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Where's the Snow Wednesday (Read 2 times)




      Well, everything is shut down for a snow day here in DC, but I'm not really seeing any snow...I guess it's coming? Between living in Toronto and Michigan for most of my life, I have a hard time understanding reactions to snow in this city!


      ER - Not sure what I'll do since it seems I'm housebound. Might try to rent a video via amazon or netflix to do something at home.


      PGR - 36w4d. We finally got our dresser/changer last night. We're having everything delivered to my friend's place since deliveries typically get stolen off our porch here. So it's a bit of a pain to go pick stuff up (but better than the alternative). Hoping DH will put it together today since he's really on a snow day, whereas I actually need to work from home. Have been going back and forth between feeling excited and feeling a bit cranky this week. Normal? It's not that I'm that uncomfortable. I am just missing having a "normal" body. And I'm not big on uncertainty (I know...get used to it), so the feeling of "when is the baby coming?" is kind of unpleasant for me. Trying to just bank on her coming post-due date, but it's hard.


      NPGR - Not much...just hoping to be semi-productive today.


        Oops...forgot to call this "preggos" - will move over to MA's thread.