantastic health!). DH's family eats healthy too, but his mom will have to come to her own epiphany where exercise is concerned. A lot of people have that problem.


                        Ozzy: Wow, i'm kinda jealous of your weight gain! I'm sure to be like 21 lbs up by that point. Glad that the baby is growing well! Your dreams are crazy! I have weird dreams too, but none of them have involved the baby yet. Minestrone sounds so awesome! I'll have to put that on the menu for the week right before we go home!


                        YJPM: I don't know if you've ever tried a small glass of chocolate milk for acid reflux, but it seems to work well for me. I haven't had any really terrible reflux yet, but I do tend to get it if I run too soon after eating (and these days 2 hours doesn't always seem to be long enough). I tried just like 4 oz or so b/c milk is basic I'm pretty sure, and the chocolate made it seem more appetizing since I was having reflux. I've done it several time and it seems to help. Just a thought. You are getting so close! Wow!


                        TN: I had to laugh at the bra comment! I sympathize completely! I bought 4 new bras probably 2 months before I got pregnant so I wore them for a grand total of 4 months and was super depressed that I had to put them all away b/c they were nice. Thankfully my sister (who is smaller than me) can wear the size I used to wear, so I'm taking them to her at Christmas. Christmas mall shopping sounds so fun! Glad your sciatica seems better.


                        RR: I ran 3 miles yesterday and towards the end felt what I think was BH. I was pretty concerned b/c I'm not that far along (26w5d) and feel like it's a bit early for that? I think that I got overheated b/c I ran on the track on the second floor of the gym and it's def hotter up there than on the first floor where I usually run on the TM. I think I will avoid the second floor in general from now on. DH was with me and was pretty concerned when I told him. But baby seemed to be moving fine after the workout so I'll just try to be more careful in the future. I may go play some easy ultimate frisbee tonight and just make sure to hydrate well. We'll be outside so at least I won't have to worry about overheating.


                        PGR: 26w5d. I have a midwife appointment on the 19th and due to the BH yesterday (and something similar I've felt at work a couple times) I may ask for an internal examination just to make sure everything is fine b/f DH and I go on Christmas break. We are going to visit the fam 900 miles away, so I think the reassurance would be good. The baby seems great though. I've felt a lot of movement in general and some stronger kicks. Not waking me up at night yet, but in certain positions LO really goes crazy and makes it hard to fall asleep. Smile


                        NPGR: Going to Trader Joe's for some Christmas goodies for the fam today. They live in MO and the only time they go to Trader Joe's is once a year when they visit my Grandpa in CA. So now that we have one here I can't wait to bring them goodies. They will be thrilled! I'm also getting ingredients for biscotti which I want to make for my Grandma and several Aunts.


                          Schmett: Gyms are SO outrageous! I'm lucky right now b/c I piggyback with DH's school membership and he gets free use of all campus gyms, so I only pay $25 a month. But that will change at the end of this month. Not sure what we're going to do. DH doesn't want to give up playing squash with his buddies and I can't face 3 months of pregnancy with no gym. So I totally sympathize. Congrats on 12 weeks!!! I remember getting to that point. It's so exciting! And you'll probably be able to wear your regular jeans for a while longer. I quit altogether at 19 weeks. Keep up on the rest and the water. Colds are so much worse while pregnant.


                          Liz: Great job on the run! I find morning runs to be miserable and rarely do them unless I know I will not work out otherwise. Probably you are having pregnancy hormones. I get them off and on. I just try to remember to apologize later since I usually realize I was being ridiculous. I also get super teary for no reason. Ugh. I totally agree with you! I would never try to have a kid on my own. Your sister is pretty nuts.


                          Monk: Don't be too depressed about your weight. It's so hard to watch the scale go up I know, but you're doing much better than last time around it sounds like. Keep up the exercise and I'm sure you will be able to shed it quickly afterwards. Sorry about mother frustrations. My mom is super laid back. She actually acts genuinely surprised every time DH and I say we are coming out for Christmas. I know she's trying to prepare for the years when it may not be possible. But with DH continuing a college schedule (PhD and then, Lord-willing, professor) I see us visiting them every Christmas for a long time.


                            ER update: I worked out. I couldn't help it. I was going stir crazy so I did the Tracy Anderson DVD thingie - I have the 8th month CD memorized and I did it without music so I could go at my own pace. The groin pull didn't hurt all that bad, and when there were twinges of pain, I cut back a bit. Sooooo happy to have worked out.


                            TNesq: Hope the ultrasound goes well today! Keep us updated Smile


                            CJ: I will take some of those cookies! After all, I eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE 


                            Schmetterling: sorry to hear your DH has the Benjamin Buttons of colds. Good call on keeping up with the probiotics and water. I've never been to a chiro, but there is a physio place near me. I'll see how I get on tomorrow


                            Liz: wow, that's brave of your sister! At 35, I couldn't see myself going at it alone though when you're in your mid-30s and don't have a kid/husband, there's this weird societal pressure that can be overwhelming. I'm now old lady preggo at 40 with the right guy, but kinda sad thinking this might be the only one I have.  Also - great job on the run. I always find the runs I struggle to get out of bed for to be my favourite in the end. But maybe I'm weird.


                            Monk: I'm with you on the weight gain front. With your last pregnancy, how challenging was it for you to drop the lbs? 


                            Sasha: Is this your first LO? I think women who are having their second bb feel BH earlier than those of us on our first. Probably because you know what to expect?  I love the idea of having some chocolate milk before bed. I can be all "doctors orders! <gulp gulp gulp>." ha. 


                              YJPM  - Sorry to hear about the groin strain, to me it DOES sound like RLP??? Almost textbook with the one side involved (that was how I realised most of my issues were SPD vs RLP), I didn't think leg pain was involved, only pelvic pain anyway? Regardless I hope something can be done for you to make the next few weeks easier to cope with. It'll be nice to see the money converted into a nice space for LO Smile I think my weird dreams are becuaes LO is moving around so vigorously too - it takes me by surprise quite often, I wonder when they quieten down in terms of weeks along?


                              TN - You've probably done the u/s by now, i hope they could give you an idea on gender...happy Christmas shopping (and bra shopping Smile  )


                              Scmett - Think positive "I am healthy", no colds here please! Good idea on the probiotics and lots of water. I was so glad to be able to cancel my gym membership 2 years ago; our local rec centre has a 20visit pass with no expiry on it and it is SO much cheaper than belonging to a gym (with better facilities!)


                              Liz - that is kind of surprising about your sister - though i had a friend who had been talking of doiing the same thing 2 years ago...then she met a guy and saved herself the problems...


                              Monk - I must admit I have been lucky with the weight gain, it seems the body will do whatever it needs to for LO and I was interested to see what my body would do too, prepared for it to gain all over or whatever; sounds like your body has been through this before though so you know what it does post-baby which is reassuring. I like using Shutterfly too, haven't tried the mugs though, good idea!


                              Sasha - I've heard of quite a few friends starting to get BH around 25-26 weeks? Would electrolytes help too? Enjoy your Trader Joes trip.


                                Canada - what color are you going with the hair?


                                schmett- Yay for 12 weeks! I hope you get the gym thing figured out - I am not a good fit for the gym because I never go.  I do want to purchase a treadmill for home, though. 


                                Liz - I would go with the crankiness being hormones - it's hard not to flip out.  I spazzed at DH one day because our house was a filty mess.  It really wasn't that bad, but at the time, it was a tragedy to me Smile  Crazy about your sister - I was just reading an article this morning about having kids later and the financial impacts and all that - but the story completely glosses over those of us who just don't find the right person until later in life (I'm 33, DH is 37).


                                monk - I'm afraid of the 2 as well! With how active you've been, maybe your body just needs to gain that weight?  I bet the grandparents will love the coffee mugs!


                                sasha - I think BH can be caused by dehydration?  Maybe the heat just got to you. Yum to Trader Joes - the closest one is about 90 miles away, so I don't go there often.


                                yjpm - Glad you took it easy, but were still able to get the workout in.  I chuckled at the phrase "the benjamin buttons of colds"!!


                                u/s update - 2 wiggly babies measuring a few days ahead! Both 7 oz, so I can assign almost one pound of my weight gain to babies...  Unfortunately, they were both shy and didn't want to give up the goods - Baby A moved a bit towards the end and the tech thought it might look like girl parts, but the cord was also in the way, so she wouldn't even take a guess. Baby B kept his/her legs firmly tucked in and wouldn't even give a glimpse.  Oh well, I guess we'll wait a few weeks and try again! SO fun to see them.