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    Post them ladies! Its Friiiiiiiiday! Big grin


      RR: SRD, yesterday. Today  is 10 to 12. Hopefully, outside which means pushing M. Should be interesting.


      NRR: T today, which I am happy about. Need to work through somethings. M was up once last night for a short time. I think she scared herself by rolling over too fast. Who knows. Nothing on tap for this weekend. So, hopefully, that means relaxing and a trip to the park. Its supposed to be in the 60s here. I am kinda over the warm weather. Its december xmas is around the corner. Its supposed to be cold!


      Anyhow, gotta run...I want to get the morning routine done before M gets up.

      MA runner girl

        Morning ladies!! YAY FRIDAY!


        RR: 4 miles last night. Rest day and 3 miles tomorrow with Lucy!! Smile


        NRR: Looking forward to a super fun weekend! Leaving after work tonight to head to Amerunz house with Lucy and RLTW for an accessory party and then we are staying over and baking cookies tomorrow! We had so much fun last year, so this year proves to be a blast as well. Tomorrow night a friend is having an ugly christmas sweater party so I'll be heading home for that. Sunday DH and I are planning on getting our Christmas tree and decorating for Christmas. I think I'm going to need another weekend to sleep after this one!!


        GSD - Wow, still warm down there! It's definitely back to cold here, 23 degrees right now! Good luck with your LR, imagine how much easier a race will feel without the stroller!


        Have a fabulous day girls! I hope to be back.

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Whoot for Friday!!!Big grin


          RR: Running each day this weekend. Just happy about that. I have no plans as for races or anything in the near future and need to figure out what I want to do in the next year…


          NRR: Busy days! Yesterday I went to an after work party for the product we finally shipped, but it was in a bar that allows smoking! So I left fairly early. I then stopped by my new neighbor’s Arbon party. Today is work, bringing my clarinet in for some repairs (I want to get back into playing it), then going to my friend’s new house party. She moved into a new house the same weekend as us.


          Question for newer moms/pregnant DIVAs: My good friend here is 20 weeks now, and I’m trying to come up with a good Christmas gift for her. She’s also a very good runner and triathlete. Do any of you have any good suggestions for gifts you think may be great that someone whose never had kids may not think about?


          GSD: Good luck with the 10-12! Ugh, it’s supposed to be 80 here for the next 5 days. I’m with you!


          MA: Whoot for running with Lucy tomorrow. Sounds like a fun baking party tonight. You should have a great weekend!


            gsd-have fun with your 10-12 today


            ma-that sounds like such a fun weekend! Enjoy the party with lucy, amerunz and rltw tonight!


            RR: probably notta today, but DBF and I are signing up for a spring marathon in his hometown in Reston, VA. The marathon is at the end of March, so training starts now! Planning on doing a LR tomorrow to kick it off. Finally, something to train for again!


            NRR: proctoring exams all of today, but then tonight DBF, me, and some of his friends are going to play laser tag, I haven't done that in about 10 years, so I am excited.


              Good morning! I'm back from Puerto Rico! Its sooo gorgeous and warm there! Already kinda missing it since its brrr cold back in NY.


              RR - Well, streak is still alive! I ran every day during vacation but never more than 2 miles. I've so far run every day at least 1 mile since Nov 20! Today I'm hoping for 2-3. and probably some elliptical. I should start doing weights again. 


              NRR - Off today still, so I'm planning on hitting up the gym and running errands. Hopefully getting a few more Christmas presents. I also need to pick up a few things at the grocery later on. 


              GSD - Good luck with that outside 10-12! I kind of know what you mean about warm weather, though I don't think I'd mind.But it was weird to hear songs like Jingle Bells or Frosty the Snowman in PR when it was 86 degrees out!!


              MA - Oooh, have fun at the party and cookiebake and running with Lucy!! Jealous! I have a work ugly Christmas sweater party to go to, haha. Hope you have a sweater to wear to wear to yours!


              PO - Ahh, a bar that allows smoking! I always am surprised when I come across one of those when I'm traveling. Hope the housewarming is fun! I'm sure the girls here will have lots of suggestions for a gift for your friend. I'm in your same boat with that, though!


              Have a great day!


                Taylor - ooh how fun a new marathon to train for! And with DBF too, how nice! Have fun playing laser tag. I suck at laser tag, haha.


                  Morning Ladies! TGIF!


                  Cookie baking with Lucy, MA, and Amerunz this weekend! (Even if most of it will consist of me laying on the couch) Joking


                  UGH. Another rough night/morning. Took 2 hours for me to get ready for work this morning because I was in such slow motion. I take a shower and that exhausts me so much that I have to go lay down. UGH. I'm so ready to get all of this over with. My eyes are killing me today and my head is pounding. I just want to cry. Sad


                  Beyond the physical symptoms, I think the other super frustrating part in all of this is that I am a HORRIBLE teacher right now. I'm in such constant pain that it is SO HARD to deal with the noise of my students, their occasional whining, etc. I also have ZERO ability to write meaningful lesson plans right now. My thinking is so foggy and it's such a struggle to think straight. UGH. But 2 weeks from today is my surgery. YAY!!!


                  No time for personals this morning ladies. Have a great day!


                    Good morning, ladies! Big grin  It is Friday!  YippeeSmile


                    I hope that everyone is off to a fantastic start this morning.  Just a quick check-in for me; and, then I am off to a staff meeting.  It will take up most of the morning, which is entirely a good thing.


                    RR:  I've got nothing.  DH and I were hoping to maybe get out tomorrow morning.  I was up half of the night with stomach cramping and pain, so getting up this morning was not happening. Sad


                    NRR:  Just glad to be away from the office for two days.  I have two doctor's appointments next week, and am patiently waiting for them.  I was up most of the night with severe cramping, and pain.  Fortunately, there was no nausea; but, my stomach was just grumbling and gurgling.  I got down breakfast this morning (I was starving), but it still hurts something fierce.  I just want to make it through the day at the office. Undecided


                    Well, I have to get moving to my meeting!  I will try and check in a little later!  I hope everyone has an awesome day! Cool


                      Warm here too!


                      RR: Did a nice 4 miler last night. I'm really rocking these evening runs lately.


                      NRR: Busy day at work getting things squared away in the lab, since I'll be going to a conference in Atlanta. Leaving Sunday morning and returning Tuesday afternoon. I have to give a talk so I'm a little nervous. Tomorrow Big D and I basically have to do all of our Christmas shopping, because we'restarting celebrations on the 16th with my dad and stepmom, and then every weekend thereafter. I have seriously no idea what to get Big D!


                      GSD - enjoy T, hope it is good. I loved that shower story of M!

                      MA - sounds like a super fun weekend!

                      PO - I went to a b-rette partythis past summer and the bar allowed smoking - it was gross! I played clarinet in HS and first year of college. Let me think about Christmas gifts for a first time mom. Oh, Big D got me a lot of pampering stuff, like a super nice robe. A friend took me out for a pedicure, which was so so so nice. It was right before my due date so I wasn't worried about leg massage (there is some old wives tail about achilles massage inducing contractions but you can always ask the aestician to not massage the achilles).


                      jewel - great job on your streak! Every day I say I should start doing weights again ... haven't done it consistently in like two months!

                      RLTW - enjoy the weekend! I'm sorry you are feeling this way and having a hard time at work.


                      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                        Good morning, ladies!


                        RR: Got in 6 trail + 1 Fay and let me say it was MUCH better than my last run. Hopefully getting in the ST tonight that I pushed off from last night.


                        NRR: Work work work work work. Boo! I am working over the weekend on this massive report for work, plus I have other work projects  I need to keep in motion, so I am hella busy. But it's better than not having anything to do, so.... yeah.


                        GSD/PO - It finally got cold here and I'm glad! It was all frosty out this morning on my run. I love winter!


                        MA - Have fun this weekend! I will live vicariously through you.


                        PO - Wow, I'm surprised some places still allow smoking. That seems so..old-fashioned to me.


                        Jewel - Welcome back, and great job keeping your streak up over vacation!


                        RLTW - Have fun at cookie baking this weekend.


                        Cara - I, for one, am excited for you that your appointments are coming up. I hope you get some answers.


                        Sassy - Have fun in Atlanta! That will be a nice change of pace.


                        Taylor - I love that you and DBF are training for a race together!


                          Friday!!!! Big grin (Insert pink elephants here...)


                          RR: awesome 3 miles with M this morning. kept it easy. did a 9.30 pace for all of it.


                          NRR: It was so nice to go to worthington a day early and spend the night with M. Love the cuddle time! He didn't get home from work till midnight, but we did do dinner together. He came home for a few minutes at 8pm.  I tried to work a little last night but I was dog tired. Today is going to be a tough one trying to work. I plan to take off early if I'm too tired. I've done 47 hours already, not including today's hours, so I think I'm sitting pretty good for work this week!


                          Otherwise, have one meeting at 11.30, then lunch with my good friend misti if she can make it, then it's back to work for another couple hours and then back to worthington! M and I do dinner together. He's taking some personal time tonight as he has to use up the hours before the end of the year so it will be nice to relax and have tonight together. It's supposed to snow here, but we'll see...


                          gsd: goodluck with the long run! I haven't done one of those longer runs in a long while...


                          MA: the accessory party sounds like tons of fun! enjoy the night! and say hi to the ladies!


                          po: busy days, lots of parties for you! enjoy!


                          taylor: awesome about a spring marathon in march! how big is it?


                          jewel: welcome home! way to go on maintaining the running streak! and on vacation!


                          rltw: hope you have a blast with the ladies tonight and cookie baking and decorating! I hope your students understand just a little bit about what you're going through!


                          cara: hugs about the pain and stomach issues! Sad dang it. wish it could be figured out for you!


                          sassy; good luck finding something for big D! you'll figure it out in no time! I hope. Smile Enjoy the conference! How are you feeling about leaving G? Or are you going with him? By the way, you will rock your talk at the conference!


                          have a great day!


                            outwest: cross post! booo about working over the weekend! hope it goes really fast for you! I mean the work, not the weekend!


                              Goooooood morning!


                              RR: Ran just a bit over 3 miles last night, felt good. Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown this morning. Running 3 tomorrow with MArunner!


                              NRR: As MArunner said, headed to Amerunz house tonight for an accessory party, then tomorrow baking cookies allllll day! This is the 3rd year we've done it, the first year was me, Amerunz, and RLTW, and last year we were lucky enough to have had MArunner join the forum and meet up with us and attend!! Annual holiday cookie-baking party, woo! So much fun! I'll take pics. Big grin Oh, uh, I suppose I have to get through work today first? 


                              Personals later hopefully...have a wonderful Friday everyone! 


                                Good morning from my couch! Date day is commencing!


                                RR: Got 45 minutes on the elliptical. I may have to start thinking about either cutting back running even more or stopping altogether. My legs hurt SOOOO bad yesterday as the day went on. My whole legs, but especially about halfway down my calves down through my feet. By the time we were heading home from work DH and I decided to pick up dinner because I couldn't stand the thought of standing. My shins hurt really bad too. Maybe it was just a bad treadmill I was on, but if I run a few more times and this happens again, I might be nearing the end. I don't want to stop but its not worth that pain!


                                NRR: Could have slept in a bit this morning, but I always have to get up and pee at the same time every day now, whether its the weekend or not! DH and I have both been to the gym and headling out in about a half hour for an early movie, Skyfall (only $5 this early!), lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant and Christmas shopping. I'm looking forward to movie popcorn and bread and oil at lunch and general pigging out. Tomorrow on the actual day of my birth we'll do fun family stuff, going to see a Christmas train exhibit at the botanical garden, baking Christmas cookies and going out for birthday dinner. Then Sunday is my Christmas band concert. Busy fun weekend ahead!